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Ego is the greatest hurdle to spiritual development. Ego is a condition of the mind, manifested through the five physical senses. The future Fifth Level of Evolution leads to the all – embracing consciousness ” — supermind and spirit striving towards ” Divine Reality. Such is the nature of the “ Synergy ” that he visualizes : ” The progressive integration of human minds into a single living system. But the greatest hurdle in the way to this synergy is the human ego , which divides humanity, alienating it into ‘ l and him / her ‘ and ‘ I, mine and thine ‘, leading to a ‘ low – synergy.

Ego is the greatest hurdle to spiritual development. Ego is a condition of the mind, manifested through the five physical senses. The future Fifth Level of Evolution leads to the all – embracing consciousness ” — supermind and spirit striving towards ” Divine Reality. Such is the nature of the “ Synergy ” that he visualizes : ” The progressive integration of human minds into a single living system. But the greatest hurdle in the way to this synergy is the human ego , which divides humanity, alienating it into ‘ l and him / her ‘ and ‘ I, mine and thine ‘, leading to a ‘ low – synergy.

The warlike mentality of the collective ego is based on winners and losers. The greatest hurdle for growth is the Ego Cage of the I and the Me”. Ego is the greatest hurdle to spiritual development. Ego is a condition of the mind, manifested through the five physical senses. The future Fifth Level of Evolution leads to the all – embracing consciousness ” — supermind and spirit striving towards ” Divine Reality. The frontier mentality creates a low – synergy society. It is not about creation but de-creation, dismantling reality and corrupting truth. The intent to destroy inner life was accomplished by disconnecting thought from it. The gatekeeper of self-delusion tags truth as a security risk.

Ego is the greatest hurdle to spiritual development.

While the world’s great religions differ in their beliefs, they affirm the same basic spiritual virtues found in the Be-atitudes. They all recognize arrogance as the greatest threat to spiritual growth. This truth is revealed with wonderful clarity in a statement attributed to Confucius, who may be quoting Lao-Tzu, when he says that the greatest hurdle for growth is the Ego Cage of the I and the Me.

Ego is the greatest hurdle to spiritual development. Ego is a condition of the mind, manifested through the five physical senses.

The future Fifth Level of Evolution leads to the all – embracing consciousness ” — supermind and spirit striving towards ” Divine Reality.

Such is the nature of the “ Synergy ” that he visualizes : ” The progressive integration of human minds into a single living system. But the greatest hurdle in the way to this synergy is the human ego , which divides humanity, alienating it into ‘ l and him / her ‘ and ‘ I, mine and thine ‘, leading to a ‘ low – synergy.

The coming One World Government is not the base for non-egositic mind, but rather the hunger after more power, more empire building, and make it to place where no one can leave and therefore become spiritual slaves forever. Its the Reptilians who is the creators of the One World Government, and their minds has never been the mind of peace, but rather war and comflicts. hunger for expansion or empire building. They control the Matrix and when its begin to break down, they need another solution to protect their owwn bloodlines and prevent humankind/mankind break through the veil of ignorance. People´s ignorance will lead them into the ultimate enslavement trap. There is a reason why they have kept mankind in a state of ignorance. In this state people are easier to control and mislead them from the Divine Mind, Divine Being, Divine Enlightment. Ignorance has kept makind disconnected from the real power sourve for thosuends of years.

The world of the Archons and their “MATRIX” always working for MORE control and seeking methods that results in low synergy effects and low vibrational frequencies.

This psychology also causes damage from the ego – building that leads many to seek material wealth . The roots of the attitude that there is always more are easily seen . For most of human history , population size has been small in ..

Finally , restricted space – time values create narrow thinking that is dangerous in these times of rapid change . The frontier mentality creates a low – synergy society whose parts work at cross purposes .

A thinking mind, in accord with operations of the whole brain, appreciates how a thought and an action affect one another, how one moment changes the next, and how a bad choice alters a life. For man to achieve perceptual integration and inner peace, the psyche maps out the journey to complete the psychology of mind. It goes from seed to fruit (peaceful attitude) and from fruit to juice (loving heart).

The task of non-conscious processes is to fill an inert mind with life and light. It evolves perception from a dim state of apathy to the wide-eyed clarity of empathy. It turns insensitivity to heightened sensitivity. An attitude of humility before deities and respect among peers is essential for self-advancement. Although some individuals continue to get worse, those who see through the fog get better.

The times of mythology, magic, religion, and spirituality also mark the same four steps.

⦁ Mythology reports on psychological origins in a state of unity and the breakup of that unity.
⦁ Magic introduces the longing that arises during separation.
⦁ Religion brings hardships during the time of alienation.
⦁ Spirituality fulfills the destiny of integration. The means to get from the material to the spiritual falls to the mythical domain of the Affect.

The bridge is provided by symbolism and mythology. Non-conscious processes rely on Creative Imagination to deliver directives to the wayward mind. The metaphorical bridge employs two means to bring wandering attention back to nature’s cause: the symbolic language of the mythmaker and the mythical intuition of the truth-teller.

Stirring images and flashing insights are deployed to alter human perception. Both Imagination and Intuition move transformation to transcendence. Cancellation of two mental upgrades of humanism and altruism jammed the processor to the extent that neither energy system is fully in use. No mediator exists to negotiate a truce between conscious life and a secretive life.

“A degraded mind means mankind is not released from carnal knowledge”.

Man conforms to a social group in which independent thinking is discouraged and the notion of an improved outlook is derided. Thus, the two principles cannot integrate. The mind has not reached the higher state that is imaged as a fruit attached to a living tree (nature). A degraded mind means mankind is not released from carnal knowledge. Corruption does not end. The only place where the domination of the ego is frowned upon is in mythological tales.

Spiritual inertia thwarts reunification and refinement processes. The hidden agenda behind male beliefs is to contradict nature’s religious push for cranial unity. The self-installed ego becomes the gatekeeper of separation and alienation.

The unconscious ego takes a firm stand against the dying-rising eventuality. To end panic over it, it depersonalizes the theme. It turns eternal truth into something that happened long ago to someone else. It is no longer relevant news. Since ego-aggrandizement and extreme forms of entertainment are chief interests in modernity, the popular culture is motivated to keep people distracted if it proves profitable. The fractured brain cries out for its wounds to be healed, but man refuses to put an end to personal and global suffering. The price of truth is considered too high if it demands looking inside. Instead, it turns its back on the impending doom brought on by unexpected catastrophes. The cutoff from religious roots is responsible for opposites of good and evil. Opposites still operate. An apathetic, insensitive attitude is responsible for the corruption inflicted on others and pollution ravishing the planet. Unresponsive to human pain and indifferent to global upheaval, the brute is the antithesis of the giving and caring humanitarian.

Absolutism is a strict set of rigid beliefs. Orthodoxy controls the pattern of mind and structure of society. More needs to be known about the world of opposites the ego invented and still maintains. Opposites are differences not yet blended and mistaken for hostile opponents. Complementary sides turned into warring enemies. In hypothetical terms, the attitude and outlook of the Son will be explored to understand what makes him tick.

What brought him to the brink of destruction in the name of vanity? Why is protecting pride from injury more important than life itself? Why is arrogance not stopped by calling attention to it? Why is self-imposed blindness not pierced? An aggressive and irrational reaction to the life cycle is out of proportion and not reality-based. It caused consciousness to plummet from the stars into the sea to drown in shame.

Before change comes too late to reverse the trends, the Son will be forced to awaken to his atrociously failed performance in reorganizing his brain. But, irrational behavior is rarely hidden from the eyes of beholders. The truth, obvious to others, will become known to the perpetrator of insensitive acts through the element of surprise.

A World of Opposites

Conflict erupted into war soon after individual consciousness emerged. The Faculty of Reason is installed as the dominant modality by which to experience life.

The invader into consciousness decides against collaborating with its enemy neighbor, the non-human interventionist—that Woman next door. The stoic decision it makes about how to relate to her is instinctual, not rational. It decides not to be a coward and flee the feared rebirth. Instead, it will stand tall to fight like a warrior. The warrior god is reduced to a hardened shell.

“It is not about creation but de-creation, dismantling reality and corrupting truth. The intent to destroy inner life was accomplished by disconnecting thought from it.”

It leaves behind its softer center to do the unthinkable—to kill off its nurturing soul and dump her and her moral principles into a trash bin. The theory the sinister ego develops is based on the fallacy that nature can be conquered and her program of human potential can be deleted. The revised plan is demonic. It is not about creation but de-creation, dismantling reality and corrupting truth. The intent to destroy inner life was accomplished by disconnecting thought from it.

The body that delivers wisdom is declared impotent. The force of opposition believes nature can be defeated by the strength of willpower and sheer determination. The ego’s path of contention stands against the truer path of compassion. Its goals are diametrically opposite. To the thinking brain, the outer world of materiality is the only reality.

In the new plan, the inner realm of spiritual potential ceases to exist. With removal of the intrusive Son of Intuition, nothing is left to feed truth to the mind or contradict its orthodox theory. Destructive thinking washed away nature’s good intentions and left confusion in its wake.

The Father, the Faculty of the Intellect in its totality, is already broken down and weakened. A broken force that offers little threat is chosen to survive the mad butcher’s chopping block. The Father Archetype is lifted out of the triad to be worshipped as the heavenly Father/God. The Son proposes new laws to reorganize life. Vengeful spite is turned on the Mother/Daughter component. The deadly enemy will be vanquished.

The superior feminine soul, destined to bring down the ego when given a chance, is devalued to be declared inferior. Patriarchal societies, formed with men in charge, replace matriarchies ruled by women. In the new world order where men rule, women are cast out of society and demonized as destructive witches.

Seeing life from its chosen point of view, the ego has no interest in other people’s views. It considers commentary from the annoying soul to be endless chatter that nags about a change in mentation. It protects its belief system with its life, as though thought is meant to be stagnant and unchanging.

Nothing will alter its argument as long as it stays in charge of what flows in and out of mentation. The ego walls off feelings that automatically reveal unwanted truths. The self-imposed lockdown to block rising energy holds the entire program hostage. Nothing of a subjective nature will penetrate ironclad walls, thickened to obstruct entry of any wisdom the sages dare to send. Truths will not get past military-style checkpoints.

Entry of any unsought news is considered trespassing. The foreign occupier of sacred ground keeps the wandering icons at bay. Anything that attempts to circumvent the blockade is targeted as suspicious and considered dangerous. The gatekeeper of self-delusion tags truth as a security risk.

It will accept no contradictions to its orthodox view. To assure that a monopoly on information will cancel revelatory insights, the traitor begins a campaign to falsify truth and distort perception. By creating an unsanctioned version of reality, it enters a slippery slope of reckless and brutal behavior from which it cannot step back.

It bullies its way to power, taking every opportunity to undermine and discredit its predecessor. Symbolically, the ego kills its way to the top to avoid natural means of getting there. It refuses to work its way up through the ranks. The inferior brute at the bottom appoints itself to the position of kingpin at the top.

The illegitimate rise has nothing to do with raising consciousness to awareness or brute behavior to goodness. It is about protecting itself from a tsunami of unwanted feelings and imagined penalties. To build the pretense of security, the wizard hides behind bells and whistles to keep out what it fears the most.

A maniacal theory is put into actual practice. The tyrant would rather manipulate the mind through exploitation and ruse than give a thought to the code of moral goodness. Thus, it attacks the whole premise of education.

Future generations will be prohibited from knowing the truth.

Education will no longer be connected to an interior system to induce enlightenment. The reality of a broken brain is now irrelevant.

Wisdom is eliminated as life’s top acquisition. No one will acquiesce to the Goddess.

Education will be limited to knowledge of the physical world. It will not deal with issues of maturity. morality, liberty, or justice.

The template Is the code for human development. It mobilizes people to complete the realization of goals at a consciously higher level. Cutting out the guidance system means animal nature cannot be neutralized or eliminated.

The ego prematurely declares itself master of the shiny mountain. Roadblocks are set up to prevent border crossings. The communicators send messages to raise self-awareness. For all intents and purposes, the immortals are dead. Evolution cannot advance. Inertia sets in.

The Feminine that uplifts human consciousness is put out of commission when life processes are interrupted and the Archetypal Code is discarded.

By those exclusionary tactics, nature is betrayed. The firstborn that is illuminated by the images and insights he is expected to incorporate into awareness has been abducted. Intuition is ripped from the dominant thinking of the time. Spiritual principles inside are converted into religious dogma outside. Structuring societies to put men in leadership roles makes concrete the egoic takeover of female power. Its logic is flawed. The ego boasts of superiority over women (soul), (self of intuition), and people of color (shadow side).

It has no inkling of the truth. The firstborn appears as an inferior version of itself. He is a rough draft, not a finished product. The Son is the offspring of natural laws that govern human existence. He is the legitimate heir to the cognitive throne.

The inferior status he found so reprehensible is temporary. The superior position is attained by linking Reason to Imagination. Although the self is not consigned to perpetual inferiority, his locked-up faculties hamper the magical transference. The settled, ordered world of nature falls to the turbulent, chaotic world of man.

Without the incentive to backtrack, the challenge to nature’s philosophy is a shift downward, not a climb upward. The natural condition of man is disputed.

Personal identity is tied to an anti-life system that does not promote goodness or find justice. It favors neither integrity nor intimacy. Character and dignity are no concern to sterile minds detached from passionate hearts.

Serpent mythology was most important to a life in transition, until the ego turned love for the goddess into loathing of the psyche. Kundalini energy as fire energy crawls up the spine to the forehead where revelations of truth enlighten it. Divine wisdom is depicted in the golden apple, a round and luscious fruit. Morality is a lustrous pearl, a circular form to symbolize moral principles.

After individual power is experienced and cortical efficiency is strengthened, three faculties are automated into a synchronized organ. Reattaching a novice mind to the cortical brain restores fullness to masculine energy. Presently, Revelation and Intuition are suppressed in the Land of the Dead—the underworld where Sun Gods.

In modernity, the underworld was turned into Hell, the devil’s abode. Turning the womb of regeneration into a fiery tomb saved the ego from a second life. The honor of rebirthing is passed off to someone else. The womb became a place to burn in Hell, rather than to be remade.

Spreading a malicious rumor branded it a repulsive and dangerous dungeon to dissuade people from going there. A fatal touch turns the underworld into a forbidden zone. Propaganda succeeded in rubbing out the rebirthing agenda that has not reappeared in over 4,000 years.

The dictator in the head stirs up dissonance whenever conversation pertaining to life-enhancing renewal is contemplated. All parts of the cranial story are sanitized to conceal the true meaning of destiny.

The highest state of being empathetic, feeling what others feel, is beyond reach. Long ago, nature downsized her energy to create three females to enlighten the masculine mind (Intellect).

They personify the World Soul of Sensation, the Human Soul of Emotion, and the Personal Soul of Feeling.

The small mind is assisted in reattaching to the larger brain. The issue of diversity will not be resolved until a retrograde move back to the Feminine reunifies her force-field.

Energy returns to the psyche (Cerebrum) first and to the Goddess (Brainstem) last. The move back to heal the dissected soul restores the partnership.

The dissection of the Cortex and the subsequent feud between the mind and soul make the reconciliation of opposites urgent. Healing restores clarity and charity.

The soul and the Language of Heart change beastly behaviors to humanitarian acts. The ego inflates its own value to rise above the power of love that predated it. An attitude of hubris covers shortcomings. The malicious attitude that demonizes sensations of the body and feelings of the heart devalues all things feminine.

Purging the meanings from symbolic messages allowed the ideology of literalism to dash hope. Putting directives for psychological growth into action reversed realms. Rejecting the soul caused the recycling of profound loss and infinite sorrow.

It blocked the serpentine current that links emotion (biology) and perception (psychology) to archetypes (iconology) and nerve cells (neurology). The brilliant tactic of brainwashing molded thinking to fit preposterous dictates. The pattern of thought is like a tumor scored into brains for next generations to incise.

To maintain the imbalance between genders, most ancient societies followed similar characteristics. Male-centered organizations favor the subjugation of women and domination of men.

Projecting the dark side, but with no meanings attached to it, translated into ranking people to separate the worthy from the unworthy. The idea of a ranking system is rooted in inequality and injustice. Since trends outside reflect conditions inside, bigotry and intolerance flourish. Being oblivious to inner life means no preparation is made to develop the faith, courage, and heroism needed to survive the transforming fire. Untamed cruelty that goes unchecked prevents renewal. A renewed mind incorporates loving values.

Rebinhing ends the worldly distortions and disruptive misconceptions that last through the millennia.

Being twice-born is now a forgotten destination. Females that are brainwashed into believing they are not entitled to a separate existence or endowed with an innate intelligence felt less capable than men.

The defeat of feminine values is evident in the worn-out fallacy that says a woman’s place is in the home. The fiction justifies making her belong to a male, serve his needs, obey his whims, and satisfy his appetites. Laws may end oppression but disdain lingers. Contempt for women is overcompensation for the distrust of the Woman. Bullying and spite are shame-based reactions to the low position of the masculine mind. Obsessive independence and cold indifference are reactions to the injustice.

The strong disguise camouflages ego insecurity. Evil is the birth-child of mental miscalculations. The atrocities the war god enacts result from misreading inner messages stripped of meaning.

A self-appointed god cannot relate problems to its shortcomings.

Remaining clueless has benefits, if it keeps the game in play. Otherwise, enlightened awareness wipes out the prejudice and profiling in practices of sexism, racism, ageism, and elitism.

Deluge mythology, a key aspect of the creation story, is indelibly imprinted for instructional purposes. It is the mother-board that stays intact no matter what corruption results from changes in leadership styles. It sets the pattern for growth the foolish ego feels free to reject.

An ark conies the wise man named Utnapishtim to the mountaintop (divine nature). The metaphor is a teaching lesson to guide us forward. The ark is not an actual vessel to take animals and humans to safety on dry land. It is not literal. Truth is a non-literal and non-historic interpretation.

The theme and philosophy in mythologies are repetitions of the brain’s story. The clue rests in the ark. Described as consisting of three levels, it houses animals (animal nature) at the bottom, people (human nature) in the middle, and birds (divine nature) at the top. In the middle, men are separated from women to copy the gender arrangement in cerebral spheres. The ark imagery is a replication of the triune brain. Both the brain and the ark are tripled. Hades and Pluto, the gods of darkness and depression, renew perception by harmonizing dual perspectives (Ark). Awakening to reality is from a dreamlike state. Thus, truth hits home with shocking clarity. The ark is a snapshot of brain anatomy. The sacred ark that holds the Laws of Being describes the revelatory text that is enfolded in every human brain.

To see life through the third eye that combines the material and spiritual—masculine intelligence and feminine love—allows reality to enter perception to change things in a flash. When sacred patterns are fully and accurately perceived, judgments and behaviors instantly improve. Connecting psychical images and intricate meanings to a larger allegory restores the causal relationship between them. Presently, the language of symbolism that influences the fate of humanity is out of use.

The ego doctored symbolic meanings to alter fate. Paranoid minds brand as evil the dark forces not yet brought to light, such as the Titans or Giants. Pre-conscious forces are unknown but not treacherous. The serpent symbol presents no danger. Things of a neutral value, with the intent to persuade, are twisted into demons that threaten to destroy.

Fear is an overused tool to dissuade minds from finding the way home. The conscious attitude, kept in the dark, wanders a barren desert or foreign wilderness. The master manipulator created a world of fiction and fraud. He interjects exaggeration to prevent exposure of a well-crafted secret that turned into a lucrative scheme.

The appearing and disappearing of archetypes refer to three tiers of intelligence. Described is the way they operate during a break in unity, a floundering in disunity, and a return to unity. Communications from the psyche go directly to the heart to make it impossible to dismiss them.

Nature’s mandate for inner growth comes as an implosion strongly felt on a gut-level. Man-made religions run contrary to prehistoric mysteries. Impersonal advice is no match for the living metaphor that matures attitudes and outlooks.

Only the inner model is universal. Religion lacks the means to personalize a verbal message that the soul so viscerally delivers. The Son, distant from its inner nourishing source, suppresses the true meaning of the Supreme Deity.

Prayer is not co-mingled. Metaphorically, god refers to the wholeness of the Intellect. Only resurrection of the deadened self brings the hero into the light. He who knows the truth is able to live by its principles. Words go directly to the mind. Since symbols speak to the heart, appeals for peace are sent to it.

The warlike mentality of the collective ego is based on winners and losers.

Determined to be on the winning side no matter what tactics it stoops to deploy, it buries vulnerability behind a tough exterior of indifference—the opposite of love. Conflict, contradiction, and controversy divert an unsuspecting person from paying attention to problem-solving. Diversion is the key motive behind distortion and delusion.

The perceiving mind is kept from self-knowledge. It is okay to fuss over lives of others but not to focus on your own life; to envy what others have but not improve your chance for success; to blame others for mistakes but not look to yourself for causation; to invent enemies but not work with others to solve glaring social problems.

Egoic words of choice are avoid, distort, ignore, disclaim, blame, and deny. So far, the resister of fate escaped all consequences the soul laid at its door. Since it does not heed trends or pay attention to warnings, it cannot recognize what realities wait for it around the bend. For the ego, being your real self is the worst of all possibilities. It flat out rejects the feeling of being less than.

The culture reinforces the putdown. The better option was to create an image of an accomplished, superior, powerful person of means and be convinced of the credibility of that fiction. The trick is to avoid surrender to the non-human soul that is bent on your destruction. As the Lord of Misrule, the ego appreciates its combative role.

Anxiety runs rampant and rarely connects to the cause. When it does, panic is the result. Speeding up the outcome to get it over with reduces the intolerable tension fear evokes. A vicious cycle is enacted. An adage warns that you attract to you the very thing you fear in order to confront it and put it to rest. Denial feeds illusion. Illusion resists reality. History repeats itself. Repressed fear cast the material world into utter chaos. It manifests like a fireworks display gone bad. Only a fully-realized self works for its betterment and for social improvement. The ego does the opposite. It cuts others down to assure it will not look bad in comparison to them. It maneuvers for a favorable public assessment.

A renewed life is lived from a place of non-judgment, non-resistance, and non-violence. Compliance is with the natural order. The brain and its separated parts are reshaped and reorganized one last time. Rejoined parts define the true meaning of the One. As personal will submits to divine will, a moral being that rises above the gods materializes. An autonomous life is won.

The seamless reality is based in mature judgment and wise counsel. As morality is achieved, goodness is released. An individual is in harmony with the species, and life is in balance with nature. But, to make the future state of peacefulness a permanent reality requires that opposites reconcile and conflicts end. That which the obstructer will not do, the Sister is called upon to do. She will topple the tyrant to end the totalitarian regime.

Awareness allows an individual to recognize difference in tone. It learns to quiet destructive messages the condemning voice sends to coax behavior onto the wrong path. Instead, it follows signals from the benefactor to promote individual freedom.

When the neural groundwork is laid, each cortical part becomes a sensor that communicates and collaborates to help the brain decide what is best to do. Until all input is forwarded and consolidated, no cohesive decision can be made.

Lack of coordination rips meanings from icons that carry future identities and from symbols that protect future growth. Without an ability to see that psychological development is clearly mapped in imagery, the species lost sight of where it is headed.

Psychological growth has been abandoned.

A debased mind cannot avert disasters and improve conditions until it accepts the value of intuitive messages. As the Bible tells us, man is wandering in a wilderness trying to find a way home. The present leader will not arrive at the destination with the others, because the role of the ruling ego will end.

The sacred book reports on human development that comes from self-revelation of the divine within us.

The divine refers to the revealed program for moral development. Whatever was excluded from the sacred canons prevents us from reaching destined goals. Portions of bible stories that describe the role revelation plays were left out. Since all stories are tied to one conclusion, the prohibitions and exclusions are suspicious.

To accomplish the return to a humble existence requires information on the backstory of how dragon wisdom died, why it is vital, and how to revive it. The metaphysical realm and metaphorical mind are the heartbeat of life. Imagination is the linchpin. Until its role is understood and respected, the future is not guaranteed. Soul-talk allows humans to grow and improve. Without soulful guidance, the species retains its harmful and hurtful inclinations. Things that do not get better will definitely get worse.

Text source; The Winged Serpent: The Real Story Behind the Psyche’S Use of Symbolism

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