CERN employs more than 7000 people. CERN represents the “peaceful” atomic technology. CERN today uses atomic accelerators to separate isotopes, develop plutonium, experiment with laser beams and more. According to basic principles, CERN will work with basic research in the field of nuclear energy and in its work refrain from any activity with a military focus. Most researchers will work at CERN for shorter periods and provide contact with the research in their home country, you should collaborate with all other centers of similar kind and publish all their results. This looks beautiful but – as four critics (a science philosophy together with a nuclear physicist, an engineer, and a union man who all three have worked at CERN (points out in a very informative book “La Quadrature du CERN”) – these basic principles do not require partners to live up to the same demands on publicity, one can therefore sign contracts with and deliver their results to military companies and researchers who do not publish what they do and with whom, CERN thus indirectly seems to develop the modern weapons industry.


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