Your eighth chakra is a golden, Sun-like energy center located above and outside of your aura.

The eighth chakra is the first chakra of the fourth dimension; it is the seat of the soul.

The Eighth Chakra is the magnetic field generated by the vibrations of a human being.
When a person evolves, the higher chakras begin to move downward and descend into the former three dimensional chakras, creating twelve chakras

Your Higher Self connection is the eighth chakra link between the eternal you and the temporarily physical you.

The eighth chakra is connected to the divinity

The Eighth Chakra: Also known as the Soul Star, or Alta Major Chakra

The soul (related to our Heart Chakra and also the Eighth Chakra above the Crown)

The eight Chakra is a tremendously powerful portal for our souls, for their elevation and ascension.

There are eight Chakras in the Sushumna

These higher chakras deal more with subtle realms of consciousness. The eighth chakra, which is located a few inches above the crown chakra, is called the higher self or the oversoul.

As you merge the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras, something significant happens in the consciousness of who you are. The eighth chakra is where you begin to think from the Universal Mind. The rational mind drops away.

The Eighth Chakra transcends conscious awareness into multidimensional awareness, or Universal Consciousness and extrasensory perceptions.


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