Corpus callosum, The Alpha Bridge, Theta brain waves and Pineal Gland

This veil holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past-present-future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

The cerebral brain span called the Corpus Callosum, is the Rainbow Bridge that cross—connects the neural synapses from the dominant hemisphere (left brain) to the non—dominant hemisphere (right brain).

When we’re in a state of fear, our alpha bridge disappears (this is the bridge between left and right brain hemisphere).

The Corpus Callosum is known as the Antahkarana, or Rainbow Bridge, and represents the bridge of consciousness that each must build between his own mind and soul and the universal mind and soul. It symbolizes realization of oneness with the universe.

Fear frequencies, low vibrational energies, fear programming make the alpha bridge to disappear and the third eye reacts in same way; it will be closed.

The rainbow bridge can be build through meditation and through the “theta” brain waves. Theta brain waves healing the brain from evolutionary fear programs, healing the amygdala, and when this process starts it starts to enmit light into the depths of the subconsciousness structures. The third will then slowly opens and unused brain parts is been activated and new pathways is been build when fear not make the alpha bridge in the corpus caallosum to disappears.

When the alpha bridge is down, beta brain waves dominate and concepts of duality controls this world. It results in; It builds two worlds out of one. This other world is The matrix, the dreamworld that is mention in “The Matrix”.

There are two partitions within the brain.

The first partition is the corpus callosum, a coarse tissue that separates the right and left hemispheres. The original purpose of this tissue was to assist both sides of the brain to communicate with each other. With the Fall of Consciousness and aeons of living in the dense third dimension, this capacity has become significantly restricted.

The second is a vertical nonphysical partition that is perpendicular to the corpus callosum and located between the temples on either side of the head. This partition minimizes the function of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland and it significantly limits the performance of the seventh and eight chakras in the physical experience. This nonphysical partition, or veil, holds each of us in a narrow field of logic, duality and rigid rules.

This veil is an electromagnetic field of energy. As you think thoughts, the thoughts pass through this electromagnetic field and are filtered based upon past memories or future concerns. This filter instantly draws a similar emotion to the thoughts you think based on those past experiences or future beliefs, fears or doubts. However, when you are in a present-time now experience such as amusement, laughter or play, the filter is neutralized. It has no negative past or future concerns. no doubts or fears to draw upon.

When you observe in present-time, the veil is neutralized. allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come. Here the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata, pineal gland and seventh and eighth chakras become more engaged. the ninth. tenth and eleventh chakras become accessible.

Here, with the use of higher-vibrational Light and colour vibrations, the coarse tissue of the corpus callosum will be altered into a softer electrochemical gel, allowing the right and left hemispheres of the brain to function as originally Intended. In full communication with each other.

Corpus callosum is the point of union between the subjective and objective, and corpus callosum is a “bridge” in which the waking consciousness and the dream consciousness come together. It provides an opening for the inpouring of knowledge from on-high.

The Higher Self

According to the teachings the fifth dimension of the brain is also situated in a tiny, barely perceptible little gland located on a posterior protrusion of the medulla oblongata. It is possible to find its location by visualizing a stem going through the brain starting from the top of the forehead

In the middle. halfway between the entry point and the exit point, we find the pineal gland, called the epiphysis in physiology. Ayurvedic traditions have always considered the pineal gland, which owes Its name to its pinecone shape, as the master gland of the body, the seat of our higher self. It is connected to the seventh chakra, the crown, and therefore to the celestial dimensions: inspiration, revelation, and illumination. In traditional medicine it has been difficult to establish the precise role of the pineal gland, the epiphysis, in the human organism. It plays the role of a condenser or a catalyst in an electrical system: it regulates the energetic sphere of the human body and harmonizes the whole of the subtle bodies.

This evolutionary process creates more conscious awareness in our species. We are finding out that we are co-creators of the universe. The purpose of incarnation is the creation of awareness of self as divine co-creator of the universe.

As we awaken to higher consciousness, we realize untapped potentials and urged to higher states of awareness, and how we may become conscious co-creators of ourselves and our worlds.

As we accept our divine nature, we become co—creators and can access that primal energy that created us

Remembering your eternal nature in the physical form in your present lifetime prepares your system to hold high vibratory energy, changing the physical density of your cells to align with the high vibration of your eternal nature. The eternal nature is woven into the human form.

As you work with the inner energy this will raise your vibration and wire your eternal nature into the lens of your life, you will focus on the energy centers of the pineal gland and a master cell at the base of your spine.

The pineal gland is the physical body’s command center and has direct connection to the nucleus of every cell. Because this gland communicates simultaneously with each and every cell, any change in the pineal gland can be broadcast to every cell in the body. You will also work with the master cell at the base of the spine. A master cell is an original cell in the body that holds the blueprint for the entire form. There is said to be 96 original cells in the base of the spine and this is the Blueprint.

When we tune in to these higher frequencies, we have access to a different kind of light—a frequency faster than visible light—and all of a sudden we are activating a greater intelligence within us. Now, because the pineal gland is activated, we can pick up higher frequencies, which in turn produces a change in chemistry.

The higher the frequency we pick up, the more it alters our chemistry—which means the more visual, hallucinogenic, and higher-energy experiences we have. The crystals in our pineal gland, acting like a cosmic antenna, are the doorway to these higher vibrational realms of light and information. This is how we have internal experiences that are more real than our external ones.

These pineal metabolite chemicals your body produces fit into the same receptor sites as serotonin and melatonin, but they carry a very different chemical message from a realm beyond sensory-based material reality. As a result, the brain is now primed for a mystical experience, opening the door to other dimensions and moving the individual from a space-time reality to a time-space reality.

Since all frequency carries a message and that message is a change in chemistry, once the pineal gland gets activated and you start experiencing and processing these higher frequencies, energies, and elevated levels of consciousness, they often present themselves as complex, changing geometric patterns usually perceived in the mind’s eye. This is good—this is information.

When you have these mystical experiences, because your nervous system is so coherent, it’s able to tune in to these super coherent messages. in the darkness of the void, the pineal gland becomes the vortex for these very organized patterns and packets of information, and as you place your attention on them, just like a kaleidoscope they constantly change and evolve.

The theta brain wave is sought after most with meditators and mystics, mainly because, with the right conditions, it’s said to open up the pineal gland – and the theta brain wave state is also the collective subconscious mind that holds all of the experience and human programming in the grid of the Matrix. Theta brain-wave state that connects him with a higher god-source power and bring enormous transformation, conscious access to it. Your greater capacity exists in such subtle energy of self that you can only know it in this relaxed theta state. A great benefit of thinking in theta connected to Source is that you disconnect from the limiting and fearful thoughts.

When the seventh center is quickened, the man is able by passing through it to leave his body in full consciousness, and also to return to it without the usual break, so that his consciousness will be continuous through night and day. One can relate this to the Book of Revelation 21:23; “the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it”. When one is able to leave the body with full consciousness one has actually overcome the lowest frequency of sleep/death.

Paranormal Powers: Research has found that when the Theta – Delta frequency pattern is held, the following attributes are evident in a person’s life. These attributes are sometimes classified as paranormal powers that can be seen as:-

• Pre-cognition – the ability to sense what is about to occur;

• Telepathy – the ability to pick up unspoken mental-plane communications;

• Bi-location – the ability to be in two places at once, or to send a holographic projection of oneself somewhere else;

• Clairsentience and empathy – the ability to sense or feel what others are feeling;

• Clairvoyance – the ability to see between the worlds with our third eye;

• The ability to heal through touch or over distances plus much more.

The Theta – Delta pattern is the home of our latent paranormal abilities and when accessed allows our inner resources of Divine Nutrition to flow. In the metaphysical world, which power/s a person has often depends on the role they have agreed to play in the cycles of human evolution.

When the Theta and the Delta brain wave patterns are sustained not only does the veil go down between the conscious and subconscious mind allowing reprogramming of the whole bio-system in a more effective way, but we also begin to tap into other realms of reality, where issues like the following become more real for us:

• Divine radiance – where we can increase or decrease our auric emanations so that our presence nourishes others in a healthy way.

• Divine intentions – where we understand the power of our intentions and will in co-creation and use them with wisdom for the good of all and are hence supported by powerful and nourishing universal forces.

• Divine guidance – access to an inner plane system of reliable help.

• Divine prosperity – access to all the abundance we need to be fulfilled on all levels.

• Divine transmissions – the ability to enjoy two way communications with beings who are permanently anchored in the Theta – Delta field and to do so via empathic or telepathic means.

• Divine co-creation – the ability to, and action of, creating in a way that stimulates and releases the highest potentialities into manifestation.

• Divine Grace is an inexplicable energy that is incredible to experience, Grace is the oil that smoothes the way in life. ‘

• Divine communication – communion with the God within and the inner plane Holy Ones

The higher life is seeking to become incarnated in us the opening to the light, where spiritual forces can make a movement of redemption of mankind. Therefore, let us yield ourselves to life and experience that greater life stirring within us. That greater life has transformed our carnal nature and made us blossom like a rose that we may have perfect liberty of life by having true awareness of the indwelling of a higher life. The inner voice, the ever presence of a new life. Being the upper strata of divine consciousness.

The upper strata of our mind is our higher mind. When man enters the universal mind, he sees all things in the universe in harmony with the light of the eternity. All of mankind has a divine spark, which is the true light of eternity within them that is lying dormant, unexpressed, and imprisoned. The imprisoned divine nucleus awaits birth that the divine mind may open up from within mankind. Mankind will then enter the age of enlightenment, which will arise from within them. The hidden splendor imprisoned within will unfold, bringing liberty to mankind, creatures, and creation. The breakthrough will come, that ever-expanding divine consciousness.

When a person is merged in Divine, all powers, all knowledge, all wisdom, all perfection which are termed divine, shine forth.

To go beyond limited understanding and unravel the all-pervasive consciousness is to realise our perfection. As man’s mental perceptions get finer and finer his understanding of the true reality will improve to gradually unveil to him the One Reality behind all things.

Beta — is a functioning of the left brain and deals with the ego personality, the intellect, logic — being constantly engaged. It’s the so-called thinking, analytical mind which functions mainly through known facts, subconscious conditioning, or through learned, societal behavioural patterns, good or otherwise. Beta interprets in a chronological, sequential order of presented facts. Left-brain Beta is fixed in time. It concurs with mind content identification. It identifies with ageing, anxiety, fear of death and concerns generally about the future or the past. The higher the oscillations of Beta, which can extend into Gamma frequency, the greater can be your anxiety level. Beta doesn’t recognise the “now”, it evaluates from inherent mindsets, from historical past, which includes parents, society, religion and national identity, all of which form left-brain personality, the perceived as normal persona, from which you perform in the world. The lodged world view from which you make your moral-ethical discernments.

Conversely, Theta right-brain oscillation deals with healing, health, happiness, creativity, intuition, timelessness — the eternal “now”. Theta brain waves are the link between the brain in the tummy — the solar plexus — and the brain in the head; it’s the connective ingredient by which you become familiar with the nature of the soul and its function to manifest on foot of the brain’s instructions.

Theta meditation entrainment — that of “direct knowing” — is also the process by which the brain can be introduced to recovery genes, to natural happiness, to spiritual patterns, to cosmically functioning behaviour.

Theta experiencing represents being cosmically fused, it represents connectedness, transcendence. Theta, and particularly low Theta, is the ability to “know” expanded deep silence as “bliss”.

Theta expands the mind, brings about integration and total knowledge awareness — “knowingness” at your point of intellect use. A level of functioning which enables your mental functioning to know greater levels of intelligence, coherence, to function naturally in accordance with the laws of nature, which is cosmic law.

During practice, the brain becomes familiar with transcendence, with “no time”, with bliss. In this level of awareness there is no stress, no anxiety, no ageing — no fear of death.

Theta, being cosmic, is the frequency to higher states of consciousness.

Theta is state changing, making “heaven” a reality now. It cultures the brain chemistry to function holistically, to function at the apex of your total potential. It’s the functioning frequency you must come upon, vibrate through, to gain attunement with your true nature, the kingdom of heaven: the level state to which you are driven intuitively, and into which you eventually transform — we all get to go home.

Theta is direct, conscious contact with the Higher Self, your soul— the means of knowing your true state, of becoming cosmically conscious.


As spiritual beings, Theta brain waves are mankind’s imperative. Our priority at this time in evolution is to move on from the fixation of Beta left brain — finite mind; to bypass high Alpha as another long period stopping station, and to function only, as a global family, from Theta intuitiveness.

This is a “must do” if we’re to be saved from the out-of-control “monster” the logical mind is morphing into.

Theta enables the brain and spirit to be awakened from the psyche sleep of high oscillatory Beta/Gamma brain speed, from the soul-deadening, limitation-ridden, finite mind. We need to consciously activate immortality and move forward on our “no choice” evolutionary path. We need to become transformed, entrained to spirit existence, from finite thinking to infinite awareness.

That we each commence the Theta imperative of the soul’s journey and purpose, to initiate the blueprint potential for each of us; the specific evolution we’re each encoded to be on; the work we’re each wired to perform here on earth in order to evolve beyond the apprenticeship of the five senses: development in Theta and even Delta.

As spiritual beings, we’re not intended, nor designed, to remain at the same finite “station” indefinitely. We’re not intended to remain spiritually hamstrung to more evolved cosmic pastures. Theta transformation introduces the mind to this more advanced cosmic world within our own consciousness – to the grand design of the One Creator. Yes, there is an inner universe of deeper awareness to come upon, to be explored. happier and more adventurous destinations to be lived and experienced, now, and beyond, eternally.

For consciousness never ends and the essential you, spirit, is this consciousness, an eternal, infinite awareness. To come into these greener cosmic pastures the brain needs to adjust, become familiar with, those frequencies which are lower in hertz (cycle per second). Ideally, through the brain, we need to connect our consciousness with transcendental vibrational silence or low Theta.

We need to expand beyond the waiting room of the sensory world into divine life, beyond the “labour ward” of ignorance, of finite mind. Beyond the limited human mind, and give birth to eternal, cosmic, higher self-awareness, to active, dynamic silence. From a mental health perspective, the benefits of Theta to society are enormous.

With uncontrolled high Beta brain waves being causal or associated with so many antisocial and dysfunctional problems, Theta brain activity is an absolute boon to the overall health and well-being of people, even those suffering with ADD – attention deficit disorder – who, it is claimed, are unwittingly stuck in Theta nature and thereby compensate, brain-wise, by over-activity in Beta.

The knock-on effects of Theta entrainment, far out-benefit the cost of making it standard availability for all. Bringing forward this transformational understanding to society would repay itself immensely by saving on traditional methods of healthcare and costly stays in hospitals, not to mention the greatest benefit of all: peace on earth, decreased suicides and the fall in crime rates.

The purpose of life is the expansion of natural happiness and this purpose is achieved through coming into Theta. It’s the metamorphosis which transforms human minds to divine or cosmic minds — from mere mortals to invincibles.

Although in physical bodies we’re each capable, in fact designed, for miracle performances. Each an unrestricted consciousness of potentiality, we’re intended to evolve beyond the limitations of Beta left brain, beyond ego-based knowledge to infiniteness; beyond the confinements of fear, anxiety, depression and all negative phobias that plague the high oscillatory Beta-driven mind. We’re designed to migrate beyond the base camp of the five ordinary senses, of apathy, artificiality and greed, which is embedded in the mass subconsciousness of tribal humanhood.

Although the brain is a connected unit of right and left hemispheres, the individual brain dots need to become familiar with all its four levels.

For instance, the nature of Beta—time and relativity — does not exist in Theta, the higher self realm. Familiarity with the different brain speeds is not any more difficult than knowing how to shift the different gears in our cars in order to get maximum engine performance.

All the gears are needed to get us from A to B, for long distances and through different, adverse conditions. And so it is with the brain: we need to become proficient at accessing the different brain speeds naturally, and know them for what function they perform in our daily lives, if we’re not to become stuck in one gear. If we do become stuck then, as a “model”, we’re under performing and possibly damaging the engine. Imagine using only first gear travelling on a motorway?

Beta use only represents that scenario. As a species, we need to evolve beyond the mono perspective of the fixed mindscape and its interpretations; beyond the fixation with materialism; beyond ephemeral cognition to ethnic visioning, to come upon invincibility awareness. Cognising in Theta enables the total brain to function at a much deeper and more coherent level, to handle far more complex information with competence and confidence.

It’s necessary to move out of day-to-day beta consciousness and into alternative consciousness because it moves beyond polarity of either/or to either/and and links with Source energy where all possibilities exist. Beta state is the state of duality. The rational brain can´t access the structures of the soul.

Duality cannot, and does not exist in the higher dimensional states of consciousness; therefore, it is impossible for the Ego to survive within the higher realities.

As we reach the higher platforms, a broad band of frequencies penetrate the auric fields and our maturing light-body begins to exude more and more light from the heart and crown centers. Its pulsing brilliance will eventually over-light the shadowiness of the Ego when our spaceship engages the hyper-drive that propels us out of the Duality realms.

Keep in mind that shadows cannot exist in beams of radiating light. Seven locks were created within the human construct as part of anchoring the system in the field of Duality and each is wired to all layers of the body. The locks or “three knots”, that which causes separation, abandonment and rejection within the Root Chakra, which is imprinted upon each human at birth.

The current to supply the transformation of the sacred geometric vessel has to be channelled via the chakra panel and directed from the Heart core through the biology of the brain. The bioelectric fluctuations coursing through the brain synapses and the nervous system operate from a dualistic template. There are many junction points in the brain that have been kept dormant until the human vessel is ready to remodel this template.

Throughout our Duality-based life-times, we have accumulated numerous heavy thought-patterns in the brain. This has influenced our decision-making and polluted our mental and emotional bodies. This heavy debris has knotted the links, causing a type of sluggishness within the Chakra board which prevents a clear flow of energy throughout the system of the human construct. All connecting lines must be cleared before the final switch can be activated.

The platform of non-duality brain waves exists outside of the dualistic matrix of the nervous system. and communication with the higher vibrational realities can now proceed. Reaching this station stimulates the high platform of the Merkaba, which is the Merkaba configuration that initiates the ability to navigate the multi-dimensional highways. This is the realm of the ascended Masters who are entering the higher dimensional vibrations, after releasing all ties to the human personality and immersed themselves into the energies of non-duality. This is a high place of functioning and it enables the Master to ascend into the realms of Light Consciousness where the Over-Soul resides.

Current research has revealed a guide spot, a miracle mind, situated primarily in the frontal lobes of the human brain. When we consciously connect to this spot, also known as the God spot, we have access to the infinite potential, or power on hold of the universe. With the necessary understanding, skills, and tools we can tap into and utilise our universal intelligence, guidance, and wisdom.

Through the connection to deeper brain regions, through new connections to unused brain parts and through connection to new dimensions of life and universe and through connections to new levels of consciousness we have access to intuition, insight, inspiration, revelation and the innate wisdom of the ages. This changes the way how the brain operates.

The power and science of meditation is not just yoga, it is through meditation one can build a whole new brain and may even create a new world in the future.

Theta waves also unlock the door to the unconscious mind and may produce spiritual bliss during meditation.

Psychologists and neurologists now believe the mind uses this ‘Theta Window’ for psychological and physiological programming.

An alpha/theta state, as you now know, is simply a superlearning, super receptive state of mind, in which the brain will program at a much faster rate. Now that your mind is ready, you can develop many ways to program what you desire.

When you see a bright white light in your brain, or a tunnel, you know you are in theta and can quickly reprogram the brain for health and wholeness.

The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, and the brain is a constantly interacting system within itself. The whole brain is greater than the sum of its parts, where the whole is the internal and infinite world and the parts is the finite and external world.

This work of new connections building new parthways, it´s healing the evolutionary brain, unite opposite energies to oneness, breaking up the design or concept of duality (parts) and rearrange its parts into wholeness, and through synthesis it expand the limit consciousness to unlimited cosmic consciousness, and through this process more and more new dna strands is been activated from the slumbering state of consciousness.

Superconsciousness is a phenomenon that happens in the frontal lobe when the number of integrating energy fractals moves beyond a certain limit.

The power to move from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world lies in one´s subconscious mind.

The magical power of our subconscious mind is the greatest discovery of mankind. It has the power to overcome the constraints of time and space, as such, one´s subconscious mind posses all the information, wisdom and resources you need to know and have for survival and success. One do not need to attain this power by purchasing any equipment, software or perform any rituals. One do not need to learn this skill as it is always within. One just need to learn to unleash and use it effectively. When one know the correct way of doing so, one can benefit from it for the rest of one´s life.

It is important to understand that the comfort zone is like a magnet … a gravitational force that doesn’t allow one to stray far away from one´s comfort zone without conscious and powerful effort. Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. But … AND HERE IS THE KEY … every person must do his or her own “pushing” to sustain achievements. This is exactly why it is so critical that every key person (actually every person in the organization if fiscally feasible) have their own personal customized strategic plan. The customized personal strategic plan is the blueprint for exactly how, given their personal strengths and weaknesses, a specific individual can break through their personal gravitational pull and make needed changes while achieving critical objectives that support the organization’s master strategic plan. The bottom line is that conscious and unconscious efforts to resist change will undermine and sabotage the greatest of plans if proper attention is not given to supporting the change process from the very start.

Insights removes darkness and illuminates. Insights manifests in the multitude of light. Insight opens the third eye and travels through the Crown of the head. Insights reveals the path to salvation. It brings cosmic visions. Insights removes gravitational force of the earthly matter from the human kind and elevates the human kind to a higher platform.

The ‘light’ of primordial awareness is descriptive ‘light’, as it appears as darkness until transformed into your observer-knower as a self-referencing individual consciousness. When that transformation occurs, pure awareness is now an activated ‘light’ of primordial awareness, referred to as actual ‘light’, as the ‘light’ is used by the observer of pure awareness to see by its illumination, allowing the pure knower to know what is seen, which is subliminal self-awareness.

The Theta method

To achieve Theta awareness it is necessary to come upon an oscillatory brain speed of between 4 and 7 cycles per second, Beta “rational mind” being 14 to 30. This is not slowing the brain down, but rather an increasing, or stepping up, of its vibrational capacity. You can practice Theta either by metronomic “brain familiarisation” entrainment or mantra meditation practice.

Non-directional mantra meditation, my own choice, enables the mind and nervous system to become set up, to function in the Theta state. Set-up comes about when the mind and nervous system are brought to transcendental silence, to a point of restful alertness — where neither are active nor inactive. This regular practice allows the mind/nervous system become acclimatised, or know the nature of Theta: 4 to 7 cps, a capacity whereby the brain/ nervous system become fully alive in eternal, cosmic awareness, in present moment “no time” consciousness.

Actualising Theta allows your inner and outer environment be perceived on the level of present moment consciousness — the goal of earth life, the most rewarding, sensual experience. Of the four brain speeds Theta is the only level which facilitates transcendental bliss and deep inner peace. But in order for Theta to be experienced, Alpha is the bridge which facilitates the effects and benefits of Theta. Alpha — between Beta and Theta — is needed for transference, the carrier of cosmic information—the intuitive state – to the conscious mind, Beta.

Theta needs Alpha to carry the codes, carry the healing waves throughout the body, but particularly to the conscious mind to achieve calm, balance and perspective.

Theta is natural, for you go through the four brain speeds while sleeping. But it’s while you’re awake that the brain needs to become familiar with its full range of speed possibilities, and with regular, properly practiced mantra meditation such becomes your everyday state.

Accessing Theta also means accessing the subconscious, the conditioned mind which many people are slaves to, for “repair” work. It’s how you can re-programme the fear-driven mind: how you can influence change in your fixed thought patterns at the subjective level, how you can affect change in your lifestyle, habits and worldview.

Theta is also the vibratory speed of the plant kingdom, which explains why you feel so at home and connected up in Mother Nature’s presence — periods of time spent in nature indeed heals the mind (more on this later in the chapter on Nature). The message being: introduce health vibrations into the mind, into the body, to be rid of ill health. Or, you could say, introduce light to rid of darkness.

Your breathing during Theta practice is deeper than in ordinary sleep also. In fact, the metabolic process reduces to such a low pulse it can feel as if you’re not breathing at all — with periods of natural respiratory suspension — yet the mind and nervous system remain fully awake, fully alert. The brain and nervous system maintain conscious awareness. As your breathing becomes soft and shallow your carbon dioxide output is reduced.

The body system becomes suspended in timelessness as the ageing, metabolic system becomes “actively non-engaged” — the body comes to the level of perfection, of eternity awareness — pure consciousness. While the outside world remains chaotic and ageing, your inner awareness is engaged in “knowing” timelessness and expansion. And, of course, you’re free to discontinue the practice session at any point.

Timelessness transforms or purifies the senses to function at an advanced level of paradigm perception, the realm of E.S.P., extra sensory perception, such as clairaudience, clairsenseousness and clairvoyance. Clairaudience means clear, intuitive inner hearing or knowing, inner revelation, a faculty of divine attunement.

Clairsenseusness is the aspect of soul sensitivity, familiar to soul awakening, which establishes deeper feeling-awareness or compassion: an advanced sensitivity by which to interpret your immediate environment more accurately — a total trusting in your feelings.

Clairvoyance, meaning “clear vision”, allows the mind to see through the soul, through the solar plexus: a second faculty of seeing and perceiving apart from ordinary sight.

Theta leads from ordinary five-sense to multi-sensory awareness, beyond ordinary hearing, touching/feeling, smell, taste and seeing.

It’s when the mind becomes luminous, of “genius” status — a channel through which the cosmic blueprint, the grand design, can reveal and express at individual level. The same luminosity through which all the long ago great lights and prophets spoke of: how to access this level, the Bible, and other great works, being the fruits of their luminosity. But this advanced level of perception is not merely for the spiritually privileged — the historical saints, nor the poets, musicians and inventors of modern-day creations.

This is accessible to all today and is easily attained through regular Theta practice.


Mental stimulation causes vibration, and Theta is the perfect, natural healing stimulator-vibration. It’s what leads to total brain harmonisation, for you need use of all the brain speeds. Theta uses Alpha as the bridge between Beta analytical left brain, and the higher self right brain — Beta’s faster vibratory speed is not conducive to direct access of Theta-bliss experiencing, and this most untapped natural dimension just needs to be activated to become established in consciousness. Once practice commences the metamorphosis into Theta also commences. The influence of Beta only begins to lift — total dominance of left brain ceases and enlightenment, or expansion of conscious mind, begins.

With direct knowing intuitive life commences. A lifestyle which expresses congruently with the Universal Mind, with evolution, with the spiritual principles of soul, unity awareness and healing; these are your soul’s nobler intentions. The nobler intelligence, being transcendental, reflects right action more powerfully, naturally on the screen of life.

Theta consciousness is to have pure cosmic wisdom available at your point of use of mind. In biblical terms, Theta awareness is the “mystical marriage”: consummation of the individual soul with the super soul— left brain to right, from head to heart; it represents Christ consciousness. And this “marriage” of head with heart is triggered by the brain oscillating at between 4 and 7 cps. Other benefits of Theta are that while the normal sleep state of mostly Alpha facilitates healing, these waves, however, are at the minimum level required for any noticeable healing.

Theta brain waves, on the other hand, are significantly greater than ordinary sleep and are truly the genesis of all “healing” miracles — the Godly dimension of your soul is revealed.

Mankind’s dominion lies within awakening to Theta vibration, and our conscious connection with Infinity. Man is an eternal awareness, a forever consciousness. Man/woman, in essence, is not the vessel which houses awareness; the outer body skin is not the limit of your being. Man/woman in essence is the transcendent “experiencer”, existence itself, not the experience, and Theta, when activated, facilitates direct experiencer status.

Man thinks with the conscious mind, Beta brain waves, but it’s the intellect which decides – discriminates favourably or unfavourably, approves or disapproves — in situations. This is why the intellect needs to be resolute. Theta brings about this resolute intellect — the capacity to make profound and powerful decisions, decisions which are filtered through consciousness-based knowledge: understanding formulated of divine nature. Understanding that can change not only your own life but the entire planet.

A synthesis of direct knowing by way of the brain vibrating at between 4 and 7 cps — scale of your evolution being the only differential factor. It takes a little longer, after the dawn, for the midday sun to be overhead. It’s the “asleep” intellect which apportions value-perception, personal worth, in what you allow yourself to have and to aspire to. Worth and scale are similar, they’re perceived in proportion to depth of awareness, of raised consciousness, of Theta being, and this is why patience is vital when setting out on this journey of enlightenment, of soul awakening.

Beta perception — conscious mind — transmutes reality into illusion (and mass consciousness) by comparing past situations or imagined future in order to label your present: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, pleasant or unfriendly, and the same labelling” is true for people.

The brain itself, even when awakened, is not the intelligence but the organ through which connection with higher states of consciousness is made. The brain, when developed in Theta, facilitates cosmic consciousness — that through which the Transcendent reflects, for perfect evolution to take form, for the will of God to be known at individual awareness level.


The energy fields of brain waves and the matter of neural pathways are in a constantly evolving dance. When consciousness changes, brain waves change and different neural pathways are engaged. The extremes are love and fear.

When we’re in a state of fear, our alpha bridge disappears (the bridge between left and right brain hemisphere). We may still have theta and delta, but we’re cut off from the resources of our subconscious mind and its connection with the universal whole. Beta waves flood the fearful brain. It’s in survival mode. When we’re in a state of bliss, our brains show the Awakened Mind pattern. A step beyond, they can also move to a symmetrical pattern Cade called the Evolved Mind. As our consciousness is filled with love, our brains function very differently, with large amounts of theta and delta, plus an alpha bridge to connect our conscious with our subconscious mind. Emotions create brain states.

When the alpha bridge disappears the concept of duality and separateness is in place, and fear programming then can control humankind through the Matrix. Beta creates two worlds out of one – the dreamworld in the matrix.

The cerebral brain span called the Corpus Callosum, is the Rainbow Bridge that cross—connects the neural synapses from the dominant hemisphere (left brain) to the non—dominant hemisphere (right brain).

Guides are forms of intelligence that operate through levels of divine will, working outside of time, passing on messages and guidance from a greater point of understanding on the inner planes. They may also he known as spirit guides, angels, messengers and helpers. The concept of guides has been around for a very long time in our history and at the moment plays a large part of the nine pointed plan in this Avataric age.

The reconnection to our guides on the inner planes is a major theme for the coming “Fifth dimension” and in the future the Sixth and Seventh Root Race. It is a reunion that will restore a sense of connection to these other forms of consciousness, diffusing the idea that we are separate entities in our own right and that we do in fact belong to a much larger family.

The guides that we ideally seek are not those disincarnate spirits on the lower planes, possibly known to us through familial lines or soul groupings, but instead the higher forms of divine guide. Guides operate throughout the expanses of all the inner planes, but in the main it is the higher planes where we find the divine guides that can be of great service to us. They are primed with divine will, having an energetic alignment to aspects of the Avataric plan and the work of the current Perfect Masters. They have speciality traits and skills that can be received in the consciousness of those who can receive them, propelling our race to new understandings and insights.

Channelling and mediumship is being overhauled in a sense, and is being considered more as a natural ability; something that we have always been doing to some degree. A more conscious understanding of our guides and the acceptance that we are connected to other forms of consciousness in lots of ways, helps to bring their essence to the Earth theatre.

The concept of guides bridges the gap between the physical and the non-physical worlds. The confirmation of these connections cones to people in such a way that they are able to both acknowledge and accept them, which in turn allows them to grow. It is quite natural to be sceptical at first; it is something that can result in us having to redefine our views of the world; to accommodate an expanded view of reality which often needs to be followed by a period of adjustment.

Change is the keyword here. The logical, left part of our brain has its own safety mechanism that does not necessarily want any intrusive or outlandish right-brain possibilities to have their unlimited expression. It would disturb its sense of security. It has an inbuilt defence mechanism that protects its current understanding of the world; the nutshell of its existence. Thus it sometimes labels incoming psychic impressions as silly, made up or just the workings of the imagination.

Cracking this nutshell is therefore something that is usually done slowly and safely in order to protect our delicate psyche. Opening to the possibility of channelling guides from the inner planes is mostly a creative exercise that promotes communication across the Corpus Callosum, the neural information highway located between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Divine search progress upwards: up, and through the neural pathway, across the corpus callosum, the bridge that spans the brain’s hemispheres, down the lateral fissure and into the deep brain. He concentrated on the one area of the mind not yet conquered; the Limbic system. It was here, in the seat of Emotions and Cognitive connections, that he was to find his destiny.

Through this pathway, he was able to find the Godspace, this designated area into which no downloads could be downloaded. It was here that no binary key would fit into its neural lock.

The GodSpace was the center of Oneself. It was the core of all knowledge. It was the Rainbow Bridge to Everywhere.

The question of his earlier failures had only lured him to the answer that he knew he alone would possess. Only a God could enter the GodSpace and he was the closest thing to Divinity that was currently around.

This GodSpace, this void in the normal workings of brain activity, in which resided the most powerful and most uncontainable force known to Mankind. Ever. Neither Time nor technology would ever achieve the ultimate force that resides in every individual, man or female.

It is the source of all of our Power. It is the source of all of our Love and Sorrows. It is the place of connection for us to the Higher Worlds. For this is the place where God dwells.

The GodSpace was the delineation of Human Existence.


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