Earth is a vibrational mind prison and humans is kept within a full-scale vibratory imprisonment or enslavement of this world

Earth is a vibrational mind prison and humans is kept within a full-scale vibratory imprisonment or enslavement of this world

The creation of the first man had, therefore, a distinct and concrete end: to free the sparks of divine light from material creation, send them home, and thereby reverse the direction of creation.

Their goal was release from unconsciousness and ignorance, or incomprehension. Humans who possess the divine spark can find their freedom only in learning of its source, how it came to be entrapped in the material world, and how it can escape to return to its original realm.

Humans who possess the divine spark can find their freedom only in learning of its source, how it came to be entrapped in the material world, and how it can escape to return to its original realm. This important theme of gnosis takes us back to the beginning of our search. Gnosis is the liberating knowledge that enables release from the material evil world.

For the Gnostics, the true God did not create this world at all. The world emerged from a cosmic disaster in which a lower deity or a group of angels, either out of malice or ignorance, created the material universe and entrapped elements of the divine within it. The mythologies that these Gnostics espoused served to explain how these lower deities came into being (often as emanations from the true God) and how conflicts among their ranks led both to the catastrophic concoction of matter and to its aftermath, the imprisonment of divine sparks.

While these cosmogonies struck the fathers as puzzling in their complexity and bizarre in their detail, they proved particularly disturbing in their guiding premise, that the Creator and Ruler of this world is not the true God but a lower deity whose creation comprises the realm of evil and ignorance. The material world is prison to the sparks of the divine, and the goal of the Gnostic systems is to liberate them. It is, in fact, within human bodies that the sparks have become imprisoned and from which they must be released.

This release can only come when the divine sparks are awakened, brought back to life by acquiring the true knowledge (Greek: gnosis) of their origin and destiny. The Gnostic religion, therefore, entails the revelation of salvific knowledge, “knowledge of who we were and what we have become, of where we were and where we have been made to fall, of whither we are hastening and whence we are being redeemed, of what birth is and what rebirth.”

The spiritual spark is in a sleep stasis and kept in the state of ignorance, and ignorance is the slumbering state, so the archons prevent anyone from awakening their inner spiritual powers. The errors of humankind is to believe that the powers is outside him and not within and the external outside powers is govern by the ego and the human ego denied its own source in man’s inner knowing and inner being.

The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. These mind errors is created by the ego belief-system and it is the ego that denied its own higher source in man’s inner knowing and inner being. This is done by many different ways; one is the to feed the ego with constant low vibrational frquency food of negativity, fear, stress, anxiety, worries, pain, phobias, and terrors of the mind. All these is connected to emotions and low vibrational frequencies stimulates these lower frequencies within the matrix. This world is using sound frequencies to fueling the ego and its frequencies and fear is such emotions that keep the ego in a alert state, or in the fight or flight state. Organized Gang Stalking is a product of all these methods of the archons on Earth.

When persons within whom the divine sparks reside learn the mysteries of their own existence, of their fall into matter and the secret way of escape, then they have become “Gnostics,” that is, “Knowers,” those who have been set free from the ignorance and evil of the material world and enabled to return to their home.

Because this salvific knowledge provides a way to escape this world, it cannot be attained through normal “worldly” means. The God of this world has certainly not provided it, as he is either evil and thus intent on keeping the divine sparks perpetually entrapped, or ignorant of any realm superior to his own. One can only acquire the knowledge necessary for salvation through a revelation of the true God himself. This salvific knowledge, then, is revealed by an emissary from the divine realm to a select group of followers, who in turn convey it to those deemed able to receive it.

And we should consider that God gave the sovereign part of the human soul to be the divinity of each one, being that part which, as we say dwells at the top of the body, and inasmuch as we are a plant not of an earthly but of a heavenly growth, raises us from earth to our kindred who are in heaven. And in this we say truly; for the divine power suspended the head and root of us from that place where the generation of the soul first began and thus made the whole body upright.’

Humans. The aeon that had fallen was captured and imprisoned in this material world in the bodies of humans. Many humans have this spark of the divine within them. People with the spark have a longing to escape this world;

Salvation. The divine spark within humans can escape only by learning where it came from, how it got here, and how it can return. Deliverance from this evil material world, in other words, comes only by liberating knowledge (gnosis).

The archons of this world and controller of the matrix humankind is trapped within don´t want humans to understand what there real higher self is and where they came from, and this is the central key to undestand how the earthly life is under the spell of ignorance and illusions of maya. Ignorance and maya creates the veil of separation in place and illusions, deceptions and fear is been used to hindering spiritual progress from the lower matrix to the higher levels of divine consciousness.

The divine realm. The true God did not, therefore, create this material world. He is completely spirit. According to the myths that Gnostics told—some of which are preserved among the Nag Hammadi tractates—in eternity past the true God generated other divine offspring who themselves, in pairs, reproduced offspring. But a catastrophe occurred in the divine realm when one of the divine beings (often called Sophia, a feminine deity, whose name means “wisdom”) became separated from the rest and spontaneously generated another divine being. The latter, born outside the divine realm, was evil. With his minions who also came into being, he created the material world as a place of imprisonment for the one who had fallen (Sophia).

Humans are the divine spark of light lost in the darkness and complexity of the psyche and the body.

Human beings, according to this view, are composed of a body and a soul, both of which belong to the material world, and a divine spark, or pneuma, which is the godly element within. As long as humans are kept in ignorance of their true position, by the demiurge, they continue to be prisoners. But, sometimes, messages from beyond the spheres are received by certain individuals who then become aware of their imprisonment and are able to pass the knowledge on to others. This knowledge, or gnosis, is the most important weapon in freeing the spirit from its bondage. It is not enough, however, for Gnostics merely to know that they are imprisoned. They also need to know the workings of the world that surrounds them so that they can be better equipped to overcome it, or so that they can use it in a positive way.

Humans. Sophia was thus captured and imprisoned in this material world in the bodies of humans. Many humans have this spark of the divine within them.

The mystics have also revealed that blazing within the secret chamber of the heart is a “divine spark”—a sacred flame that God has endowed us with, a spark of fire from God’s own heart. In essence, the divine spark is a portion of God right inside of you. It is pure Spirit. It is your point of contact with your Source. We may believe we are walking the earth as human beings, but we are in fact divine beings with a divine connection.

The revolutionaries of the Spirit have discovered how to harness the fires of the heart. Through the white-hot heat of meditation and prayer, we too can release the imprisoned lightning of our heart. Our meditations in the secret chamber are very private experiences. They start with removing our attention from what’s happening around us and going within—”all the gates closed, the mind confined in the heart.

When we go within by devotion and love, we contact the inner flame and commune with the energy that is God. “The little spirit spark of our personal identity is the key that connects us with the Universal,” Mark Prophet once said. “[God’s’ Spirit is the fabric of our world. His energy, his pat-tern is the only saving grace. We ourselves have to reidentify, reintegrate, repolarize ourselves with that light—and it’s got to be done consciously.” Through prayer and meditation we turn our attention back to the Inner Light, which is the real source of our being.

The archons has pushed human race into a “an ever-depening spiritual sleep.” David Icke has written in The Veil of Tears that certain frequencies can be used to block receipt of radio information, and that certain frequencies can be used to block receipt of radio information.

Through technologies they can create a “vibratory prison.” He asserts that all we need to do is extend this concept to the planet as a whole to get an idea of how spiritual information is being perceptually blocked from the 4th dimension, creating a material prison. He writes:

The complete takeover of the Earth by extraterrestrial expressions of the Luciferic Consciousness was accomplished by creating a vibratory prison. We are multidimensional beings, naturally able to experience many frequencies and dimensions at the same time. However, when the imprisoning vibration an imposed blocking ‘frequency net’- was thrown around this planet long ago, it prevented us from accessing the higher levels of our consciousness and potenpotential – or, the higher dimensions. It caused us to cease to be ‘whole’ or tial we became disconnected from ‘the Father.’

According to Icke, the full-scale vibratory imprisonment of Earth humans may also have been effectuated by closing down crucial Earth vortexes linking the physical (3-D) world with other space/time dimensions. Some of these important windows, however, are still open, and, as well, certain rituals are said to be able to re-open them. Icke speculates that these interdimensional portals may have been closed to prevent negative entities from entering this space/time reality. Thus, this may have been a necessity to minimize chaos and disorder. However, it left Earth humans detached from higher levels of being and cut off our “eternal memory” of who we are. This is essentially the story of the “Fall of Man.”

He writes, “we forgot who we were and where we came from.” Icke explains:

The human race has for ages been living out its existence inside a kind of meta-physical box with the lid held down. We sit in the dark, believing that our potential, and Creation in general, is limited to what is within that box, within that vibratory prison. Over the ages since the vibratory net was cast around the Earth, we have been a people working at a fraction of our full and infinite potential. Life on Earth was changed dramatically by our extraterrestrial jailors, and this also affected the animal kingdom.

Luciferic consciousness works through human consciousness to manipulate human nature and our understanding of reality. It stimulates us to perform inhumane acts by awakening negative emotions. Icke believes, however, that there are positive 4th dimensional extraterrestrial groups working to help humanity rise up and reconnect with our lost identity.

The archons creates a enviroment that creates negativity, fear, stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, doubts, worries, and pain is another way the archons controls this world through. Pain is the duality state of mind, and the healing and bliss energies is represented by Oneness, and the archons separation of this world prevent the old evolutionary brain from be healed and access higher levels of consciousness. The archons triggering helpnessless. Through all archons methods humankind hasen´t been able to to activate more dna strands for thousends oof years. The archons jave hijacked reality and peprception and disconnected humankind from the divine god source.

In the universal order pain is not generally experienced by the creation. It is generally only experienced in reality systems that are controlled by the archons, in order to control, manipulate and render powerless those whose energies they feed off because they have lost their connection to the universal exchange energy system.

Archons uisng pain to control humankind on Earth in one form or another, and none is immune to it. The archons have done this by disconnecting all other soul beings here from Source, and wiping out their eternal divine memory of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Instead, they have connected us to cellular memory that limits our remembrance of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Most people consider that memory is contained in the brain, or central processing unit. This is not true here on earth. Memory is stored in the cells of our physical bodies. Only short term memory (a few minutes) is stored in the Hippocampus in the brain. It is called the cellular memory. Pain comes from our cellular memories stored in our bodies.

Because pain is located in our cellular memory, we easily feel it, and experience it, because it is stored as memory in our cellular structure, that is why anesthetics work. When the cellular form is deadened no pain is experienced.

Over time, our cellular bodies are ‘loaded’ with pain memories, and so we begin a process of avoiding pain, and the whole societal and social structure here is designed to avoid pain, i.e. a re-occurrence of previous pain. That is understandable and also sensible, unless one understands that it doesn’t have to be that way. It works this way. Once we are thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of pain we avoid pain, and feel it before it has actually occurred.

Pain resides in our cellular memory and we can feel it before it occurs or our bodies are subject to any kind of damage. Most of us can remember some pain or other from our past, and don’t know where that memory comes from, how it is stored in the cells of our bodies, why we try to avoid a re-occurrence of it, and why it is there.

Fear here is largely the avoidance of previously stored pain and the memory of it. That is how the archons have captured, captivated and controlled us like sheep. We exist, mainly to avoid pain.

Understanding that all species here are similarly afflicted by pain, and that our pain sometimes causes us to inflict pain on other soul beings, as we do, may provide us with the basis for overcoming pain. Pain is essentially a memory that is carried in our cellular bodies, so that we can feel the pain and recall the memory, even if we are not under any duress or affliction. We all remember some pain or other, and we spend most of our lives, and doings, avoiding that emotion and the memory of that pain.

Pain is the system of imprisonment here. The pain body and system here was specifically designed to control us, and to keep us subjugated and imprisoned in a system and a prison with no bars, and of our own making. This is done by building a memory base stored in the cells in our bodies that ‘punishes’ us when we don’t conform to their system of control, and we feel ‘pain’, when we don’t conform.

It’s a bit like being in a prison with electrified iron barriers, and if we try to get out of the prison we are given a shock. That is the role that pain has in the archon system.

The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

The “Global Elite,” Icke wrote, operates the Brotherhood and through the Brotherhood the world, by controlling a “pyramid of manipulation.”

The topmost level of the conspiracy Icke calls “the Prison Warders.” He makes clear his view that the Prison Warders are extraterrestrials without being specific about where they came from: “A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the extraterrestrial Prison Warders and their overall master, the Luciferic Consciousness. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid.

In his work, Icke began to speak in New Age terms of “negative energy” and “blocking vibration.” By utilizing these forces, the aliens have imprisoned us in “a frequency ‘net’ thrown around this planet.”

Earth as a frequency fence. The frequency fence is a high-tech, vibrational barrier, maintained by a central computer and a system of satellites, which surrounds the Earth, and which blocks vital energy from the universe from reaching us. The frequency fence, for all these hundreds of thousands of years, has turned the Earth into a vibrational prison.”

The spark of life is imprisoned and surrounded by a low vibrational prison of the mind. The mind prison on Earth is controlled by low vibrational frequencies. The mind prison is been controlled by a vibratory imprisonment on Earth and the three dimensional world or reality of the matrix.

To move from one to the other it is necessary only to change one’s rate of vibration or else to be able to shift one’s consciousness to focus in a different stratum of vibrations. It is like changing ones vibrations from those of the material of the electric wire to those of the electricity itself. It is this capacity to shift the consciousness from plane to plane which is the aim of yoga and most spiritual training. The hidden wonders of the spheres are discovered not by sailing off into the clouds, but by withdrawing ever inwards, within and within through the higher dimensions.

The ego keeps humankind trapped within this low vibrational mind prison, and when one raising the vibrational frequency of the consciousness one is able to reach the Higher Self.

When Adam ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, the entire cosmos erupted once more, and spirituality sank deeper into materiality, into evil, into the world. As a result, a few sparks of divine light fell onto die earth. While only a finite number of sparks fell thus, their presence on earth was sufficient to endow crea-tion with religious meaning. This, then, was the existential condition that was entrusted to mankind. The world of crude materiality which humans inhabit was endowed with a limited, almost quantifiable, amount of divine presence; a few sparks of divine light trapped in the shells of materiality. It is incumbent upon humanity to redeem the world and the godhead by reuniting the sparks that have fallen with the light of the upper worlds. Once all die sparks have been released from their material prison and dispatched to heaven, the divine being will be able to resume its original wholeness.

The material world and the body are prisons separated from the divine realm, from which humans must escape through the ascent of various levels. This is possible through the acquisition of secret knowledge reserved for the elect.

Having fallen from its divine birthplace into the centre of the physical universe, his soul was now obliged to free itself from itself from its mortal coil and reascend to its original state of beatitude in Heaven.

Could powerful Earthling forces be simply mimicking on a small-scale what their Overlords have done on a large scale? The manipulation of mental constructs may be a mini-design of a much larger scale phenomenon: the engineering and control of large physical constructs in the solar system:

This is the inner secret of all esoteric teaching. The new birth, or regeneration, means the awakening of the soul to conscious immortality. The old self, that was bound to the wheel of fate and the plane of cause and effect from which it could never free itself, owing to the fact that it was continually binding itself to the wheel afresh, through following selfish desires, dies, and a new self is born. In other words, the consciousness is raised from the plane of sin and death, of sensuality and desire, of restriction and captivity, to the higher plane of Spirit, where man realizes that he is a son of God. He discovers that the Divine Spark within is his true self. He realizes also that he has always lived—in his real Spiritual Self. Beginning and end, like change and decay, belong purely to the material plane and have no place in Reality. They form part of this present three dimensional existence but have no reality. Endless being is the reality. Anything short of this is mere illusion. It is not necessary, therefore, to believe in the theory of reincarnation or that all our experiences must of necessity take place on this plane. Sufficient to know that we can never die, that we cannot escape from ourselves, and that to neglect seeking with all our heart for union once again with our Divine Source, is merely to prolong our sufferings.

The errors of humankind is to believe that the powers is outside him and not within and the external outside powers is govern by the ego and the human ego denied its own source in man’s inner knowing and inner being.

Ego is one of the main programs that can stop you from reconnecting with the God within, but ego can be broken. It’s a distraction that produces emotions that must be mastered in order for you to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what the Archons want.

The archons prevent anyone to develop their cohesive divine inner force and the ego is the hostile force that disconnects the divine source, divine inuition, divine brain waves (theta brain waves), and divine oneness. “The human ego denied its own source in man’s inner knowing and inner being”.

The human soul is imprisoned in this dungeon of the world, confined in the darkness of matter; but it originated in a very different place, in a timeless world, in the bright abode of another God of whom the earthly world and its rulers have no conception. The soul partakes of the very substance of this Unknown God, but in the material world it has lost consciousness of its identity. The world has confused it with its “clamour”, poisoned it with its “venom”, “benumbed” it and “put it to sleep”, until the soul has forgotten whence it came.

Only gnosis can awaken it, knowledge which comes from above and is really only the reviving memory of the soul’s origin. The Unknown God comes to earth in the person of the Saviour; he passes through the circles of the planets and brings the soul this knowledge – the soul is part of His substance, and thus He is liberating Himself. This “story of the soul” which escapes from the bonds of time through the saving knowledge of its eternal essence brings Gnostic thought close to that of the myste-riosophies.’ From the moment the soul has received this supernatural enlightenment it longs ceaselessly for its lost home.

Man. then, has to change. His desires and aspirations. instead of being directed towards hate and evil must be transformed to love and good. Instead of wallowing in lust and selfishness he must lift himself to higher and better things. How can this be done? It cannot be accomplished by the finite man at all, but it can be achieved by the Infinite Power within. It is only when man realizes his oneness with the Infinite and believes that Omnipotent Power is at his disposal. that the Spiritual Power within becomes available. So long as man has doubts and fears or disbelief& this special power is not available. It is his. but his state of heart and mind prevents him from either realizing the presence of the Power or making use of it. Before the machinery of a workshop can run it must be connected up with the engine room. In the same way, man, before he can live the new life, must become one with the Infinite Life and Power. Entering this new life of power, does not take away life’s experiences, its trials, troubles and adversities. but the change within does prevent the creation of unnecessary troubles and suffering. Also even a so-called unkind fate loses much of its power to wound, for the higher man rises into union with God and Infinite Love. the less power it has in his life. It still operates. but it fails to wound so deeply, for man, seeing with illumined eyes. knows that it is good that has come to bless; and not evil that has come to slay. Painful fate loses its power to hurt when man ceases to resist it and meets it with open arms, seeking to team the lessons that it has to teach.

This moving away from dependence on others is the first step toward acquiring enough presence of mind to direct personal immortality. A fortress of spirit is needed. We have to shrug off inhibiting beliefs that have conditioned us to a herd-type mentality.

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