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Connect with Beings of Higher Consciousness. Consciousness has no speed limitations.
You cannot say that consciousness has weight, length, or color. It doesn’t lend itself to physical characteristics (or the 3rd dimension on Earth)

Expanded consciousness involves the emotional body and the physical body. Allfour systems (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) must be in unity and in a state of expansion for there to be a true expansion of consciousness.Expanded consciousness is the next stage of development for humanity.Human consciousness is growing, and people can increase their understandingand ability of consciousness.

This must be done because

(1) humans needexpanded consciousness in order to solve the current problems on Earth;

(2) ifhumans do not expand in consciousness, then they risk becoming extinct; and

(3)the energies for expanded consciousness are now astrologically in alignmentwith planet Earth. This is an opportunity for humanity to use new cosmic energyfor growth and survival.

A core group of people understands expanded consciousness and is workingto achieve that. Expanded consciousness will and should occur on multiplelevels, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. It includes theemotions of higher energy, such as compassion, love, and acceptance. On the spiritual level, expanded consciousness involves the idea of the highest unityfound in all the great religions and leads to unity consciousness. Religions mustbe challenged to expand their limitations.People realize that there are similarities at the roots of many religions and that the physical body has to be involved in expanding consciousness.

Expanded consciousness ultimately allows those with minds to open up thedoors of perception. You can expand your psychic abilities by expanding yourbelief system. You can also reach out to other beings in the galaxy usingexpanded consciousness. Consciousness has a quantum nature, meaning theenergy of consciousness reflects and interacts with other beings who are also conscious. When you achieve a certain level of consciousness, you areconnected to others on the same level throughout Earth. This level of interaction goes beyond this plane. In fact, this planet has already been receiving andinteracting with other galactic beings of higher consciousness.

About Consciousness Consciousness is not physical matter; consciousness is not a physical thing. It is not something that you can hold. It is not something that you can touch. This is important in understanding thelaws of physics and the laws of consciousness. Since consciousness is not physical matter, it does not obey or follow the laws of physics. In the laws of physics,physical matter cannot travel faster than the speed oflight, which is about 186,000 miles per second.Humans in their current abilities are only able totravel less than 1 percent of the speed of light. This gives you an idea of how difficult it is for physical
matter to travel at the speed of light.

Consciousness has no speed limitations. Remember, when we are doing our exercises on thought projection, bilocation, and shimmering, we often use the corridors, which are special entry points that connect the third dimension to thefifth dimension. In our exercises with you, we often tell you to travel at thespeed of thought. When you are traveling at the speed of thought, you are usingyour expanded consciousness since consciousness does not have to obey the laws of physics. There is no speed limit for your thoughts or consciousness.

Consciousness Is the Key You have incarnated as physical matter. You are in the third dimension. You have consciousness. You have spirit, and like your consciousness, your spirit is not of the thirddimension, not of physical matter. It is of another substance that cannot be described using the normaladjectives used in physics. You cannot say that consciousness has weight, length, or color. It doesn’tlend itself to physical characteristics.

Consciousness is the key to understanding the nature of this third-dimensionalreality, your soul, and your mission here on Earth. Consciousness is the key tounderstanding the ascension.

Humans have the ability to develop matter and put consciousness into aphysical machine. This has not happened yet. You have seen many science-fiction movies about robots taking over the planet and using consciousness toattempt to survive in a world without humanity. In fact, building robots will demonstrate that consciousness can be instilled in physical objects and thusaffects physical matter.The thoughts you think affects your physical body. Your physical body is physical matter. It is not consciousness. You are consciousness.

What you think has a direct effect on the cells in your physical body. This is the basis of quantum healing and vibrational medicine. It is the basis of all of the new medicines thatwill soon be introduced to this planet. A new type of medicine, quantum medicine, will be based on the idea of consciousness affecting the physical body.Let us go one step further and say that other people’s consciousnesses can affect your body too. We see that in prayer. Prayer is an expression of consciousness. It is a type of energy. This leads us to a corollary thought thatspiritual energy and consciousness are close, and your spirit interacts with consciousness. When you project your consciousness to others, you are actually sending them energy on a subatomic level.

Remember that in higher thinking, you cannot place a limitation or a description on the Creator because there are literally no words that can describe Creator light. There are also no words to describe consciousness.

Six Laws of Consciousness You might want me to define consciousness

  1. Consciousness does not follow the laws of modern physics ; therefore,the speed limit imposed on matter does not apply to consciousness.
  2. Consciousness has no observable physical attribute.Even though yousay consciousness exists on a subatomic level, your are not be able to seethe energy of consciousness. You cannot see consciousness, but you can feel consciousness and work with consciousness.
  3. Humanity incarnated on Earth in part to explore the relationship ofconsciousness to physical matter.Physical matter includes your body
  4. Conscious thoughts are sent to the subconscious.The subconscious receives all conscious thoughts as instructions and attempts to manifestwhat the conscious thoughts send to it.Specifically, the subconscious attempts to manifest consciousness into thethird dimension.

Throughout the recorded history of human civilization, which goes back perhaps 5,000 years, maybe less, groups of people and prophets have experienced expansions in consciousness that enabled prophets or spiritualleaders to have access to universal and galactic consciousness. But more importantly, it enabled them to have a higher-order thinking,which includes the ability to transcend the space-time continuum.

  1. Consciousness transcends the space-time continuum , or consciousnesscan go beyond time. Consciousness does not know the limitations that thenormal mind does of past, present, and future. You see the expression ofovercoming the limitations of time in your dream world where time doesnot matter. In your dream world, yesterday, today, and tomorrow are allmerged. At different periods in history, there were prophets and spiritualleaders with expanded consciousness who were able to see and experiencehigher-order thinking, which included the ability to transcend space andtime.
  2. Consciousness is infinite.It can travel infinitely. It can expand infinitely. This is hard to grasp because your regular mind cannot grasp infinity.Consciousness has no problem with infinity because consciousness cantranscend the space-time continuum.

The Misuse of Consciousness Many people areworking with soul groups, but on a higher order,individual soul groups are beginning to interact withother soul groups. This leads to the discussion of how consciousness has been misused on this planet. The truth is that those in power sometimes want to controlor dominate your consciousness. There have beenperiods in history when certain leaders havedemanded that you turn over your consciousness tothem and then they take over your thoughts and your consciousness.

Consciousness has no physical form. As close as we can approach consciousness, the only thing we can say on a physical level is thatconsciousness is on the subatomic level. It is an energy, a force field of energy.That force field of energy of consciousness has a composition that could possibly be compared to subatomic energy.

Consciousness is not related to or affected by normal laws of physical matter. Thus, consciousness is different and operates under differentlaws than subatomic particles.Consciousness has a force field. Conscious energy can be transmitted.Political and religious leaders often try to control your consciousness. They might even want you to send your consciousness to them so that they can control you. This is like a transfer of energy. When you send your consciousness tothem, they build up their own force field of consciousness and energy. You know some of the great tragedies that have occurred in history when group consciousness was manipulated and controlled for political gain. Each religious or spiritual system speaks a truth that was especially relevantfor its time, but each also seems to have a particular exclusiveness, which means that you must do certain things to merge your consciousness with that system.

Only when you do these things can you earn the right of expanded consciousness, ascension, and salvation in that particular system.Many of these systems are beautiful and contain higher truths. Many of these systems work well for people. Some of these systems work particularly for those involved in the same soul grouping as the prophet who brought forth the new information. This is in no way a criticism that other systems are wrong. But you are in a new age. Erath-minds need a new system in which consciousness is expanding and has more ability to include everyone as well as the new discoveries in the galaxy.

More importantly, the new paradigm will include the idea thatconsciousness can affect matter. The new consciousness must include galactic spirituality and the fact that there is a way to use galactic consciousness toinfluence the planet.

Timely Planetary Feedback The expandingconsciousness of humanity and biorelativity focuses oninfluencing the planetary feedback loop systemthrough thought and prayer. The key concept inbiorelativity is that the planet has a conscious and is aliving being. There are many reasons we can sayEarth is a conscious, living entity. She is not a living being like humans. We made reference to recentobservations by Earth scientists who said that theocean was living. The entire ocean is one organism.The pollution in the ocean affects currents and certainfeedback loops. As a living organism, the ocean willrespond to earth changes, but the response might notbe immediate. The ocean can take 1,000 or 2,000 yearsto respond to such intrusions.

You as a living human organism with consciousness respond immediately tointrusions. You are not used to the idea of an organism that takes 2,000 years or longer to respond. There are other aspects of Earth that are slower. The slownessof Earth’s response is one of the problems involved in verifying planetaryscience, global warming, and earth change. Many people still do not believe thatEarth is a conscious being or living planet. They deny that Earth has a feedbackloop system. Therefore, they might not believe that Earth responds todeforestation, pollution, and other earth changes.Earth is a complex bio-entity. It is a bioenergetic, conscious planet that has animmediate feedback loop system. Some of the aspects of that feedback loopsystem can take 1,000 or 2,000 years. You might understand that through yourown history because some of the changes you need to make in your interactionswith your soul here on Earth might require 300 or 400 lifetimes. From thataspect, maybe you could have some understanding of why it might take so longfor a planet to process change.But Earth is now in a crisis. That crisis is related to the destruction of thebiosphere.

Earth will override its normal 1,000-to2,000-year response cycle to make changes and adjustments immediately. Forhumans to affect or shift Earth’s correction feedback loop system, they first musthave a relationship with the consciousness of the planet. When that relationshipexisist, a communication with the feedback loop system can exist.

Humankind currently cannot conceptionalize that it ispossible to develop a space engine, space motor, or spaceship that would onlyoperate on matter and telepathic thought working together. Remember, mattercannot travel faster than the speed of light, but at the same time, even toapproach the speed of light would require a tremendous exertion of energy.Some people have even predicted that it would take infinite mass of power tomake something travel at the speed of light. All the power and energy exerted onEarth would still not be enough. All the nuclear power plants, bombs, and solarpanels put together still wouldn’t even be close to the energy needed toaccelerate to the speed of light.This leads to the following question: What is the relationship between consciousness and traveling at the speed of light? Can consciousness interactwith a space vehicle?

In the fifth dimension, you will experience abilities, assets, and activities thatare far more advanced than anything on the third dimension. In the fifthdimension, there is a state of consciousness that transcends time and space asyou know it on Earth. There are other gifts and other great assets that you willhave access to when you are on the fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension, there is no aging as you know it in the third dimension.There is no decline of the physical body. Your body is in a totally differentvibrational energy field. Now you are directly experiencing a third-dimensionalbody, which is at a slower vibration and is operating at a different frequency.Your third-dimensional body is also subject to levels of consciousness that areconstricted and contracted compared to the fifth dimension, and because of thisyou have a limited lifespan.In the third dimension, you are subject to certain levels of programming ofhow long you are going to live, what type of condition your body is going to bein as you age, and what level of consciousness you are able to grasp, especiallyas you get older. In fifth-dimensional teachings, the idea is that you can expand your consciousness as you get older. You will be able to incorporate many ofthese fifth-dimensional concepts that I am speaking of, that Jesus was relating.

Multidimensional Existence

One of the primary attributes, or gifts, that Jesus demonstrated was bilocation.Jesus was able to be at two different places at the same time. This is a commonand easy ability for fifth-dimensional beings. It is especially easy in the thirddimension. Bilocation has an interesting benefit. You can determine whatpercentage of your being is in each section. Bilocation is a method in which youcan be at point one and point two at the same time. You also can have 50 percentof your consciousness at point one and 50 percent of your consciousness at pointtwo. You can shift this to having 80 percent of your consciousness at point oneand 20 percent at point two or even 99 percent of your consciousness at pointone and 1 percent at point two

When you review Jesus’s death and his resurrection, the idea you just read makes perfect sense. He was not 100 percent in his body when he was on thecross. He was already a fifth-dimensional being, and he had the ability tobilocate. When there is a painful and barbaric action like the crucifixion, there isno reason for fifth-dimensional beings to be 100 percent in their bodies. Duringhis crucifixion, Jesus bilocated to his multidimensional body.

Jesus demonstrated multidimensional presence and bilocation.Multidimensional presence is the ability to be in different dimensions orlocations simultaneously.

It is part of your evolutionary training to be in both dimensions at the sametime.

You are on the brink of an evolutionary shift. There are certain exercises andpractices that could lead you into the fifth dimension or into the state ofconsciousness that is the fifth dimension. Where is the fifth dimension? Where isyour dream state? Here is a beautiful example comparing consciousness to radiowaves. Say, you have a radio in your room. There are radio waves all aroundyou, but if your radio receiver is not on the right dial, say 99.9 or 101.5, then youwill not receive the information being transmitted on that frequency. There isanother factor. Multiple frequencies are being sent out. Let’s say your receiver isonly set for FM, which might have a narrow bandwidth. It might only receivefrom 88 to 101. If you are at 88 on your dial and the top of your dial is 101 FMbut a station is transmitting at 110, you will not hear it because your receiverdoes not have the bandwidth, or capability, to go to a frequency outside of itsrange.Consciousness is like this. Your receiver for consciousness is programmed fora particularly narrow frequency known as the third dimension. To go todimensions or the energy of vibrations outside of the normal range requires atuning of your receiver and also the mental knowledge that there are other frequencies.

When people raising their inner freqiencies, they will be able to tune into higher freqquencies and by this get access to new information into their mind and this will expamd their Consciousness and they will slowly be filled with emlightment and be illuminated.

All Lifetsyle is designed in such way people minds is tuned into a low radio frequencies, så they can´t recieve another information or knowledge than what the controllers feeding their minds with. Fear is just a emotion or thought it is a control mechanism to suppress all mankind into their lower ego self.

How to Achieve Altered States of Consciousness

You might be surprised to discuss mental energy or the mental power as a factorin receiving frequencies. The experience of going into the higher dimensionsrequires that you have an expanded mental belief system. Let’s return to theradio example. You have a radio that covers from 88 FM to 101 FM. If I tell youthat there are other stations at 110 FM and 115 FM, you might say, “Oh, I don’t believe you. Nobody could be transmitting on those frequencies.”

Since you donot believe it, you do not have the mental structure for trying to find those frequencies. You will not try to listen to those frequencies or even tune your radio to them. It is the same way with consciousness and the fifth dimension.You have to believe the frequency of the fifth dimension exists, and then youhave to broaden your receiver to go outside of the band of normal consciousness.You have, deep within you, the program for higher consciousness and forperceiving the fifth dimension.

That’s correct; you could experience the fifthdimension multidimensionally just as Jesus did. Often times when Jesus wasteaching, he was multidimensional — in the fifth dimension and the thirddimension. He gave his lectures from the fifth dimension, and he taught fifth-dimensional principles in the third dimension.You have to expand your receiver and your mind to grasp that these other vibrations exist.

The fifth dimension is on another frequency. It is at another vibration, and you grow into an altered and expanded state of consciousness sothat you can perceive that dimension. Compare the concept of altered states of consciousness to radio propagation and radio reception.

To receive the new frequencies, say at 110 FM, you need aturbo boost. You need a special adaptation to get your receiver to go to those higher frequencies. You, as humans, are programmed to go into these higherfrequencies and higher (altered) states of consciousness. They are not in the normal protocol or program.

You might say, “Well, I don’t know where the fifth dimension is.” Do notworry. Just say those words. You are highly evolved beings, and your brain is like a computer with advanced abilities. The command you just said will open upa program. This is just like when you say the words, “Holy, holy, holy is theLord of hosts.” Repeating positive affirmations is a good practice for openingyour consciousness to the fifth dimension.

The Rulers of this planet has already building huge mind control machines that is in action in present time.

There may be a mind control program in action called “MARATHON”. Specific techniques has been perfected, tested, and are in general use today. Reports says that 85% of the general population are under mind control. For some reason, about 15% of the population appears to have some yet unexplained natural immunity and cannot be easily controlled. Therefore, mind control research has never stopped. The code name for the current active project is reportedly MARATHON.

The increase in the sophistication and power of technology is a self-reinforcing loop that geometrically undermines democratic impulses, as the owners consolidate their own interests, and continue to shape the popular will in the image of the needs of control. For example. almost all information sources available to the vast majority of the populace are part of the controlled media. The mind of the subordinate in most cases is not his own. As the controllers and their corporations assimilate all of the apparatus of society, creating new strategies for assimilation as they go. the individual becomes increasingly dependent on the external functions of the controllers for his daily necessities: unless he goes along with the program. he is ejected from the society, usually to die. Now, new strategies of technological control bring the goal of total mind and body control into range. Now mind control implants and broadcast electromagnetics are able to not only channel messages and control into the subject’s brain, they are also able to link the brain with computers—to digitize the subject’s mind as part of a larger computerized structure.

All new mind control technologies, the global world brain project and the one world government is alll connected to each other. All these projets has two faces:

Outwardly they say people must unite to save the planet, so people will accepts these new technologies, but the inwardly reason has alwasy been hidden to a few at the highest top of the Illuminati, and they will enslaved the whole Earth people and Mankind.

Right now on Earth the more primitive, programmed subconscious energy that has accumulated over the many centuries is still the determining factor inthe overall actions and functions of humanity. You see this repeatedly asevidenced by the energies of duality, violence, and domination throughout the planet. The desire to dominate attracts duality and polarization in the third dimension. All of humanity’s manifested actions and thoughts are contained inthe universal collective subconscious.Many of the ancient programs in the universal subconscious are not advantageous now because humanity is in crisis on Earth. Humanity must learnto transcend the more primitive thought-field patterns contained in the collective subconscious.

Many of Earth´s crisis in been design by the hidden rulers of this planet. They using “Order Oout of Chaos” By man-made crisis they speeding up evolution in their own direction. The One World Government is designed in such way; create the chaos or crisis, and then present the solution of the problems (The One World Government).

You can transcend your subconscious and participate in a more advanced and evolved thought field.

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