Different was a different X-MAS


Swedish police start my x-mas morning with sirens and grasstrimmer sound after 07.00 in the morning


Then they have noise harassment you during all day
Helicopter was flying around on x-mas. You could hear them flying


Neighbors draging furniture to harass


Neighbors open water cranes


Neighbors walking outside with aggressive barking small dogs every hour – sometimes several times


Neighbors honking hornes


And swedish police noise harassment you with sirens and grasstrimmer sound – like the devil was burning in them to harass 24/7 and even starts x-mas morning with grasstrimmer sound and sirens.


These people could be working at a nazi-camp from 1940s – they have this tormenting-gene like Satan has.



And they have close down my internet

And they have close down all your tv-channels

So they want have the sadistic power to tormenting you all the time with sound torture. And this is their tormenting strategy because when you going outdoors they stalking you mind with same sounds or music

So they want to occupy your mind indoors and outdoors and during the night and they close down your internet and all your tv channels so they can occupy your mind with psychological noise torture

And this is the swedish warfare


After I wrote this neighbors above have smashing and dropping things in the floor on and off all day – all from draging furniture to drop things on the floor. This was there x-mas. They eat, smashing, draging furniture, eat some more food to get more destructive energy to drop things in the floor.

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