The purpose of alchemy is to activate an energy field that transforms the very nature of mass and matter.

The true nature of alchemy is, of course, more than transform-ing lead into gold; it is the transmutation of consciousness into higher states. Alchemy is mystical; its nature bypasses the logical mind and engages the essence of multidimensional consciousness.

As we meditate and do our activations and other inner growth exercises, we unwind this hidden core in our unconscious, releasing all our past programming and pain which allows our DNA to spiral back into a new and expanded state of presence. The core of our unconscious is alive in every particle of our DNA; remember all our seemingly separate parts are actually segmented parts of one whole, a whole that we are reuniting. As each of our chakras and Light Codes are rebalanced and healed we reweave the very fabric of our essence, opening the sacred doorway of supreme conscious awareness and soul reconnection. It is an alchemical reaction, like we finally find the correct code to “open sesame” the inner safe of our essence. It organically just opens like a flower in the sun, no effort or trying. In this way we are protected from opening too fast. As the unconscious unwinds, it allows an oxygenation and a space for more light to enter the cells, all systems working as one, no longer separated by the inner programs of separation and past emotional programming.

DNA are not mindless. Rather, they are capa-ble of consciousness and respond primarily to the Divine Plan of what can be called the Mind of God. The so-called junk DNA is, in fact, inactive DNA, time-coded to be acti-vated when exposed to increased vibrations of enhanced Light fields. The DNA codes are sensitive to ultraviolet fre-quencies. As the solar resonance is magnified by increas-ingly powerful solar flares, the ultraviolet light spectrum on the planet is being altered. The increased megahertz of the planetary field activates a metamorphosis of the genetic structure, which will result in rapid evolution of the species. The new spectrum carries light frequencies that stimulate dormant codes within the DNA of all life forms, preparing the planet for a quantum leap in evolution.

Within the Inner spiritual form-life of the being of Man there is the evolving Code of Creation, the Mystical Etheric Vibrations of the Cosmic Consciousness. By perseverant Yoga practice and study of the Metaphysical-Alchemical Sciences of the Universe, the Seekers of Truth will attain the Code of Creation. The Alchemical Tablets and Esoteric Transcendental Art Images coming from Shamballah of Agartha contain the within-basic form of the Code of Creation. It is an unconscious phenomenon that opens the Individuated Mind to receive the higher Vibrations of the Cosmic Consciousness. Thereafter, the DNA genes known to the geneticists as the “DNA junk” will begin to activate and form spiraling active DNA.

Since the Fall of Consciousness, all but five to seven per cent of our DNA has been dormant. It became dormant in order to produce the denseness necessary to experience separation consciousness. This prevented you from knowing who you are as a powerful creator. Scientists call this dormant DNA “junk DNA”.

The upgraded DNA and RNA will affect the levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and ADP (adenosine diphosphate) within your cells. ATP and ADP are molecules in cells that carry energy where and when it is needed. These two molecules exist in a very delicate ratio in a healthy cell. Certain conditions of the third dimension affect this ratio, such as oxidation, illness, sloppy breathing, neglect, acidosis and emotional, mental or physical stress. The longer a cell lives in these typical third-dimensional conditions, the more the ratio of ATP to ADP changes in ADP’s favour. This is called aging. As you now begin to engage and connect the axial spin points to the spin points within the cells, the RNA and DNA begin to function in an upgraded way. ATP is increased to a significantly higher level so it does not fall back into the third-dimensional ADP-dominant ratio. As this ATP becomes the dominant energy-carrier of the body, the process of illness, decay and death no longer has a strong platform to live upon.

As you merge with the Living Light Body, the physical body has the potential to return to greater balance and wellbeing. The second-layer activations upgrade the physical body’s chemical composition and the way in which cells receive nutrition. Cells begin to recognize Light as food, as sustenance. The first two strands of your DNA relate to the physical body, its genetic lineage, the actual way the body is constructed and its ability to maintain a state of health and wellbeing. The new relationship between you, the Soul Spirit, the Higher Self and the Over Soul now begins to awaken two additional strands of DNA.

Fear is at the bottom of all the control devices – shutting down the Heart and putting us all into a constant state of fear. The darkside lives on fear for fear is the strongest emotional energy next to Love, and the darkside cannot digest Love. Collusion, the simple process of doing nothing but allowing things to happen is a major way in which all of this has come about, and in supporting its continuance. People trapped in this state are simply living in Fear of doing something.

The methods of control are many, with all having that same basis of fear. Here are the 7 primary areas by which we are controlled:

a) Health
b) Identity
c) The Falsification of History
d) Time
e) Focus on survival
f) Media-induced fear and control
g) End of the world scenarios/Alien invasion

The qualities of Essence are actually encoded into a higher level of our DNA. Unlike our biochemical DNA, however, our “spiritual DNA” does not function automatically. It is a potential that requires activation and development, a potential that is generally blocked or obscured by what we consider “normal” personality and ego development. In popular perception there is more often than not a huge gap between what we consider “human nature” and the spiritual nature of the Divine.

Shifting our perspective from the paradigm of duality and separation to one of unity cannot be done all at once, but must be done gradually through raising our vibrational frequency, clearing old subconscious programs and beliefs, and aligning ourselves with our divine design and the higher truths of our being. We must consciously choose a new way of thinking, a more inclusive perspective, an open heart, and the desire to know ourselves and cultivate our highest nature. Resonance Alchemy gives us the tools we need to make this shift. There are five essential elements to creating this shift in perspective.

  1. Clearing and healing the Soul. This includes clearing trauma, trapped emotions and limiting beliefs from the subconscious—any learned behaviors and reactions based on fear and separation.
  2. Freeing our power of choice and learning to make conscious choices, which will consistently raise our vibrational frequency and support a reality of unity and love.
  3. Uncovering and activating our inner essence and awakening our spiritual DNA.
  4. Creating an energetic and vibrational coherence and unity within our energy fields on a consistent basis.
  5. Cultivating a direct and unitive knowing based on the openness and intelligence of the heart.

The old paradigm of separation is woven deeply into our subconscious, and therefore into the very foundation of how we perceive reality.

But while we may not be able to change our automatic thoughts, emotions or deeper subconscious programming in any given moment, or the circumstances themselves, we can always choose our conscious response, our attitude, toward whatever we are experiencing. In this we always have freedom of choice, and herein lies the key to shifting our perception and transforming our reality.

Learning to utilize this capacity for inner choice is something we must practice. This capacity is like an inner spiritual muscle, which is often quite out of shape and in need of daily exercise and spiritual training is yoga and meditation.

Another small shift in perspective we can make is to see everything, including our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, as energy and vibration. We can see ourselves in this world of vibration as receivers, transmitters and transformers of vibrational information. From this perspective we realize that, much like a radio or television, we have the capacity to “tune in” to, as well as transmit, many different “channels” of information, many different vibrational frequencies and through this experiencing higher dimenions of creation. We also see that the energy and vibration of any situation can be transformed by the way we interact with it and its through yoga and meditation one is able to re-wiring and re-connect to higher consciousness.

Fortunately, just as we can choose to change the television or radio channel, we have the power to choose the nature of the vibrational information we are both receiving and transmitting. Rather than getting caught up in the story of our thoughts and feelings, our personal drama, we can begin to see our inner experience as energy and vibration that can readily be transformed. As we begin to see our thoughts and feelings as vibrational information, we can see that this vibrational information we are generating creates an inner resonance, which will attract a like vibrational resonance from the outside world.

It is said in alchemy that you must have gold in order to make gold. The inner gold is in fact there within us, though it has long been buried. It is all the wonderful qualities of our inner Essence that are the human expression of our Divine Nature. The Sacred Syllables act as the catalyzing gold that is needed to activate and bring to life this inner gold, our inner spiritual resources. They create the specific higher vibrations that are needed to bring up and transform the inner roadblocks we encounter as we move toward a direct experience of inner unity.

‘If an activation at a deep level of DNA occurs, those raising their spiritual awareness to a state of superconsciousness could also find themselves more able to deal with the increasingly difficult and challenging physical life.

Fear blocks one´s visions. Visions is linked to the third eye of intuition and this world don´t want anyone to opening their third eye. Negativity, stress, fear and anxierty can control the whole brain which blocks the divine energy and blocks divine theta brain waves. An anxious concern or worry is unbelief, is a fear which stops—blocks the free love-light flow of the divine energy Source from within. Fear blocks communication with God. Fear blocks bliss and theta brain waves. According to researchers about the human “junk” dna strands, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves us as data storage and communication. Fear blocks the super highway for hyper-communiation. The third eye of intuition is this super highway where information can be accessible instantly through intuition. Fear blocks creativity.

Fear blocks ones visions, it blocks new ideas, it blocks new concepts, fear blocks the third eye of intuition, and this blocks and prevents hyper-communication, and blocks new dna strands from be activated. Fear, stress, worry, or hyperactive intellect prevents successful hyper-communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hyper-communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. Fear is the autopilot thinking pattern and the autopilot of the mind is the controlled mind and is the opposite to intuition (third eye).

The definition of intimidation: Intimidation is the art of deterring someone through fear. Satan wants to deter you from new ideas, new visions and new territories. That is why he is alarming you, frightening you and warding you off.

When fear blocks the ability of visions, it prevents us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change.

When fear blocks visions, it blocks us from seeing reality as it is, and this blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the learning process is blocked, then the ability to change is blocked, and when the ability of changed is blocked humankind is imprisoned in the looping matrix of old concepts of duality. Freedom is the ability evolving and freedom is the ability to be able to change. And this controls the 2 dna strands from progressing.

The intellect and ego is the enemy to intuition (theta/delta divine powers), and therefore suppresses these levels of consciousness by inducing fear through subliminal programming of the brain. Beta waves suppresses alpha, theta and delta waves from expanding in consciousness through the power of intuition. Intuition opens a wide window for the light of superconsciousness to shine through our subconscious into our conscious mind. The unconscious mind receives information as intuition, then passes it to the conscious mind. Fear is what keeps the third eye of intuition closed, and fear keeps the “alpha bridge” to the intuitive mind (theta state) down, and fear keeps the real present “now” closed through illusions.

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdala.

If we want to raise our vibration, we need to prevent fear from controlling our state of being. When we find ourselves in a state of fear, we need to have a way to release fear. Learning to release fear is important because most people regularly experience fear in different forms, inducing seemingly challenging, difficult, and emotional situations that are not real but imagined. These fears keep us locked in the matrix, the morphogenetic grids of our awareness, of our active consciousness. It is also our collective consciousness that induces fears. This is how we create the vicious circle of fear in our lives.


FIRST GOOD KIND: Good stress is completing goals.
SECOND GOOD KIND: Good stress is making progress on completing goals.

FIRST BAD KIND: Bad stress is the inability to complete goals.
SECOND BAD KIND: Bad stress is the inability to make progress on completing goals.

Good stress = progress.
Bad stress = no progress.

Good stress = effort productive.
Bad stress = effort wasted.

Good stress = positive results.
Bad stress = no results.

Good stress = forward movement.
Bad stress = no movement.

Good stress = achieving, beginning to come to life, coming along, completing, continuing, developing, marked progress, noticeable progress, producing, progressing, starting, taking shape, working.
Bad stress = backed against the wall, bound, cornered, falling behind, fixated, going nowhere fast, hurry up and wait, imprisoned, looping, spinning your wheels, stuck, trapped, up against the wall.

Fear creates stress that then over stimulates the sympathetic system (flight or fight); increases levels of norepinephrine (stress hormone).

Fear and anxiety are distinguished in that fear is a response to the presence of a real threat and involves our automatic fight or flight mechanism, while anxiety is usually a general feeling of apprehension without a specific or known threat. What happens when fear takes over is that the energy that was running your internal immune system now switches your autonomic nervous system over to a sympathetic nervous system response.

In humans, hyper-communication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base. Such hyper-communication is then experienced as inspiration or intuition (also in trance channeling).

When hyper-communication occurs, one can observe in the DNA, as well as in the human, supernatural phenomena.

Now that we are fairly stable in our individual consciousness, we can createa new form of group consciousness—namely one in which we attain accessto all information via our DNA without being forced or remotely controlled about what to do with that information. We now know that just as we use the Internet, our DNA can feed proper data into the network, can retrieve data from the network, and can establish contact with other participants in the network. Remote healing, telepathy, or “remote sensing” about the state of another can thus be explained. Some animals know from afar when their owners plan to return home. This can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hyper-communication.

Any collective consciousness cannot be sensibly used over any period of time without a distinctive individuality; otherwise we would revert to a primitive herd instinct that is easily manipulated. Hyper-communication in the new millennium means something quite different.

Anxiety is the most powerful and pervasive of all emotions. Since it is a subtle power, anxiety can easily dominate all brain processes, distort all the materials of experience, and sharply interfere with the relation of brain hologram and the holonomic movement, or the mind/brain. Certain ideas arise out of our anxiety and pass from generation to generation.

These ideas form anew in each of us as concepts or brain patterns of organization, right along with our general world view. These concepts then influence the accuracy of the actual holonomic order we should perceive and which consciousness powers through us. The actual order powered to us through consciousness is channeled through, and then warped by, the power of concepts formed in anxiety.

Since concepts from anxiety arise from the more powerful subtle realm, our surface awareness and thought is shaped by them. We are not consciously aware of these shaping influences. since they are warps in the very power of consciousness giving us our world to view. Yogic theory calls these warping concepts samskaras. A samskara is any impression, feeling, or thought which arises spontaneously in our minds.

The brain doesn’t generate these randomly, as often assumed: samskaras are the cause of random eruptions of thought. Consciousness. the power behind all brain action, moves from the causal realm. through our subtle body. into our physical life. as brain action. Samskaras are fixed pre-dispositions carried in our subtle body that warp this otherwise neutral flow of energy and deliver pseudo-information to the brain. which. by its nature. dutifully processes it.

The result is a warp in the form consciousness takes in our brain. We can’t be aware of this because it constitutes our awareness. Samskaras are part of our subtle body’s learned nature, the basis of our outer personality, and not available to our control. Whether of fearful illusion or fond attachment, they disturb the neutral processing of information the brain is designed to provide us. and are always negative in effect. They prevent us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change. difficult if not impossible. Samskaras are the cause of repetitive, automatic (and obstinate) behavior.

Then the immune system within is turned off because the energy and the blood flow have been shifted to the external fight or flight response. When one system is on, the other one is off; they cannot work at the same time. Therefore, when we are in an external threat mode, the internal immune system shuts down and we are more susceptible to disease.

When we deal with the perceived threat, it switches back, allowing the immune system to work again and the fight and flight response to shut off. This seesaw response is natural and necessary and allows us to either escape or confront whatever threat is before us in the moment. Normally, this works very well and once the threat is past we return to optimum functioning of our bodies, including the immune system. However, when the threat or perceived threat perseveres, fear generalizes into anxiety and, because the fight or flight mechanism never turns off completely, our immune system and other autonomic system processes are compromised. In our highly stressful society today, this is often the case when people fear a negative response from a boss or customer, hazardous traffic conditions or intimidating social situations. Persistent and pervasive fear such as this can greatly affect our functioning and our health.

The second and sixth chakras work together. Creative energy enters the second chakra and flows straight up to the sixth chakra, the third eye, for expression. The third and fifth chakras work together. The third chakra is the seat of the emotions. As they build up there is a need to express them, so the energy moves to the fifth chakra, the throat, to be released through verbal expression. The fourth chakra is the master, the director of all energy in the system. It is the only chakra that works by itself. It radiates energy up and down the body for a deeper connection with the earth or the Divine. The fourth chakra has two chambers: the upper chamber, which connects us with divine love; and the lower chamber, which connects us with human love.

Automatization, mechanizing, autopilot, meachanizing the soul, slumbering state, dreamworld, veil of illusions, 2 dna strand reaility, the rational mind, carnal mind,

That the cerebrum is the exclusive seat of consciousness, or rather, that consciousness is directly associated with its action alone, has become very plain. Yet in one sense it is the most dependent of the nervous ganglia, since the other centres minister to it, furnish its data, and its connections are indirect through them. The great mass of action, the automatic action of the body, is sustained by lower centres, while conscious and voluntary influences alone pass out from the cerebrum. The will-impulse, striking down into this unconscious region, is blind as to the method of its fulfillment, pushing its way tentatively through automatic connections.

Fear Is Related to a Number of Emotional States

Stress is defined as physical. mental, or emotional strain on one’s mind. Fear on the other hand is a state of being afeard. That state puts pressure or emotional strain on the mind, resulting in various signs and symptoms deemed stress. Serious fear is a response to some formidable impending peril, while trifling fear arises from confrontation with inconsequential danger. Fear can be described by different terms in accordance with its relative degrees. Personal fear varies extremely in degree from mild caution to extreme phobia and paranoia. Fear is related to a number of emotional states, including worry. anxiety, terror, fright, paranoia, horror, panic (social and personal). persecution complex, and dread. This type of fear creates stress on the body. Stress is our experience of demands and uncertainty placed upon us that we think we cannot control. This leads to physical and emotional disease.

Fear and intimidation controls mass consciousness, and producing a “corporate thought pattern”, that keep people in bondage and separation, and subconsciously this creates a fear of exclusion. This state of fear and intimidation is been affected through the “tribal consciousness” that is part of the lower matrix (ultra ego) and this mind-prison.

The ego want´t to control and dominate and using fear. Fear is linked to control, and control is linked to autopilot thinking pattern. Autopilot is a response to fear. When humans are scared they switch to automatic.

The autopilot state of the mind is what prevents the third eye of intuition from be activated. The ego and intellect is the opposite to intuition, and may even be the enemy within because it prevents anything from be changed and evolved. The ego, intellect and autopilot prevents the third eye of intuition from opening. From a brain wave perspctive the beta waves (left brain hemisphere) suppresses theta waves (right brain hemisphere) and beta waves is been govern by the ego, intellect and autopilot and prevents divine/bliss theta waves from awakening and influenicng with its healing powers.

Beta brain waves is the autopilot of thinking that prevents divine theta waves from be activated and beta brain waves (autopilot) is what prevents the third eye of intuition from opening. Fear closing the third eye and autopilot is the response of this fear, and the autopilot is the default setting where the ego controls, operates and dominates the lower matrix. When one learn to shut of the beta brain waves one also shut of the default setting of the autopilot.

When uou are able to get your conscious mind in control and shut off the auopilot of your ego, you start to be able to make your life to a magical adventure. We have to figure out how to put th ego in the background and keep it out of the driver seat. The ego is the default operating system and its basic purpose is survival. By turning off the autopilot one turn off the default routine functions, and through this one is able to re-program the mind in new directions, and can tap into the unlimited creative power of the real Self.

The ego want´t to control and dominate and using fear. Fear is linked to control, and control is linked to autopilot thinking pattern. Autopilot is a response to fear. When humans are scared they switch to automatic.

Fear lies at the very heart of much of ego’s driving force. As much as it may disguise, delude and deceive itself, fear is what drives the ego toward narcissism (control), arrogance (compensation) and defense.

When uou are able to get your conscious mind in control and shut off the auopilot of your ego, you start to be able to make your life to a magical adventure. We have to figure out how to put the ego in the background and keep it out of the driver seat. The ego is the default operating system and its basic purpose is survival. By turning off the autopilot one turn off the default routine functions, and through this one is able to re-program the mind in new directions, and can tap into the unlimited creative power of the real Self.

Breaking the ‘bondage” means to awaken from the veil of ignorance. The veil of ignorance is also the veil of fear, illusions and darkness. Bondage is the kind of understanding that limit, binds, captivates, imprison, while liberation is the understanding that frees. The matrix or mind prison is undetectable by the physical senses, and liberation is beyond the five senses and to get out of the control of the five senses one´s need open the third eye. To open the third of higher intuition one have to overcome fear and negativity.

The rational brain (left brain) holds mental programs based on fear for the unknown. The rational brain controls life. The rational mind is a huge ego. The rational mind does acknowledge the body as its servant but has limited ability to accept concepts that conflict with its basic existing programs, and therefore can´t access to divine ideas and concepts in the right brain hemisphere.

“The brain is divided into three parts- the “CORE” or the sub-conscious mind, the “left hemisphere” and the “right hemisphere”. The left hemisphere controls logic and reasoning and is filled with fear”. The left brain also provides the “programming” for the “core” which does what needs to be done.

Conclusion; Then the left brain is the dominant hemisphere, and is filled with fear and also is the the programmer of the “Core” of the sub-consciousness mind, it will program the subconsciousness mind with fear-based programs to stay in domination and power. This knowledge is related to the “Corpus Callosum” and the called “Rainbow bridge” between the left and brain hemisphere. Fear is the component that make the “Alpha Bridge” to disappears, and instead increasing the powers of illusions of reality and this is the veil. When fear programs is in place the “alpha bridge” is down, and the alpha is also the state that represents the present “now”.

When we’re in a state of fear, our alpha bridge disappears (the bridge between left and right brain hemisphere). We may still have theta and delta, but we’re cut off from the resources of our subconscious mind and its connection with the universal whole. Beta waves flood the fearful brain. It’s in survival mode. When we’re in a state of bliss, our brains show the Awakened Mind pattern. A step beyond, they can also move to a symmetrical pattern Cade called the Evolved Mind. As our consciousness is filled with love, our brains function very differently, with large amounts of theta and delta, plus an alpha bridge to connect our conscious with our subconscious mind. Emotions create brain states.

Stress, worry, or hyperactive intellect prevents successful hyper-communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hyper-communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. The organized flow of life in insects proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on a much more subtle level as “intuition?’ But we, too, can regain full use of it.


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