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October 20, 2017

Fear, scare mongering, enslavement of humanity

Fear, scare mongering, enslavement of humanity

In the Milky Way Galaxy there are two schools of thought, one being negative in vibration and the other being positive. The regressives want to control others and therefore live in a state of fear meaning they constantly fight for survival. The top of the regressive hierarchy chain

This school of thought teaches divine oneness and action for the good of the whole. The way the Draconians enslave a race is they reduce the number of D.N.A. strands in that race’s biological blueprint, trapping it in a vibrational prison. This prison keeps the race in a low vibrational frequency wherein the thought patterns of the race are restricted. These reduced thought patterns keep the race in a fear-based system where each member of the race fights for survival with the other members

Over many years, the Dragon People degenerated due to the fact that they had lost the pure imprint of life force. Their Serpent DNA had been diluted and lost. They had to resort to keeping records of their bloodlines and marrying each other to try to find the missing links in their DNA helixes. They practiced sexual ceremonies and ritual breeding, all in a desperate attempt to retrieve something they had lost. The rough the Luciferian influence, the Draco, and many others like them, lost their ability to activate the kundalini fire. Without this ability, it was impossible for the Reptilian DNA to entwine with itself. This entwining process is how the DNA within the body aligns itself with a soul wishing to incarnate. The Reptilians were unable to open themselves to any other energy other than that of the dark vibration. Because of this, their race was unable to evolve and spiritually ascend in dimension. This held them in one reality that was very polarised — light against dark — and caused the Reptilian races to de-evolve and descend in vibration.

result they are the Force behind the repression of human populations in this galaxy, instilling Fear-based beliefsystems and restrictive hierarchies on planets with human populations. The reptilians themselves live in a fear-based system containing specific hierarchies. They fear the humans because they see them as a threat.

Some believe that the reason we have this reptilian brain is a result of direct DNA tinkering by the Reptilian race when they first arrived on this planet long ago. Some believe that they genetically altered the human race by also unplugging our DNA from twelve to two strands. This was only one ofthe ways they have kept humans dumbed clown and asleep. It is well known that the human race has been functioning with only a small percentage oftheir brain power being used.

The splitting of the mind and the act itself to control the free will and spirit of another human been is the most inhumane and act of evil i have ever witnessed in mg life, the suffering torture and torment and victimization of the most vulnerable people in society that were chosen for these blacie projects is that of the most vile disturbing and dehumanization abuse that the normal person would never fully understand.

Big Brother of George Orwell, it a monstrous and faceless divinity, omnipresent, capable of controlling the behaviour, opinions, desires, inclinations, and choices of millions of people, without being seen, and to make use of this knowledge when needed.

According to an article that I read, “The Gang Stalking World,” gang stalking is a form of control that the stalkers carry out in order to seek control and destroy a person’s individuality, identity, integrity, and personality.

Although archons do exist physically, the real danger they pose to humanity is not an invasion of the planet, but an invasion of the mind. The archons are intra—psychic mind parasites that can access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. Ac- cording to Carlos Castaneda, in his book The Active Side of Infinity, “Long ago, (the native sorcererishamans of Mexico) discovered that we have a companion for life. We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile and helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. if we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.” The archons infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe illusions for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, seemingly without a particular aim or purpose.

They are robotic in nature and incapable of independent thought or choice. They do as they are told. And until now, we’ve been doing what we’ve been told. The only way to overcome their power over us is to become activated in spirit, body and mind. But first, in the next chapter, we’ll make an examination into our mysterious DNA.

The earthly kingdom controlled by the are|1ons enslaved man in darkness and ignorance by the power of fate or destiny.

Lash believes the real danger Archons pose to humans is an invasion of the mind, calling them mind-parasites. They are masters at simulation with the power or make—believe for the purposes of deception and confusion.

A manipulator and abuser will prey upon weakness to maximize their strength while it cripples yours. They ‘do this to get that’. They divide and conquer. Tliey use Machiavellian approaches to create outcomes that favor their goals, there“s always an agenda and its not peace, justice and liberty for all. Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. Many people are doing just that, nothing,

In summary, the following are said to be characteristics of oppressed peoples: ambivalence between either embracing the feature which makes them different as a positive and essential aspect of their identity (resulting in goup solidarity) or degrading themselves and other group members because of the feature(resulting in self-hatred) Another way to describe the ambivalence is as an existential duality in which the oppressed person both wants to break free from the oppressor and to become more like the oppressor. self—depreciation, parroting the negative evaluations of the oppressor; lack of self—confidence a basic distrust of oneself and one’s peers due to a felt inferiority horizontal violence passivity, adaptation, fatalism emotional dependence on the oppressor a fear of fieedom (losing the dependence} or of backlash (Worse repression)

These beings feed upon lower frequencies which they stimulate into being through mental torture.

The archons prefer the negative, dark, polarised energetic food which humans create when they are in intense fear and constant fear state of anxiety. Gangstalking is a “Doctrine of Fear” to keep humans in a state of fear (fear for freedom). They have tried to fear mongering me for over 6 years now, day and night, using psychological torture and sleep deprivation.

The archons are parasitical beings that have enlaved history with fear for eons.

Fearmongering or scaremongering is the spreading of frightening and exaggerated rumors of an impending danger or habot or tactic of purposely and needlessly arousing public fear about an issue. This can take form of psychological manipulation that uses fear-based tactics including exaggeration and usually repetion to influence the public in orer to achieve a desired outcome. It is a tactic used to scare or put fear into thouse viewing a campaign/advertisement and influene the outcome based on fear (expect sad days).

Fear drives everything. Your life is governed by fear. Every decision you make is a produc of that fear. Satan thrives on fear. Fear has torment. Fear is the only powe powe Satan has over man. God does not give us the spirit if fear, that is of Satan only. Go in in his circus. Stand up for his cheap theats, then conquer your fear of him. He will not scare you, he will not expose weakness in you. He cannot make you anything. Instead, you will discover his weakness. You will expose him as a phony wizard. Then he will flee from you. , because he doesn´t want you to share with anyone else he secret you have leared. Satan is powerless., he is not not what he claims to be.  He wears false mask and shoots our fiery darts that fizzle and die in the presence of truth. But you must discover this yourself.

Satan is like the Wizard of Oz, who uses all kinds of scary devices to frighten unenlightened people. We fear only what we do not understand.  Satan taking advantage of this lack of understanding, but when you learn more about how satan is working and trying to deceiving your mind, or gaslihting you or make you confused his efforts will be worthless. Satan is a scarecrow. Satan´s tactis is to create fear so people will fall back into a mind-state of fear, and they lose sight  of God´s mighty power, they cover under Satan´s fear mongering. Fear can take many forms: worry, anxiety, or outright panic. But hundreds of times throughout the Bible God tells us to ”fear not”. Satan destroy everything for Job, but he has his believe and trust in God and that faith saved him. Satan wil try to destroy everything you have. In Sweden they gangstalking and ostrasized you,  create isolation and psychological noise torture you, and to make it even more worse and take all things from you, they close down your internet connection and then close down all your tv-channels to make your life to a hell with boredom, and to make it even more worse they don´t let you sleep so they creating noise harassment and sleep deprivation (Satan never sleeps they say). Today I understand what this means when they are gangstalking 24/ 7.

The enemy is walking around like a roaring lion seeking whom he will devour, sounding accusations and producing fear.

How are we to resist the devil? We resist him by using the Word of God against him. We must talk about the devil ifwe are to understand how to overcome him and expose his evil ways. We cannot defeat an enemy we ignore. The way in which people talk about the devil is what causes an imbalance. If it produces fear, it is not the Lord.

Here is some fact about some gangstalking from my latest day:

They gaslighting me everwhere with small signs of sounds…to make me doubt (enviroment manipulation) and closing down internet and all tv-channels is also enviroment manipulation (to affect reality and perception, isolate, gaslighting

First they close down internet connection and close down all my tv-channels for 4-5 days, and then they start mind-trixing with this every day now (both internet and tv-channels are close down most of the time)

After another day they start the internet connection in the late evening (23.00) and 05.00 in the morning they have close it again Tjey start and close, so you don´t know when it´s working or for how many minutes or hours it will work. It seems that the State of Sweden have a daily need for their sadistic and abusive behavior. From gangstalking terror to internet and tv-channels error.

Because I don´t have any internet I have to go to the public libary to post my text on my blog, and when I walking throw the shopping center to get to the libary the Swedish police are gangstalking me and turn on their sirens (just short for a second and the close it and made this a couple of times) so you hear it and get attention to it.

When I was outdoors and exercise they have started to use a sound of a sparkling door there I run, today when I run on the walkways. I have heard same sound of sparkling door opens in the middle of the woods a couple of times, so they have started to use this sound. Earlier they have using a sound of a owl everywhere. This is how they manipulate your internet, your tv-channels, your enviroment to confuse you and trying to change you perception, and induce doubts (gaslighting)

This is how they working in The State of Sweden. They maybe think it is a sign for intelligence, I think it is a sign for wickedness.

I could earlier see I have internet connection from 16.00 to….and have internet connection at home when I post this at 18.52 ..they close the internet connecttion around 19.08 after this post was updated

Internet connection was working from 16.00 and when I post a text on my blog (and updated with new text they down close the internet and all tv-channels 15 minutes after I post it around 19.08. So in Sweden there is no freedom of speech. Freedom of speech and democracy is just for them who thinks as all others and that´s make that kind of democracy worthless. It is a democracy for those who accept fear to be controlled and gaslighted, and oppressed. Democracy in Sweden working if you are force to submission and forced to think as the gaslighters and authority abusers when they using their abuse of power.

So if you writing about how The State of Sweden walking around and gaslighting your enviroment pr psychological torture you (no freedom of speech if you writing about these abusing methods they using) and then they will close down your communication technology and even tv channels. Swedish using threaten and technological blackmail to continue their abusive gaslighting if you write about them. And when you are trying to use your internet connection on your iphone you have internet connection for 15 seconds and it will close down or there is network error all the time This is Sweden 2017. So you can´t write about what you want (they silence your communication technology) and if you write about how they gangstalking, gaslighting you, mirroring you, creating sleep deprivation, using brainwashing techniques. So you can´t express this either, because they want you to accept their silent treatment of ostracism, gasligjting to confusing you and psychological torture you and they want you to be quite and submission to silence or be tortured.

After they close down internet and all tv channels they start playing or transmit a chorus or music line ”You are not welcome anymore” (ostracism psychology) into my apartment all the time and even this morning when I wake up.. They have already ostrasized me for over 6 years. This is how mature the swedish dempcracy is.

When they close down my internet I made a post on my Google Plus from my iphone and after that I had error when I trying to login. And after I post a message on my facebook they start shooting firecrackers outside my window (to disturb your sleep and rush you mind), and when you trying to sleep with music and headphones the music suddenly stops playing and they transmit firecrackers in the headphones for maybe 15 seconds, and this when your computer is offline and don´t have any intermnet connection. So they even hack your computer to gaslighting you, confuse you and to disturb your sleep to keep you awake (psychological torture in a Swedish apartment)
























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