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The Philosopher`s Stone
The Philosopher`s Stone

The Path of Mankind: The Journey From Created To Creator. In theory, the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, or the extracted quintessence, was a corporeal allegory for a foundation or corner stone, in turn symbolising the attainment of wisdom—this is the reward Hermes Trismegistus pronounced, the dispersal of the darkness of ignorance: “And all obscurity will flee from you. This is the power of all powers.”

The Path of Mankind: The Journey From Created To Creator. In theory, the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, or the extracted quintessence, was a corporeal allegory for a foundation or corner stone, in turn symbolising the attainment of wisdom—this is the reward Hermes Trismegistus pronounced, the dispersal of the darkness of ignorance: “And all obscurity will flee from you. This is the power of all powers.”

Gnostics identify Yaldabaoth as the Creator God of the Old Testament, who decides to create archons (angels), the material world (Earth), and human beings. Although traditions vary, Yaldabaoth is usually depicted as having been tricked into breathing the divine spark or spirit of his mother, Sophia, that formerly resided in him into the human being (espe-cially Apocryphon of John; echoes of Genesis 2-3).

Therein exists the Gnostic version of the human dilemma. We are pearls in the mud, a divine spirit (good) trapped in a material body (bad) and a material realm (bad). Heaven is our true home, but we are in exile from the pleroma. Luckily for us, salvation is available in the form of gnosis, or knowledge imparted by a Gnostic redeemer, who is Christ, a figure sent from the higher God to free humankind from the Creator God, Yaldabaoth.

The gnosis involves an experiential and intuitive perception of our true nature and origin, the metaphysical reality hitherto unknown to us, resulting in the Gnostic’s escape (at death) from the enslaving material prison of the world and the body into the upper regions of spirit. How-ever, in order to make this ascent,

Gnostics must pass by the archons, who are jealous of their luminosity, spirit, or intelligence, and who thus try to hinder the Gnostics’ upward journey. To a significant degree, the basic Gnostic myth is recapitulated in The Matrix films, with respect to both the problem that humans face and the solution.

Like Sophia, we conceived an offspring out of our own pride, as Morpheus explains: “early in the ant century, all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to A.I”. Like the Gnostic Yaldabaoth, this malformed offspring of ours created other imperfect offspring (programs, more machines) as well as humans (grown in fields), an illusory material world (the Matrix) in which to imprison them, and archons (Agents) to patrol them I

Just as Yaldabaoth traps humankind in a material prison that is not the ultimate metaphysical reality, so does Al imprison humanity, as Morpheus ex-plains: “As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free” (Matrix).

Rereading the above quote from the Apocryphon of John in terms of the final battle between Neo and Smith in Revolutions is also surprisingly coherent, revealing the depth to which the Gnostic structure holds throughout the plot: the knowledge imparted by Sophia (the Oracle) from within the chief archon, Yaldabaoth (Smith), results in a perception by the human creation (Neo) that the archon programs cannot comprehend, and the human becomes a luminous presence that overcomes their darkness, resounding even from the lowest region of matter (the pit in which Neo and Smith fight from within the Matrix).

Sleeping and dreaming in Gnosticism are said to be the best metaphor of the human ‘ s imprisonment in the alien world . Similar is in The Matrix . Intelligent machines – the Archons – created the world , in which they trapped mankind by putting it to sleep . Human beings were deprived of one of the most important thing in humanity given by God – the free will.

Goethe busily worked at his furnace to produce the same mystical salt formula, and progressed to the Liquor Sillicum: “Now were the strange ingredients of the macrocosm and the microcosm handled in an odd, mysterious manner, and before all I attempted to produce neutral salts in an unheard of way.”182 At first, however, Goethe became so engrossed with the practical application that he made the mistake, like many alchemists, in believing that physically producing the desired transmutation of substances was the end in itself and would provide the answers he sought in particular in a manifest form, i.e. to literally find God in Nature. As Steiner observes, Goethe had not yet penetrated the deeper meaning of alchemy, at least not at the beginning:

“So [Goethe’s] frame of mind […] can be described in the following words: I have found nothing. These seekers into nature can only give me dry, empty ideas; anything that can be squeezed out of them is life’s water. I have busied myself with much that has come down to us from the past from those who declare that they saw into the secrets of life. But the way. the way drives one to despair!”

“Nevertheless. the mysteries of alchemy continued to influence Goethe throughout his life: he gradually came to understand this craft to be an allegorical system, that it was studied by the ancients and medieval scholastics to conlempbte the spiritual and physical aspects of the universe. As the years progressed, Goethe began to use alchemical imagery in his writings, encoding his works in an esoteric allegorical code perceptible only to the attentive initiate.

As mentioned in previous chapters of our study, alchemy is generally perceived to be an ancient quest for the knowledge of how to turn base metals into gold and to procure the elixir of immortal life, marvels that could be accomplished with the discovery of the ‘philosopher’s stone. These simplistic descriptions arc misleading. for alchemy in its original context was more than the search for earthly wealth— it was an all-encompassing philosophy, a ‘Great Science of Knowledge’ that allow man to comprehend his world and the mom realm of the Divine.

Alchemical traditions first originated from the classic pagan and Gnostic ideologies of the creation of the universe. Aristotle taught that the cosmos was fonned by a ‘Prime Moser’ who arranged the four elements into their ro.pective order, all bound together with a mystical fifth element. the lillingettalre. Gnostic doctrines (2nd° to 3rd century AD) were derived from the gradual inclusion of Egyptian. Persian. Greek and other oriental precepts, thus a more complicated belief system in the duality of spirit and matter emerged.

The ancient (inosties acknowledged the existence of a great immortal spirit.emity or deity who is unreachable and incomprehensible. A series of lesser ‘gods’ generated and proceeded from this Being by ’emanation’. In cenain Gnostic myths, the last of these lesser divinities was Sophia. a Wisdom. but she desired to attain full knowledge of the First Absolute Being, and with this illicit desire, she corrupted the process of emanation, begetting the evil spirit. entity called the derniorge.

The world of corporal matter. including the human race. was then created by the demiurge. who reigned with legions of althorn (niters) in the planetary spheres. The physical world was often considered ‘evil’ and corrupt by the Gnostics for it was ruled by rebellious anchons, while the upper sphere. remained the kingdom of the good entities.

The uppermost sphere of Saturn was believed to form a boundary between the lower physical world and the higher spiritual realm. However, the Supreme Being did not desire the eternal destruction of the human race, and thus sent into the physical world divine ‘sparks’ fragmented from Itself that all became confined in matter: a form of the ‘quintessence’ or ‘divine spirit’ in Creation—an internal cosmic map leading man back to that union with the Supreme Deity.

Thus, according to Gnostic ideas, humans were a combination of both wodtb. a body and soul formal from physical matter, while simultaneously possessing a third spintual element called the paciona. or ‘divine spark’ that displayed the divine origins of man. 1″ Humans remained trapped in the physical world unless they received divine knowledge of their hue nature through mysterious messages imparted to a chosen fcw, whose sacred duty it was to transmit this knowledge, or gnosis, to their brethren.

However, knowledge of the physical universe and how it worked was also essential if mankind could hope to overcome this ‘trap’ of corporeal matter ruled by the evil archons. not only to obtain spiritual salvation. but also to attain a certain degree of pease and harmony while on earth. A considerable measure of Gnostic cosmology was adapted from the teachings of Ileraclitus of Ephesus (540-475? BC). a Stoic philosopher who believed the physical realm also operated according to the laws of life and death.”s

It was born in the element of fire. and progressed through the various elements until it would sutler ‘death’ by fire. but as it dies, it leaves a ‘seed’ from which the cosmos is reborn. To initiate this nowth, a universal ‘male’ and ‘female’ clement was required to form a cosmic union. i.e. the ‘divine’ with the ‘physical’, an idea that would be included into the craft of alchemy. Thus, the regeneration of the universe was an eternal series of cyclical ages that proceeded and returned through the divine element of fire. an Important Image in the science of alchemy. As time progressed, many writings recording the various processes in attaining gnosis were compiled, and eventually attributed to the legendary Hermes Trismcgistus. One of the most famous and comprehensive of these texts concerning alchemy is the Emerald Tablet, which mystically explains how to obtain this knowledge to unlock the secrets of the ‘quintessence—the key to understanding the union between heaven and earth:

This is the truth, the whole and incontestable truth, Without one word of falsehood. That which is above is the same which is below. And that which is below is also that which is above. These are the miracles consummated in the One. And, how all things are derived from the One, through your mediation, Also, all that is created by the image of this One Thing through adaptation. The Sun is your father, your mother the Moon. The wind transports it into your belly, and the Earth nourishes it. It begets all the marvels of the Universe. Your power will be complete when you return to the Earth. Separate Earth from Fire, the subtle from the vulgar, Gently and with great ingenuity, Ascend from the Earth to the Heavens and return to the Earth. Combining the superior powers with the inferior. In this manner you will achieve the glory of the Universe. And all obscurity will flee from you. This is the power of all powers, For this goes beyond all subtle things, And penetrates all solid things. In this way the world was created. And in this way turns to new works. And so this is the process. For this I am called Thrice Greatest Hennes For I am the master of the three principles of Universal Wisdom. This concludes what I have to say Of the work of the Sun.'”

At first, this tablet would appear to ask the initiate to seek and acquire secret magic powers, for example, to learn how to ascend to Heaven, and other similar impossible feats. However, the text is not that fantastic in application: Hermes advises the alchemical philosopher to discover how to ‘adapt’ the elements of the earth to build models of the universal forces to observe the cosmos, and extract the quintessence. By observing the celestial forces at work on earth, a philosopher comes to an understanding of the ‘One’ or Supreme Deity and how the created can reunite with the Creator.

The key to divine union and harmony would be the discovery of a ‘bridge’ between the two realms symbolised by the extraction of the quintessence, that the corrupt matter of earth could transform with this divine element and be ‘reborn’ in a state of perfection—in other words. alchemy was an elaborate visible parable for spiritual contemplation. Let us examine this concept further.”” When it is stated “what is above is also below”. it was understood by alchemists that the heavenly kingdom was mirrored on earth and represented by the planets. metals, plants. life forms, and so fonh. Recreating the cosmic forces by anificial means and applying them to these various substances. one could observe the process of transformation from corruption to perfection. Thus alchemists identified or invented various procedures to isolate and observe the circle of life at work in the physical realm, which are usually seven in number. presumably to symbolise the seven planetary steps of the geocentric Macrocosmos ascending to that realm of the spiritual kingdom. These may differ in order depending on the perception of the philosopher:

1) Calcination: Process of burning the materials to white ash. considered a procedure of purification. symbolises the secret fire that destroys all corruption. Represented by the planet Saturn.

2) Dissolution: The ashes, usually calcinated plant material ‘sal stalls’, is dissolved, part of the symbolic process of “dissolving” the corrupt body and “solidifying” the spirit. i.e. separating the “Earth” from “Fire” according to Hermes. Represented by the planet Jupiter.

3) Separation: The process of separating the ‘male’ and ‘female’ elements as they arc not in harmony. Pan of removing the “subtle from the vulgar. Represented by the planer Mars

4) Conjugation: The “marriage” of materials, for example the ‘male’ (Sun) clement of sulphur combined with the ‘female’ (Moon) element of mercury, to produce the ‘chile— salt. This trinitarian process was used in gold alchemy.

5) Fermentation: Symbolises the putrefaction of death. Represented by the planet Venus.

6) Distillation: An invention of the alchemists to liberate volatile essences, the venical spiral tubing represented purification of the spirit and soul as they ascend to heaven and return to earth. Represented by the planet Mercury.

7) Solidification: Solidifying the materials and collecting it in the alembic once distilled. “Dissolve and solidify”—the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ is perfected.

In theory, the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, or the extracted quintessence, was a corporeal allegory for a foundation or corner stone, in turn symbolising the attainment of wisdom—this is the reward Hermes Trismegistus pronounced, the dispersal of the darkness of ignorance:

“And all obscurity will flee from you. / This is the power of all powers.” Alchemy was practised on all substances, plants. mineral and organic material, as the divine quintessence was trapped within all matter. In this manner, many medieval therapeutic remedies were prepared. for as mentioned. organic material and minerals were associated with the different planets, which in turn were indentifted with different personalities and diseases. For example, let us examine the ‘Elixir of Saturn’. The deity and planet Satum in alchemy was associated with inhibition and concentration, and with the skeletal structure, to name only a few qualities. Certain afflictions connected with Saturn were melancholy. rheumatism. lethargy, and aging for example, hence the expression “satumar. An alchemist might take one of the medical plants affiliated with Saturn, and on Saturday of course, would perform one or more of the various seven steps to extract the healing essence of the plant for the patient. However, many alchemists were obsessed with finding the key to transforming base metals into gold for it was a metal associated with divine insight: wise King Solomon’s kingdom was so plentiful with gold that silver was not reckoned with his wealth. The pagan god Mercury. or Hermes according to Greek mythology, was a divine messenger that bridged the heavenly kingdom of gods, and the earthly world of men: his mission as messenger and guide to souls journeying to the afterlife was symbolised by the caduceus. a golden wand surmounted by two wings or a crown, and entwined


The Lost Secret of Immortality uncovers the real magic of the Philosopher’s Stone, and guides readers to the mysterious Kundalini – the original center of enlightened energy in the body. The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher ‘ s Stone , the magnetic influence of which in certain ways resembles that of radium

The Lost Secret of Immortality uncovers the real magic of the Philosopher’s Stone, and guides readers to the mysterious Kundalini – the original center of enlightened energy in the body. The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher ‘ s Stone , the magnetic influence of which in certain ways resembles that of radium

Alchemy and apocalypse share a common gendered language. They envision the unity of the world, and all its matter, as a coming together of the female and male powers that animate the world. When male and female were sacredly conjoined, according to alchemical lore, then you would have the miraculously all-powerful stone. The book of Revelation also forecasts a sacred marriage.

Figuier, speaking of this element, says that none of the alchemists have ever discovered it. The spirit of fire, transmuting all things, the salt of tartar, the spirit of wine driven to the centre by cold, and the essential salt of vipers, remain mysteries in the Hermetic dialects.

The Alchemists, on the contrary, say that it is only intended to be concealed from the profane; and that if any man by long study do attain to its knowledge, then to him it is revealed by the divine favour , and this mixture of religion and Alchemy will be found pervading every treatise on the subject.

The three great objects of the philosopher’s search, namely, the transmuting agent, the universal solvent, and the universal remedy,—in other words, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Alkahest, and the Elixir of Life,—were essentially the same body, causing by its purifying power the base and imperfect substance to cast aside its impurities, and exhibit itself in the most simple and perfect state, bringing back health and youth to the shattered constitution, and when pure, dissolving and decomposing all the bodies in order to exhibit them in a renovated and more complete form.* The phenomena of life, death, and resurrection were illustrated by the language of Alchemy,

The best’ and shortest summary that could be given of the contents of the Aurea Catena Ilomeri may be attained by quot-ing the following passage from an old Hermetic treatise, called The Secret of Secrets;

We have taught how a, body is to be changed into a spirit, and again how the spirit is to be turned into a body, namely, how the fixed is made volatile, and the volatile fixed again : how the earth is turned into water and air, and the air into fire, and the fire into earth again : then the earth into fire, and the fire into air, and the air into water, and the water again into earth. Now the earth, which was of the nature of fire, is brought to the nature of a quintessence. Thus we have taught the ways of transmuting performed through heat and moisture ; making out of a dry a moist thing, and out of a moist a dry one : otherwise natures which are of several properties or families could not bQbrought to one uniform thing, if (unless ?) the one should be turned into the other’s nature. And this is the perfection according to the advice of the philosopher. Ascend from the earth into heaven, and descend from heaven to the earth ; to the intent to make the body which is earth into a spirit which is subtil, and then to reduce that spirit into a body again, which is gross : changing one element into another, as earth into water, water into air, air into fire ; and that into a more subtil nature and quintessence. Thus have you accomplished the treasures of the whole world.

Here, then, we have the Mystic Fire of the Eastern Sages, the Astral Spirit in Han of Paracelsus, the Anima .Mundi, the Golden Chain of Homer, the Heroin of the Philosophers, the Gold of the Alchemists, the Magical Quintessence, for according to the old maxim, “All is in Mercury which the Wise men seek.” The remainder of the paper relates to the doctrine popularly known as ” The Chain of Being.”

In Christianity kundalini is referred to as the Holy Spirit. It is the primal life force that animates all living entities, the evolutionary force behind all living matter. In Tantric Yoga kundalini is an aspect of Shakti, the divine female energy. The objective of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the kundalini energy to the crown chakra, where it unites with Shiva, or the male polarity, and inspires awakening. Intriguingly, the kundalini life force energy, referred to by various names, appears to be a universal phenomenon in esoteric teachings for at least the past three thousand years. Kundalini has been interpreted from the Bible as Christ consciousness, the recognition that we are all children of God, animated by the Holy Spirit or kundalini: “The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” (Job 33:4 KJV) This life force energy is also referenced in alchemical tracts using the symbol of the philosopher’s stone.

Jungian psychology equates Kundalini arousal with the seven stages of transmutation of metals [=activating/transmuting the seven chakras] in the attainment of the coveted Philosopher’s Stone, described in ancient alchemical texts. Halligan showed how the raising of Kundalini to the crown chakra at the top of the head essentially equates with alchemical “conjunctio”, the mystical marriage of opposites in any spiritual journey which makes union with the Divine a subjective reality, where the Self is fully formed. “A conjunctio metaphorically creates the Philosopher’s Stone, the Self, unity with the Divine. Therefore, for many Jungians the experience of Kundalini awakening is the Eastern version of individuation [coming into Self-hood].”

The day has come when we should seek to unlock the treasure of this ancient volume with a key fashioned from the Philosopher’s Stone . ” ( The discovery of the philosophers ‘ stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one and the One.

The Lost Secret of Immortality uncovers the real magic of the Philosopher’s Stone, and guides readers to the mysterious Kundalini – the original center of enlightened energy in the body.

The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher ‘ s Stone , the magnetic influence of which in certain ways resembles that of radium

All the obscure jargon used by the alchemists and their talks about the transmutation of metals and the Philosophers ‘ Stone hid under its murky symbology a search for the divine .


The philosopher’s stone, the gold made from the lead, is our own true nature, the Self. Rather than a transcendent, disembodied divinity, alchemy reveals a divine light that exists in the very depths of our psyche. The gnostic said, “ Whenever the gnostic comes to know the universal , nothing remains hidden from him. The realization of gnosis meant access to the hidden world. The Gnostics were knowers; they were a people who knew not believed in the reality of the divine spirit.

The philosopher’s stone, the gold made from the lead, is our own true nature, the Self. Rather than a transcendent, disembodied divinity, alchemy reveals a divine light that exists in the very depths of our psyche. The gnostic said, “ Whenever the gnostic comes to know the universal , nothing remains hidden from him. The realization of gnosis meant access to the hidden world. The Gnostics were knowers; they were a people who knew not believed in the reality of the divine spirit.

The entrance on the pathway of the gnosis is called a’ going home

The secret of the Gnostic-Hermetic transformation does not come from the books (such as this one) or maps or drawings of others, but from our own personal self-awakening.

Ancient authors declare that the true Philosopher’s Stone, to be coveted by all, was the new life in Christ Jesus.’ Only by victory over Self could any win victory over nature. To the selfish and the godless no secrets would be revealed.

In the Egyptian system of the Five Bodies, we find a metaphor for alchemical work. The separated elements —Earth, Air, Fire and Water—symbolized by the four lower bodies, are refined and realigned into the reality of the Fifth the indestructible Diamond Self, the Philosopher’s Stone—the symbol of unity and realization.

No mechanicity can AWAKEN US, no mechanicity can INTIMATELY SELF-REALIZE US. SELF-REALIZATION can only be the result of a conscious and positive work upon ourselves and no Mechanical Law can do this work for us.

We believe in EVOLUTION and believe in INVOLUTION, but we do not believe, we can never believe, [andj we can not accept, that the MECHANICAL LAW OF EVOLUTION could ever AWAKEN our consciousness and mechanically lead us to PROFOUND INTERIOR SELF-REALIZATION.

In addition , this pure gnostic energy is present in all life forms as a latent source – potential of subde depth – radiance , though absent in its manifest , actualized dimensions . It is this inner seed – core of enlightened energy or ” Buddha – nature or Christ Consciousness.

Therefore, Finding Your Benben Stone, is about your experience of Gnosis or a spiritual self-awakening unto the Great Cosmic Creator. This spiritual self-awakening unto Christ (KRST) Consciousness was called by the Gnostics “Gnosis,” which is true so-called salvation. The Old Testament scribes wrote about the “the Lord” as one’s “light” and “salvation,” which is an illustration of Gnosis, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1, KJV). Here the authors are esoterically saying that “the LORD” is without evocation a subconscious mind, which is your “light” of Truth that leads you into enlightenment or Gnosis revelations and experiences.

The benben stone in Egypt represents a parallel to the “philosopher’s stone” of Western alchemy.

This stone has not only the power of transmuting any imperfect earthy matter into its utmost degree of perfection, and can convert the basest metals into gold, flints into stone, but it has still more occult virtues, when the arcana have been entered into by the choice fathers of her-metic mysteries. The vegetable stone has power over the natures of man, beast, fowls, fishes, and all kinds of trees and plants, to make them flourish and bear fruit at any time, The magical stone discovers any person wherever he is con-cealed ; while the angelical stone gives the apparitions of angels, and a power of conversing with them.

The .Alchymists attributed to the philosopher’s stone three essential properties ; the changing of the viler metals into silver and gold, the curing of all diseases, and the prolonging of human life beyond its natural limits. But, although all of them are agreed as to its power of changing other metals into gold, there is a remarkable discrepancy among them as to the proportions necessary to be employed to produce this transmutation.

Basil Valentine says, ” that he who possesses the philosopher’s stone will never be attacked by sickness or infirmities, until the last hour which has been assigned to him by the King of Heaven.” But all the adepts were not content with limiting the powers of this medi-cine to the prolonging of life, in unbroken health and vigour, to the extreme of its natural limits.

Sufis have mastered the alchemy of the heart, through which the energy of love transforms the individual to reveal the light hidden within the darkness of the nafs or lower self. “The Light of the Heart”) for working with the chambers of the heart to effect an inner transformation that gives the wayfarer access to the light of his true nature. This work clots not belong just to the individual, but can have a direct relationship to the whole of creation and the heart of the world. Once we recognise the mysterious connection between our own innermost essence and the Soul of the World, we can use the tools of inner transformation to work directly with the Soul of the World, to help the anima mtmdi reveal its divine light and awaken.

As a result of Jung’s writings on alchemy, we have begun to understand the nature of the inner alchemical work. The work on the alchemical lead—the prima materia, that which is “glorious and vile, precious and of small account and is found everywhere”‘—is the work on the shadow, the rejected and unacknowledged parts of our psyche.

The philosopher’s stone, the gold made from the lead, is our own true nature, the Self. Rather than a transcendent, disembodied divinity, alchemy reveals a divine light that exists in the very depths of our psyche.

This light hidden in darkness, the lumen naturae, is also our instinctual self and natural way of being, which until it is revealed is covered over by patterns of conditioning and the layers of the false self.

What is the difference between the light discovered in the depths of the psyche and the light of our transcendent divine Self glimpsed in meditation or other experiences? it is the same light experienced in different ways. The Sufis know that the Beloved, the source of all light, has both an immanent and a transcendent qual-ity. He whom we love is both ‘nearer to him than his jugular vein” and “beyond even his idea of the beyond.”

The Self, “larger than large and smaller than small,” has the same dual quality. The yogi deep in meditation and the alchemist in his laboratory are seeking the same light, the same divine nature. Everything that we experience has a dual nature, a masculine and a feminine aspect, and the same is true of the light of the Self.

It can be experienced in its mas-culine form as a pure transcendent light, consciousness without the constrictions of the psyche or the physical world. In meditation we can first glimpse and then rest in our eternal and infinite nature, and come to know a reality not defined or constricted by our body or the manifest world.

This is a reality of light upon light, our colorless and formless essence. We can also come to know our divine nature in its feminine, embodied nature, as the light of being, our natural wisdom, the gold of our true nature. In this light we experience and know the divine within creation, the way our Beloved reveals Himself in a multitude of forms, each form a different expression of H is infinite being. We see how each color, each smell, every taste, even every thought and feeling, is a unique expression of the divine. In this way we come to know Him in His creation in a way that is hidden in the transcendent.

God Is the return to the Self of No-Self, the Ultimate Pursuit of Self-Awakening to obtain the Essense of the God-within, the Central Consciousness, and the Inner Stream from which All Mows, riding the turbulent tides of the Great Illusion, of which the All Is. God Is the Philosophers Stone of No-God, No-Self, sometimes called by their own ego-name, others Olympus, or Mount Mew, or Zion, or Mount Sufferance, which ever the preference of ones’ Iron God-like Will, the Spirit of All Living Beings, several billions of brain-matter crawling the earth, and several billions of God-entities to contend with, all rushing to make their mark in the spacial continuum of times’ lucid transparency. But I dont care for extinction, nor to engulf myself in the extremities of a nirvana you can neither see nor feel, but rather touch the Face of God within the boundaries of this life, living in the limitless everness of forever, to see and feel In this state of perplexed euphoria, the awesome glee in this existence, to glory in the Self of every Self, and whatever tread the path does take, fine in the fundamental belief that I am in fact touching the Grace of God right now, in every particular moment, the Diamond Eye clarifying each instant It cares to place Itself in -a Human Nirvana far beyond the parallels of words that hold no definitive end there Is no end, nothing to submit to, but the endless beginnings super-imposed In the vast beginningless universe content to be devoured by a Diamond Eye in the Skull of Eternity. To be of a God, of an Essense, further than the Word can tell; the Buddha-God Awakened to wake up.

As long as the true nature of man is not known, his lower interests are mistaken for his higher ones. Scientific attainments are often only used for the purpose. of obtaining the power to speculate on the ignorance of those that have no such intellectual acquirements, and by taking advantage of their beliefs to obtain money awl material comfort. Such scientific attainments may be good for such purposes, but they retard the progress of an in a spiritual direction, because they make men more ‘selfish, and cause them to worship matter ; they are therefore— -to say th.e least—useless for the only true and. permanent interest of man,

“We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory” (1 Cor. 2:7)

The gnostic said, “ Whenever the gnostic comes to know the universal , nothing remains hidden from him. The realization of gnosis meant access to the hidden world. The Gnostics were knowers; they were a people who knew not believed in the reality of the divine spirit. They were a people who had rituals in which profound spiritual experiences took place, of which the visionary experience of knowledge was a central factor. Thus, it is this experience of knowledge that not only categorizes the Gnostic tradition, but defines it. To the Gnostics, the attainment of such knowledge always constituted the supreme achievement of human life.

It must be noted that the source of this ‘Thirst of knowledge” is the creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet, which “impels humanity toward Truth”t. Moreover, N. Roerich believes that in the seed of the spirit lives the realization of knowledge, i.e., it contains the possibility of understanding the cosmos: “Spirit, in thy essence thou hest revealed the beauty of sacred knowledge”

This knowledge hidden in the seed of the spirit inclines one toward Infinity, and the important thing is that the spirit has to strive for the realization of all the subtle principles in order to attain higher knowledge, because through knowledge man can find access to higher spheres. N. Roerich stresses that the quest of truth opens “limitless vistas for the sacred union with the Supreme”.

On the one hand, Infinity is unknown in the world and cannot be perceived from it; therefore revelation is needed. Its bearer is a messenger from the world of light who penetrates the barriers of the spheres, awakens the spirit and imparts to it the saving knowledge “from without”. Knowledge thus revealed, called “the sacred knowledge”, “unlimited knowledge”, comprises everything.

On the practical side, however, it is more particularly “knowledge of the way”, namely the way of the individual spirit out of the world. Equipped with this gnosis, the individual spirit after death travels upwards. Thus, the individual spirit becomes reunited with Infinity. On the other hand, the “sacred union with the Supreme” through knowledge comes from within, because “… every […] knowledge comes from within”. Let us note, at once, the very meaning of the word within.

According to theosophical interpretation, knowledge hidden in the seed of the spirit is comprised of former accumulations: “The stratification of observations over the extent of many lives, laid in the depths of consciousness, is called dormant wisdom”. If these accumulations, called dormant wisdom, are insufficient, it is impossible to achieve enlightenment. Consequently, ascending the steps of evolution, the best attainment of the human spirit is the development of the hidden forces and accumulation of new knowledge which brings the realization of Infinity: “… ascent is the page of wisdom on which is traced the entire power of Cosmos and the manifestation of motion”.

When humanity will realize the great unity between Infinity and the particles, it will acquire “[the] highest wisdom of Infinity, the rays of which play on the Lotus of Consciousness”. We may say that the principal aim of the Roerichs’ doctrine is the perfection of knowledge as a means to becoming one with the source of life. The ultimate “object” of knowledge is Infinity: its event in the spirit transforms the knower himself by making him a partaker in Infinity.

Thus, the knowledge is not only an instrument of salvation but itself the very form in which the goal of salvation, i.e., ultimate perfection,’ is possessed. To this must be added that the Roerichs exclude the possibility of ever achieving absolute knowledge, and therein they see the entire grandeur of life: with every new improvement, with each higher evolution of humanity, with each succeeding cycle of our planet, knowledge will be higher and more complete, and so on into Infinity.


While the Philosopher’s Stone has remained an eternal puzzle and great mystery to many people for centuries, the real power of the stone may have always been inside us. Tavistock Institute. Part 143

While the Philosopher’s Stone has remained an eternal puzzle and great mystery to many people for centuries, the real power of the stone may have always been inside us. Tavistock Institute. Part 143

The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher ‘ s Stone ,

Life is amazing! Every 13,000 years on Earth a sacred and secret event takes place that changes everything, an event that changes the very course of history. And at this moment, this rare event is occurring, but only a few people know. And most of those who do know have kept it quiet and hidden until now.

What I am speaking about is the Earth’s Kundalini. Connected to the center of the Earth is an energy that appears and behaves much like a snake as it moves, similar to the way Kundalini energy moves in the human body. It is this energy that gives rise to the spiritual seekers everywhere on Earth—not only in the ashrams, kankas, and monasteries of the world, but also even in ordinary life and ordinary people who, in their own way, are seeking God.

The Earth’s Kundalini Is the secret energy that is connected to the hearts of all of mankind. The Earth’s Kundalini is always attached to a single location on the surface of the Earth and stays there for a period of about 13,000 years. But then it moves to a new location for the next 13,000 years, based upon cycles of time, or what we call the Precession of the Equinox. And when it moves, our idea of what “spiritual” means changes. It transforms according to the new energies of the future cycle, leading us Into a higher spiritual path.

The bigger picture is this. The Kundalini has two poles, and one is in the exact center of the Earth. The other is located on the surface somewhere and anywhere in the world. It is the consciousness of the Earth herself that decides where it is to be. And there Is a pulse of exactly 12,920 years when the polarity of the Earth’s Kundalini changes to the opposite pole, and it simultaneously changes location on the surface of the Earth.

This new location not only rapidly wakes up the people living near this sacred point on the Earth, but also It sends a frequency into the electromagnetic grids surrounding the Earth. This, in turn, affects those consciousness grids In ways that are determined by the Earth’s DNA. We grow according to a set plan and design. To the few that know of this event and what is occurring all around us, a wisdom is transferred, and a peaceful state of being becomes their inheritance, for they know the awesome truth. In the midst of chaos, war, starvation, plagues, environmental crisis, and moral breakdown that we are all experiencing here on Earth today at the end of this cycle, they understand the transition and know no fear. This fearless state is the secret key to the transformation that, for millions of years, has always followed this sacred cosmic event. On one level, this means that spiritually the female will now have her turn to lead mankind (womankind) into the New Light. And eventually, this female spiritual light will permeate the entire range of human

In Kundalini Yoga , there is often a parallel drawn between these rivers and the awakening of the Kundalini – the serpent – power that lies dormant at the base of the spine

But amţita is hidden away in the depths of the ocean ; it can be obtained only by churning the sea .

A stone that makes gold and stops you ever dying!’ said Harry… ‘Anyone would want it: — The Philosopher´s Stone.

The prize is a Philosopher’s Stone – a precious jewel that is a great source of power. According to literature, the Philosopher’s Stone is a mysterious substance with astonishing powers. It is alchemy’s most famous symbol of transformation. Alchemists, who use knowledge from magic, philosophy, chemistry and psychology, have desperately wanted to make or find this stone.

Among its supposed powers is an ability to transform metal into gold. Such a stone also produces the Elixir of Life, which makes its drinkers immortal. Over many centuries, alchemists have tried to change crude materials into fine and flashy products. They have mixed poor ingredients together in the hope of getting rich results.

Working in secret laboratories, alchemists would blend gross chemicals like sulphur and mercury to try to produce pure gold. Alchemists were determined to turn raw and vile elements into something better, higher and more powerful. The true power of the Philosopher’s Stone, however, may be much more personal. Some experts believe that the power of the stone is not about transforming physical ingredients into material rewards at all. Rather, the stone represents powerful psychological change.

The stone symbolizes the achievement of inner power at the highest level. According to the Swiss psychiatrist Dr Carl Jung, great transformations take place deep inside the human mind and soul. And it takes time and experience for our psychological states to develop into something sophisticated or superior. In his famous psychoanalytical works, Jung believes the Philosopher’s Stone has strong psychological power and he calls it lapis philosophorum.

While the Philosopher’s Stone has remained an eternal puzzle and great mystery to many people for centuries, the real power of the stone may have always been inside us. The playwright Ben Jonson, for example, describes the stone in The Alchemist as:

A stone and not, A stone; a spirit, a soul, and a body, Which if you do dissolve it, it is dissolv’d. If you coagulate it, it is coagulated, If you make it flie, it flieth.

So, the stone has a spirit and soul – signs of psychological life. And it flies – just like hope and happiness are said to do. Sure enough, the word psyche in psychology also means the soul or the very essence of life, according to the ancient Greeks.

In her book Emotional Alchemy, psychotherapist Dr Tara Bennett-Coleman confirms that the alchemist’s stone is really about developing psychological power.

Alchemists, the tales go, sought to use a magical Philosopher’s Stone to transmute lead into gold. But lead and gold, in the more philosophical school of alchemy, were metaphors for internal states: the alchemist’s discipline was one of psychological and spiritual transformation. Alchemists realized the mystery they sought to solve was not outside but in the psyche.

Alchemy is about changing “our ordinary state of mind” from a “lump of coal” to the “clear awareness of a diamond” and turning “our confused and crippling emotions into the gold of insight”, says Dr Bennett-Coleman. With the right approach, all people have the power to turn their heart-breaking experiences into rich psychological rewards.

Thus, the whole goal of the alchemical art lay in “the general idea that the powers of the cosmic soul must somehow be concentrated in a solid, the philosophers’ stone or elixir, which would then be able to carry out the transmutations that the alchemists desired.”

It was an attempt to reconstruct, for specific cases, the descent of specific minerals from that undifferentiated “cosmic soul” or medium as exactly as possible, in order to incorporate that “cosmic soul’s” very powers of transmutation in ordinary matter. As Holmyard states it, “The underlying idea seems to have been that since the prime matter was the same in all substances, an approximation to this prime matter should be the first quest of alchemy.”38 The ability to confect such a “philosophical gold” would indeed give its possessors an awesome power.

You can see how the same fundamental principles apply to every level, and how the Stone is a real and physically obtainable substance which follows the exact same principles.

It elands from the earth to the km ex It wrath; the lights firm, the heights awl &sands to the meth entailing the sterol the ahem and the belowfor it is niththe hgW of the bet It mends from the earth to the Imam again it dean& to the earth old mann the form of things sprier and rafeeier. The earners from the earth into the tend even &sends from the sky to the earth. and remises the poser and effinay ?things above and of things halos: Ii abrisebfrom moth into Imam and gain it dearnde to the earth. and maims the pears of higher and of kw Minsk It repeatedly ascends born earth to heaven, and then descends Irons beaten to earth, thus teething power lions both the high and the low.

Again, direct instructions for making the Stone, now focusing on the Second Part of the practical operations. ‘the Stone is repeatedly evaporated (ascends) and condensed (descends), from this it becomes more purified and gains power (more life-orerry.)

The repeated change of state, between solid, liquid and gas, allows the substance to become purer and it increases the amount of life energy.

From a spiritual perspective you could say that our moving between the astral and physical planes, repeatedly dying and being hoe again, is an example of us perfecting ourselves, following the same principles.

Therefor the darkness flees it.

By this memuye shall beer the glory of the whole world that all obscurity shall fly from you. By this means yoy acquire the glory of the whole world, and so you will and drive away all shadows and blindness. Thus you will have the glory of the whole world. Therefore, all obscurity will flee from you. Then you will have the glory of the whole world. All ignorance will flee from you.

This is saying firstly that you will have the “glory of the whole world”, which is the highest honor in the physical world: the Philosophers’ Stone, which is the physical counterpart of the power of God.

Secondly, all obscurity, or ignorance, will Ike from you. This applies of course on every kveL It means that you will now understand so much about the workings of Nature, and no longer be ignorant, and new knowledge will come to you easily it will be easy for you to see the truth from the lies. It also means, from the physical standpoint of making the Stone, that once past a certain point of purity, the Stone will very quickly be able to become more pure. Once it gets passed a tipping point, the Stone will convert impurity into its own pure form, as opposed to being diluted or corrupted by any dense or impure particles (exponential development.)

The greatest power overcomes everything that is subtle and it penetrates all that is coarse. Its force is above all force, for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing. For this by its fortitude snatches the palm from all other fortitude and power. For it is able to penetrate and subdue everything subtle and everything crude and hard. Of all strength this is true strength, because it will conquer all that is subtle, and penetrate all that is solid It is true force and the most powerful, for it conquers all subtle things and penetrates all solid things.

The Stone will convert all subtle and undetermined things into its own form, and for solid (determined) things it will penetrate them and bring them towards their true perfection. This is why it will protect a life-form from decay, and it will turn any metal into gold. It penetrates all things and encourages them to reach their full potential.

All things: all matter, all worlds, all frequencies, all universes, all planes, are adaptations of the same thing, following the same principles. It starts with the One, and from there each level is a distorted reflection, an adaptation of the same thing, each level being a reflection of the level above. This is how all things are made. This is why the physical world exists. This is what it is. This is what all things are.

The scholars made this their path. This is why Thrice Hermes was exalted with wisdom. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. And because of this they have called me Hermes Tristmegistus since I have the three parts of the wisdom and Philosophy of the whole universe. Therefore am I named Thrice-Great Hermes, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world

This is the path of knowledge. Hence I am Hermes Thrice-Great, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.

Alchemy is the path of knowledge. One of the more difficult paths to enlightenment, reserved for the wise and intellectual. Traditionally that was so, but now is the time of alchemy.

Hermes is “thrice-great” (three times great) because he was the custodian of the three sacred sciences: alchemy, astrology and geometry. The three sacred sciences are all related to each other of course, since like everything else they follow the same principles.

According to Hermes, this should be all that is necessary to fully understand. That is assuming you already have a good understanding of philosophical principles. I hope that my commentary has helped you to understand The Emerald Tablet and see the truth of alchemy.

It is the operation of the sun because the sun is a level above us and a symbol for the Stone. The same principles apply on every level.

A fundamental truth, without error, perfect and complete. As above, so below; the greater and lesser; macrocosm and microcosm: they are the same. Following this principle, all things were made from the One. And as all things arose from a thought by the One; thus all things were formed as an adaptation of the One.

This is the fundamentalprincipk Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, it is carried by the wind, it is nursed by the earth. Its power is complete if it can be turned into earth. Separate the earth from the fire; the subtle from the dense, the light from the heavy; with care and wisdom. It repeatedly ascends from earth to heaven, and then descends from heaven to earth, thus receiving power from both the high and the low.

Then you will have the slog of the whole world All ignorance willfkefeom you. It is true force and the most powerful, for it conquers all subtle things and penetrates all solid things. This is how the world was made. Each level is a reflection of the one above; the microcosm is in accordance with the macrocosm. Now you know how all things are made through adaptation from the One. This is the path of knowledge. Hence I am Hermes Thrice-Great, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. I have said all that is needed concerning the operation of the Sun.


Alchemy ‘ s true purpose is not the chemical manipulation of gross matter , as is commonly thought, but rather the transmutation of unrefined elements of the human psyche. This is the road to find the Philosopher´s Stone. Tavistock Institute. Part 141

Alchemy ‘ s true purpose is not the chemical manipulation of gross matter , as is commonly thought , but rather the transmutation of unrefined elements of the human psyche. This is the road to find the Philosopher´s Stone. Tavistock Institute. Part 141

Both physical and spiritual alchemy accept the premise of the Greek natural philosophers, including Aristotle, that the cosmos was formed from a single pri-mal substance, a materia prima, which Dillard calls Holy the Firm?’ Alchemists saw themselves as perfecting the original creation by recovering and refining this prime matter. Theosophy places this process in the context of Christianity. “In reference to the divine work of creation and the plan of salvation within it, the alchemistic process was called the ‘Great Work.’ In it, a mysterious cha-otic source material called materia prima, containing opposites still incompatible and in the most violent conflict, is gradually guided towards a redeemed state of perfect harmony, the healing ‘Philosophers’ Stone’ or lapis philosophorum.” Spiritual alchemists often identified the philosopher’s stone, the ultimate goal of their self-transformation, as Christ. “In the mind of many alchemists,” Eliade observes, “the procuring of the Philosopher’s Stone is equated with the perfect knowledge of God.° Thus, in theosophy the process of recovering and refining the prime matter that creates the philosopher’s stone is a metaphor for the inner transmutation of initial chaos into ultimate harmony that culminates in a higher state of consciousness.

The material of the Philosophers ‘ s stone is nothing else but Sun and Moon ” ( Paracelsus ) . ” The Sun and Moon are the roots of this Art . “ ( Hermes Trismegistus . ) ” Until a man is able so to govern his lower nature , mind , and body as to express his higher or Divine Self

The Egyptians drew the Benben stone with a bird flanking it on either side—called the Bennu bird. This bird may be depicted as a hawk, eagle, heron or yellow wagtail, depending upon which Egyptian source you study—but in Greek mythology the Bennu bird is known as the phoenix. This mythical creature experiences death by fire, followed by a spontaneous rebirth from the ashes—clearly associating the Bennu bird with a profound spiritual awakening and transformation. The words Benben and Bennu are both derived from the root syllable Bn, which means “ascension” or “to rise” in Egyptian. Two serpents may also be pictured with the Benben stone, at times, and they appear equivalent to the “kundalini serpents” in Hinduism—illustrating the flow of energetic currents moving up the spine and on into the pineal gland.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead features instructions on how the spiritual seeker may transform himself or herself into a Bennu bird or phoenix, symbolically speaking—and the results of this practice, if successfully achieved, are very interesting:

I have flown up like the primeval ones … I appear in glory with the strides of the gods…. As for him who knows this pure spell, it means going out into the day after death and being transformed at will…. And nothing evil shall have power over him.

In Hinduism the Shiva lingam is a stone shaped exactly like the pineal gland—and is mythologically associated with the center of the world, from which the god Shiva first burst through in a fiery spectacle16 Again we remember the pineal gland is in the geometric center of the brain, and was believed to be the first point of contact for telepathic information exchange—not unlike the idea of a god bursting through to communicate a message. Let’s not forget that Shiva is also drawn with the fully opened third eye, the kundalini serpents around his neck and his hair stylized to look like a pineal gland. In Greece we have the omphalos stone, which was housed at the Oracle at Delphi and is also shaped exactly like the pineal gland. This was believed to be a stone in which the god Apollo resided—and through it, the oracles could communicate with him and harness the power of prophecy. Some omphalos stones are clearly pictured with the “kundalini serpent” wrapping around them. The word omphalos means “the center of the earth” and “navel” in Greek, and this area was again the main geographic reference point for the entire Hellenic empire.

Greek coins with eagle/phoenix and omphalos stone with Tree of Life emerging from it (top) and winged god and pyramid-shaped baetyl with capstone (bottom).

In the Roman empire this same stone was known as the baetyl, a Phoenician word that was later written as Beth-e118—and was apparently the word root for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, who became the “chief cornerstone” of the Christian world. The baetyl stone was directly associated with oracles and prophecy. A surprising number of Greek and Roman coins prominently feature the omphalos or baetyl stone on one side, sometimes guarded by a hawk—as one ancient depiction of the Bennu bird—or a serpent. Some of these coins feature the “Tree of Life,” another symbol of the axis mundi, growing directly out of the stone—or adjacent to it.

People may read a lot about the kundalini, but if the kundalini energy is not awaken, it is like having a car to drive, but have no gazoline to drive it to go forward by raising the energy to the top of the head/crown chakra.

Kundalini: Literally, ‘dweller below’. Sanskrit ✓mda’ means pit or depths and ilia’ means latent or merged in (there are other meanings as well, but this one is a perfect match). The term refers to energy that is tapped from the earth and distributed into the body by a ‘root chakra’ which is co-located at the bottom of the spine. The earth being an immense source of energy in human terms, so is the kundalini.

To It is true that , in general , the luz is not spoken of as situated in the heart , or that at least the heart is just one of the different localizations … the ‘ rectification ‘ here is the ‘ re – erecting ‘ which marks , after the descent , the beginning of ascensional movement that corresponds to the awakening of the Kundalini ; and the continuation of this same formula designates the ‘ hidden stone ‘ as veram medicinam , which identifies it also with amrita , nourishment or beverage of immortality.

The unawakened man thinks of love as only physical , lives and dies , never realizing the Elixir , the Philosopher ‘ s Stone . The raising of the Kundalini glows eternally in the holy Chalice of the Love Ray

Alchemy ‘ s true purpose is not the chemical manipulation of gross matter , as is commonly thought , but rather the transmutation of unrefined elements of the human psyche.

The kundalini serpent is very similar to the phoenix in its associations: regeneration, rebirth, and the transformative power of spiritual Fire.

The concept of raising the kundalini from chakra to chakra can be compared to the stages of the Great Work described by Western alchemists. And the outcome of this process is the Philosopher´s Stone.

The techniques of kundalini (or laya) yoga and Western sexual magic are intended to awaken the kundalini and lead it up the sushumna. As it rises, the kundalini balances and revivifies the chakras, gradually opening the practitioner to greater and greater lev-els (or quanta) of awareness. This inner initiation is thought to confer powers (called siddhis in classical yoga). These “powers” are said to range from feats of biological wizardry (such as holding one’s breath while buried for a couple of days) to clairvoy-ance, telepathy, telekinesis, and becoming invisible. The claims continue ad infinitum. but are downplayed by most teachers and adepts, who seem to view siddhis as mere signposts along the Path. In fact many teachers consider siddhis distractions liable to inflate the ego. (The Zen roshis tend to tell students that all such powers are sent by demons. This is not done out of superstition. but because the desire for power and abil-ities can be a serious obstacle to the seeker.) The practitioner achieves transcendent illu-mination when the kundalini is raised to to the crown center, the sahasrara chakra.

The hallmarks of kundalini are phenomena such as surges of elec-tricity in the body, detachment from the body, intense heat and fire, buzzing sounds, a feeling of being in the presence of God, and awareness of spiritual presences such as angels. More important, however, are the benefits that lie beyond the phenomena: creativity, genius, enhanced well-being, longevity, and, most significant of all, enlightenment. Experiences of kundalini have been recorded around the world since ancient times. Kundalini is the divine fire of God and the gods, the samadhi of adepts, the raptures of saints, the healing power that floods through the hands of healers, the inspiration of invention, the intense happiness of a peak experience.. The average person may think that kundalini belongs only to those whose spiritual practice elevates them into a rarified atmos-phere of consciousness, but this is not so. Kundalini is universal, available to all. Anyone who prays or meditates regularly is likely at some point to feel the power of kundalini.

The more we know about kundalini and how to bring it into flower within us, the more we will benefit from it, both as individuals and as pan of the collective soul of humanity. Kundalini furthers our wordless under-standing of the nature of creation, our part in the whole of all things, and our ultimate unity with God. The essence of kundalini is eloquently captured in Psalm 19, which reads in part:

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard; yet their voice goes through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them he has set a tent for the sun, which comes forth like a bridegroom leaving his chamber. and like a strong man runs its course with joy. Its rising is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the end of them; and there is nothing hid from its heat.

When kundalini is awakened through attunement to the higher planes, we are quickened in the heat of divine fire. The splendor of divine love flows through us. It is vital that we recognize the kundalini power within and learn how to cultivate it in the name of truth and love. The more we do so, the less we will descend into fear and hate. In fact, ultimately, we will not even be able to do so, for our collective soul consciousness will be firmly anchored in the light and unconditional love of the godhead. We will truly reside in the kingdom of God. This future will not happen.

Your Kundalini could already be waking up and pushing you towards total enlightenment.

Parallel to Eastern meditation is Jung’s discovery of the technique of active imagination by which, if one uses it properly, one can still produce the opus of alchemy in another dimension.

As you see in the texts, there is such a striking parallel between the alchemical opus, the production of the philosopher’s stone and the diamond body, and the creation myths we had before. Naturally, some of the alchemists knew this and even pointed out the similarity of the two processes, showing that they understood the alchemical opus as a kind of inner psychic repetition of the cosmogony outside.

What in all earlier civilizations was a teaching concerning the outer creation of the cosmos has with the help of alchemical philosophy now slowly come back and reentered the individual, whence it unconsciously originated. It has finally been even understood as a process of the growth of consciousness within the individual human being and, after the event, we can call all those creation myths projections onto the outer world of this originally inner psychic process.

There is one more important fact to point out. In the repeated creation within the individual, which is consciously brought forth as an effort toward more total consciousness, the process of creation, as described in Genesis for instance, is reversed. Here, unfortunately, you have to believe me, because I cannot now roll out all the relevant documentary evidence. In the alchemical process, what generally comes first within the nigredo are wild animals—lions, dragons, bears, wolves, and so on; the animal kingdom.

After that there are generally similes of plant life, the making of the philosopher’s stone being compared to planting a tree with golden fruit and watering it; there is the whole process of a tree growing within the retort and within the human being. The final goal is a metal or stone symbol, a crystal, or a mineral, what we would now call a symbol of inorganic matter. You see how this strangely reverses our idea of evolution.

We think that from inorganic matter first plant life came into existence, then the animal, and then the human being; but in the alchemical process there is a complete reversal of our idea of biological evolution. First we meet the animals, then the plants and finally the inorganic gold. We can therefore understand the alchemical opus as a reversal on a psychic level of the outer biological evolution. It is as if what happens as an expanding process on the physical level were reversed on the psychic level and internalized in the reversed order.

Third, the ascension state is pointed to in the mystical concept of the Philosopher’s Stone. It may seem an abstruse concept to us, but to the Einherjar, it is an experiential reality, the ultimate spiritual accomplishment. The creation of the Philosopher’s Stone was consid-ered the Magister, or Great Work, of medieval alchemy, the transmut-ing of lead into gold, that is, the carbon-based body into light. The essential goal was to find, release, amplify, and exalt the trapped spiritual light within the human body and to redefine, even recreate, the body with it as a Light body. It was known as the Ascen-sion Body, Diamond Body, Diamond Soul, Electronic Body, Elixir of Life, filius philosophorum, Miraculous Stone, Glorified Body, Her-metic Stone, Higher Self, lapis philosophorum, the Mighty “I AM” Presence, Seamless Robe, Soul of the World, Spirit of Truth, Stone of the Wise Man, White-Fire Body, and the White Stone by the River.

Light in this context refers to the spectrum of consciousness, reality, and truth existing in the spiritual worlds as a reservoir available for human experience and assimilation; it evokes the experience of enlightenment, which, mystics say, is the total illumination of the self by God, the Light of infinity. It refers also in part to the elec tromagnetic field spectrum of visible light, but emphasizes the spiritual or higher aspects of the visible light. We may equate Light with the total array or sea of consciousness.

From the human viewpoint, the Ascended Masters are gods as characterized in all of the world’s myths. “They wield tremendous God-Power at all times” because they are unwaveringly in alignment with God and thus all power is given to them for responsible applica-tion throughout the worlds. They have “guided the expansion of Light in humanity on this planet from the beginning,” and they con-tinuously radiate “Love, Light, and Perfection” and “Wisdom and Power.” Their brief has them working “everywhere in the universe with complete freedom and limitless power,” on a planetary and indi-vidual level. On the individual level, they educate, initiate, and assist people in expanding their consciousness beyond the ordinary human level—into the ascended state. In brief, the Ascended Masters direct, protect, and assist the expansion of Light at the individual human, group-cultural, and planetary levels. But they also work to dispel neg-ative energy and darkness. The Ascended Master, from his own Body of Light, is “constantly pouring out Rays of his ‘Light Essence’ upon the discords” of the planet, dissolving them the way sunlight dissi-pates fog.`

Esoterically , the philosophers ‘ stone , the alchemists ‘ ” true gold , ” represents spiritual enlightenment or self – discovery.

It is the mind that transmute the base metal of experience into gold, and gold into base metal.

More than that, as we come to understand the nature of reality we see that impermanence allows for the possibility of total transformation. Because there is nothing about us that fixed and permanent, we can work over time improving any aspect of ourselves. Spiritually speaking, there is no base metal that cannot be transmuted into gold.

Men and women who have brought about an alchemical transformation of their energy, refining it repeatedly through Tantric meditation and ritual. As a result they have developed — magical attainments. These are of two kinds. Mundane siddhi are supernormal powers such as telepathy, flying, and other kinds of miraculous feats. The highest siddhi are the transformation of the mind and emotions into the transcendental wisdom and compassion of an Enlightened being. Imagine the philosopher’s stone changing back into the vajra, but retain the sense that the vajra is a magical implement, capable of transforming anything: the darkest dross of your mind, the most ingrained habits, the worst of you, into energy that can promote your spiritual awakening. Because everything is impermanent, there is nothing fixed and final about ourselves at all. Every aspect of what we think of as ‘me’ can be refined and wrought into finer and finer forms. The vajra symbolizes this capacity that we all possess to transform ourselves totally.


NEXT, WE ARE GOING TO SEE the vajra turning into a thunderbolt. Before doing so you might prefer to imagine yourself transformed into some kind of storm god or goddess, for the handling of lightning is not for mere mortals. A typical lightning flash involves, a potential difference between cloud and ground of several million volts. Not only that, it can reach temperatures of around 50,000°F, or about six times the heat of the visible surface of the Sun. Try to imagine holding that power in your hand. vajraThe word means thunderbolt as well as diamond. It is extraordinary that the same Sanskrit word came to be applied to two such completely different experiences. The diamond is one of the most immutable and long-lasting substances we know of, while a bolt of lightning lasts only a fraction of a second. In that fifth of a second or so for which you see a flash of lightning, everything is lit up. In the case nocturnal storms, the curtain of darkness is rent apart and the whole landscape is temporarily illuminated and revealed. Thus the vajra as thunderbolt becomes a symbol for what tears asunder the veil of ignorance and enables you to see things as they really are.


Once the crystal gleam of First Matter has been distilled, and its spark of life released, First Matter and spark are then recombined into a philosopher’s stone (genius) from which new and amazing properties emerge. Tavistock Institute. Part 137

Once the crystal gleam of First Matter has been distilled, and its spark of life released, First Matter and spark are then recombined into a philosopher’s stone (genius) from which new and amazing properties emerge. Tavistock Institute. Part 137

The first thing is that in this world matter and consciousness are not two separate things. What we call matter is consciousness asleep and what we know as consciousness is matter awakened. In reality matter and mind are not different; they are different manifestations of the same thing.

Existence is one, and that one is God or Brahman or whatsoever you want to call it. When that one is asleep it appears as matter, and when awake it is mind, or consciousness. So don’t treat matter and mind as separate entities; they are only utilitarian terms. They are not really different. Even science has come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as matter.

How amusing it is that fifty years ago Nietzsche declared that God is dead, and fifty years from now science will have to declare that God may or may not be dead but matter is certainly dead. As science goes deeper and deeper into matter it finds that matter is no more and only energy remains, only energy is.

What remains after the explosion or splitting of the atom is only particles of energy. And what we know as electrons, protons and neutrons are particles of electricity. In fact, it is not correct to call them particles, because particles connote matter.

The scientists had to find a new word, which is quanta, which has a different connotation altogether. Quanta is both a particle and a wave. It is difficult to comprehend how a thing could be both a particle and a wave simultaneously, but quanta is both. Sometimes it behaves as a particle—which is matter; and sometime? it behaves as a wave—which is energy.

Wave and energy are behaviours of the same quanta. When science dug deep it found that only energy is, and when spirituality delved deep it found that only spirit or atman or soul is. And soul is energy. The time is just around the corner when a synthesis of science and religion will be achieved, and the distance that separates them will simply disappear.

When the gap between matter and God has proved to be false, the gap between science and religion cannot exist for long. If matter and mind are not two, how can religion and science be two?

The separation of science and religion was dependent on the separation of matter and mind. To me, only one is; two simply don’t exist. There is no place for duality; so the question of matter and mind does not arise. If you like the language of matter, you can say that everything is matter. And if you like the language of mind or consciousness, you can say that everything is consciousness.

We can. for instance, say that only the seed is, and not the tree. And it is not wrong to say so, because the tree is only a transformation of the seed. But there is a danger involved in this statement. The danger is that some seeds may say. If we are Reeds all the way up. then why seek to become trees? We will remain as we are; we will remain seeds. ” So it is better if we say that only trees are, and not seeds. Then the possibility for the seed to become a tree remains. I prefer the language of consciousness, so that what is asleep can awaken, this possibility should be available.

There is a similarity between the materialist and the spiritualist; both of them accept only one—either matter or mind. But there is a difference too. While the materialist accepts the primary thing and is thus deprived of the ultimate, the spiritualist accepts the ultimate which includes the primary in it. It is all inclusive; it does not exclude. I love the language of spirituality; and therefore I say that everything is consciousness. Consciousness asleep is matter, and consciousness awakened is consciousness. All is consciousness.

According to alchemic tradition, the prima materia or true state of matter is produced by taking as raw material some compound of common matter and gradually distilling or “improving” it. In the arcana of the Hermetics, there is a debate about what that proper raw matter is, and some adepts have argued that it could in fact be anything because at the root of all things lies the prima materia.

For the creator the raw material, the “anything” are the tacit sensations of vision. In themselves those sensations are perhaps no more extraordinary than anyone else’s, but creators concentrate their fire on them. Both creators and the alchemists are materialists at heart, but of a special kind. They crave possession of a material or objective form (a scientific law, a painting, a concerto—a philosopher’s stone) to capture something exquisitely nonmaterial like a truth or subtle perception.

Alchemists claimed that the process of distilling the raw material into prima materia releases a spark of life. The spark is a return to “inspiration,” that is, the vibration breathed into all diverse things at the first creation. Richard Cavendish, a modem scholar of Hermetic texts, observes that alchemy “is based on the belief that the universe is a unity.

The alchemists found a principle of unity and order in a substance called First Matter, which remains unchanged behind all First Matter is not matter in any normal sense of the term, but the possibility of matter.”

The First Matter for a creator is the distillation of vision.

Once the crystal gleam of First Matter has been distilled, and its spark of life released, First Matter and spark are then recombined into a philosopher’s stone (genius) from which new and amazing properties emerge.

The prima materia (vision) now possesses the ability to produce new elements, convey immortality and ascend to the power of what alchemists call “multiplication or augmentation,” i.e., the ability to produce more of itself. Polanyi says of the scientific genius whose vision of a “hidden reality” has led him to a great discovery: “…The vision is renewed and becomes dynamic again in other scientists and guides them to new discoveries.”

Something similar could be said of the philosopher-stone visions of a Picasso or Brahms. Creativity, like alchemistry, is perplexing work, There are devilish paradoxes in the process. “Circular paradoxes,” they might be called: The distiller is the very thing distilled. The creative prima materia (the vision) is both the object sought and its own raw material. Conceit begets humility; uncertainty, a certainty; the individual, the universal…

For instance, the word “Christ” was often used to refer to the Philosopher’s Stone, the spark of life concealed in the darkness of matter.

ALCHEMY is the ancient science that sought to transform (transmute) common into precious metals, such as lead to gold. It was believed precious metals were made from baser metals, so it should be possible to duplicate this process. Alchemy also sought to transform human nature into the divine. The basic idea is to create something from nothing, or life from the lifeless.

The ” Just Man made Perfect ” is the Alchemist, who, having found the ” Philo-sopher’s Stone,” becomes glorified and immortal by the use of it. To be said to ” die,” is when the material elements can no longer maintain or cohere. To ” rise,” is when the immaterial life or spark is liberated out of its perishable temporary investment. To be ” glorified,” is when the powers, or independence, are attained which properly ap-pertain to the supernaturally perfect ” Light,” into which he knows ” all,” can be ” all,” and do “all.” It is this ” draught of immortality ” which enables him to assume what form he will, by passing through Nature as its master, and renewing his body by means of his art projected by Nature through, to the other side of Nature.

The alchemist is supposed to be superior to Nature to that extent, that he can pass through it (that is, through its appearances), and work on it, and in it, on the other side. It is here—in this true Anima Mundi, or ” Soul of the World “—that the alchemist, regathers the light dispersed or shaken-out of its old broken forms. Gold is the flux of the sunbeams or of light, suffused invisibly and magically into the body of the world. Light is sublimated gold, rescued magically, by invisible stellar attraction, out of the material depths. Gold is thus the deposit of light, which of itself generates. Light in the celestial world, is subtle, vaporous, magically exalted gold, or ” spirit of flame.” Gold draws and compels inferior natures in the metals, and, intensifying and multiplying, converts into itself. It is a part of the first – formed ” Glory ” or ” Splendour,” of which an objects and all souls are points or parts.

A Personal Philosopher ‘ s Stone The alchemists of medieval times attempted to create or discover a ” philosopher ‘ s stone ” – a chemical … stone – hope – to spark the alchemical transformation of loss into emotional growth and creative action.

For Gnostics man is divine , a misplaced spark of light engulfed in darkness through no fault of his own . He must struggle to free himself from this mortal coil and soar back to the empyrean realm from which he came . The struggle is difficult . Overwhelmed by this death – in – life , which the ignorant take for living, man.

The natural power of creation, the Secret Fire of alchemy or kundalini, is the force, which continually changes all of creation, moving it forward to more and more refined levels.

Kundalini works in the prematter on the etheric levels; and, as all substances, and all elements have their bases in this prematter, they can be approached from that angle if you know how to adjust and direct Kundalini.

Kundalini power allows us to have control over what we call inanimate nature. Not that there is anything really inanimate. There is life in all matter; nothing is dead. There are simply degrees of life: it’s in a trance in the rock; it sleeps in the vegetable; it awakens in the animal; and it becomes consciousness in mankind. One Life behind all things. So you see we carry a lot of potentiality within us.

The day has come when we should seek to unlock the treasure of this ancient volume with a key fashioned from the Philosopher’s Stone

Opening of Muladhara gives power over all the elements of the earth, includ-ing metals (particularly steel) and the earth part of the person, or flesh.

⦁ In Greek mythology , it is the kundalini which was the fire Prometheus brought from Heaven in a fennel stalk.
⦁ The kundalini also seems to be a factor in the production of the Philosopher’s Stone.
⦁ With inner fire, you are dealing directly with your own inner reality; you are simply increasing the power of the kundalini and heat energy that you already possess. It is amazingly powerful, like a volcano erupting from within you.
⦁ The discovery of the philosopher’s stone and the awakening of Kundalini are treated as one and the same phenomenon.
⦁ Working with the transcendental aspect of the spiral symbol is a means to break free of ego trappings and the symbolic chains that bind us.

For the average seeker , even today , kundalini is a supernatural force which can work wonders when aroused . Only , like the Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemists , one should know the secret by which it can be aroused or manipulated .

Inner fire is like the main door leading into a complex of hundreds of treasure houses. All the facilities for magnetizing realizations are there. Since it penetrates the very center of the universe of the body, it is incredibly sensitive in producing realizations. In fact, the super-stitious, conceptualizing mind cannot count the realizations brought by inner fire. It is the secret key that opens you to all realizations.