Can Swedish Nazi Gestapo stalking activities be real in Sweden and even in swedish healthcare?

These activities is going on in today´s government. Organized Gang Stalking is a Zersetzung program

It has not been definitely established that the Stasi used X-rays to provoke long-term health problems in its opponents, and in today´s organized gang stalking they using voice to skull technology, syntethic telepathy and electro magnetic frequency weapon. They surround your apartment with sound “interfering” technology or working from distance and beaming voices, music chorus, commercials and then starts looping these day and night. They beaming sounds of sirens indoors and outdoors, day and night. They start beaming sirens when you reading Swedish news or read articles.

The practice of repression in Zersetzung comprised extensive and secret methods of control and psychological manipulation.

Zersetzung or today´s organized gang stalking essentially as a means of psychological oppression and persecution, and applied to political opponents in an effort to undermine their self-confidence and self-esteem. Operations were designed to intimidate and destabilise them by subjecting them to repeated disappointment, and to socially alienate them by interfering with and disrupting their relationships with others as in social undermining. The aim was to induce personal crises in victims, leaving them too unnerved and psychologically distressed to have the time and energy for anti-government activism. This is same methods organized gang stalking using 2018.

The goal was to destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships and organized gang stalking has same goals of destruction; to destroy targeted individuals life on every level, make them look foolish, provoke them to aggression, gaslighting them to madness or terrorizing their mind to drive them to suicide. This is happening with today´s politics and sitting government.

  • For the Zersetzung of groups, it infiltrated them with unofficial collaborators, sometimes minors.
  • Tactics employed under Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included psychological attacks, such as breaking into homes and subtly manipulating the contents, in a form of gaslighting – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included property damage, sabotage of cars, purposely incorrect medical treatment, smear campaigns.
  • A systematic degradation of reputation, image, and prestige in a database on one part true, verifiable and degrading, and on the other part false, plausible, irrefutable, and always degrading; a systematic organization of social and professional failures for demolishing the self-confidence of the individual; […] stimulation of doubts with respect to perspectives on the future; stimulation of mistrust or mutual suspicion among groups […]; putting in place spatial and temporal obstacles rendering impossible or at least difficult the reciprocal relations of a group
  • In State of Sweden this including hacking your computer at night changing the volume on the computer (gaslighting), or raise the volume to disturbing sleep, hacking computers and remove mail with visit times to social wellfare services and make them send another visit time another than the first mail (gaslighting), enviroment manipulation with gaslighting psychology by using street lights and turn of light at night and turn on light daytime, doctors gaslighting and changing shirt, social wellfare services gaslighting and trying make you beleive you hear things, heaalthcare informa human has a suicide gene, therapist has business card in a medical package, healthcare informs humans has a brain in the stomach, healthcare informs about an existing dream guard, pharmacies using transparent bags when you buying prodcusts (used when when someone want´s return medication the no longer use).
  • When all departments is particpating in organized gang stalking they collaborate in same nazi doctors collaborated with Gestapo. When the start targeted someone, they start with sound torture to create sleep deprivation. Healthcare the stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and the have then no new times for 9 weeks. When you then start buying healthcar products from pharmacies even they particpating in organized gangstalking. You get a transparent bag when you buying products and this is used when someone want´s return medication they no longer use. Then does they don´t alarm off the products so the alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacy. Then does State of Sweden hacking your computer and manipulate your music files you have in the background when they sound torturing you at night, then they start gaslighting you by changing the volume, and then they hacking your computer at night at raisning the volume so you wakening up, they walking outside and shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day. Who has resources to shoot firecrackers for hours every day and who has access to firecrackers they can start shooting late night all year when the just selling these at two times (easter times and new year times)
  • A new doctor informs you stress kills (anchoring and chaining process). After this this they start using the kill word in every tv sport program you watch. 


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden is like this illustration; they sneaking, lurking, roaring, shadowing, interfering, harassing, remote viewing, and everytime you have to interfering with the swedes they either trying to gaslighting you, interfering, stress mongering, they can imitate sound the swedish government gangstalkers transmitting into your apartment; sound of sirens, sound of owls, sound of cuckoo clock, sound of barking dogs.

Swedish people imitating same sound harassment the swedish government is using. And when you going outdoors and exercise cars or trucks is stalking, helicopters is stalking, sound of sirens is stalking, they beaming your mind with voices from TV shows or theme songs from TV shows, so this is constant stalking and harassment everywhere. In presence time when I write this the have started transmit sound of sirens into apartment, and at same time neighbors from apartment 1 and 2 start dropping things on the floor. This is the Spirit Of Organized Gang Stalking.

Can Swedish Nazi Gestapo activities be real in Sweden?

For example everytime you have a new appoint to healthcare for renewal of prescription they start shooting firecrackers outside your window every night before. So these who starts shooting firecrackers has access to when you have a new appointment to swedish healthcare, and these who shooting firecrackers has also access to firecrackers all year.

So State of Sweden surveillance your visit times to healthcare and then using this to create sleep deprivation with firecrackers. They create access to your visit times to healthcare (interfering psychology).

They just selling firecrackers in Sweden at easter times and new years times. In Sweden these people who has access to firecrackers using these all year.

When you then visiting healthcare they stalking you with helicopter and then hoovering over the roofs, so these people working with same methods as Gestapo was working. This is how they using their authority and access to all information where you go and when you going and then using this to control your life and interfering. Then they walking outside your apartment and shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks, 3-6 hours every day on Sweden.

So Swedish people using firecrackers in their organized gang stalking; and who has resoruces to shooting firecrackers for 3 weeks and 3-6 hours every day?

And who in Sweden has access to the swedish healthcare system to surveillance when people has new visit times to healthcare? And this is how organized gang stalking is in Sweden. They interfering with this kind of psychology by infiltration and then even using remote viewing to terrorizing your mind.

This then become a form of paranoia psychology they using. These methods is part of all organized gang stalking. They surveillance your life and then they revealing they are surveillance your life and this is the interfering. In Sweden they surveillance what tv program you watch and then take some content from these program they can use targetting you in the public domain in someway.

If you watch a tv-program about art and they painting bushes blue in the nature; they mirroring this by painting stones blue there you walking or exercise. Another example is; if you start split a pill in four piecis and then visiting the pharmacy in Sweden, the pharmacy worker gives you a advice to split the pill in four piecis, and they give you this information without you asking for it.

Another example is from Swedish healthcare. A doctor informs you humans has a brain in the stomach, and at same time he talks about all diseases in the brain, and at same time he has a red sensitizing t-shirt, and then does this t-shirt also has a text logo; ouch. And then does the doctor suddenly says; I see you have met my friend and he now refering to another doctor who is working in the private healthcare sector and not in the public swedish healthcare. This is how they using their system to create some form of Big Brother paranoia surveillance psychology. And therapist using same methods by informing there is an existing dream guard. Then they using same psychology for prescription. Therapist has his business cards in a medical package. And Swedish healthcare informs humans has a suicide gene and other doctors informs you stress kills and then does the kill word appearing in every sport program you watch on tv, and this is how the Swedish Hive Mind is interfering, spying, infiltration, remote viewing, stalking, persecuting and shadowing your life.

State of Sweden also hacking your phone calls during therapy, and State of Sweden hacking your computer during therapy, and State of Sweden surveillance what tv programs you watch during therapy, and they hoovering with helicopters over the roofs during therapy and then stalking you to healthcare and from healthcare. So State of Sweden using all forms of interference everywhere. People even talking in this interfering way in food stores, pharmacies, or on paths.


Total Mind Control

Total Brainwashing

Total Surveillance

Total interference


Remote viewing

Real time Interference


Every department in Sweden participating in organized gang stalking

You find all these methods in different ways when you see, or hear or meeting people from these departments and they targetting your mind even when you are home, day and night

Organized Gang Stalking is like this animation illustrates; Creating stress, lurking around and sneaking up around corners, playing street theater, acting “fake” friendly and afterwards you feel how they have targetted and sensitized your mind. It´s like a psychological posion fpr the mind

They lurking around everywhere because they stalking everywhere and 24/7 and they interfering everywhere and with every existing methods.


Everything in Sweden must have a sign of the Swedish mark and healthcare even informs you there is an existing “dream guard”, so they want guarding your dreams, or they want guarding the “theta waves” (the dreamstate), because it´s the portal or gateway to God Conciousness. When a person reach his Higher Self or opening the Third Eye this person get´s a Divine Consciousness above time and space and they can´t control this consciousness with mind control or brainwashing this beacuse this is the true Self.

When my spiritual awakening process Kundalini started healthcare reccomended therapy for one year and then all manipulations started and all mind control started also. State of Sweden has going on with their organized gangstalking for 7 years soon, and every department is participating in this gang stalking.

When spiritual energy is awakening it´s mean you start seeing through this worlds illusions of how this reality is formed

When your third eye opening you get wisdom

When your energy starts moving upwards to the pineal gland it´s also activating higher DNA strand

When this process continues and he who´s overcome will recieve the white stone (Philosopher´s Stone or hidden manna wisdom and spiritual gifts)



And what´s happening when this spiritual awakening starts everyone starts palying mind games, playing street theater, imitating, mimicking, mirroring, stalking, persecution, harassing, tormenting, create sleep deprivation, gaslighting, using technology to looping same music chorus for hours or looping same sound day and night, indoors and outdoors. They beaming and weaving voices into your mind and brain by using Voice to Skull or Syntethic Telepathy. What they actually does is captivating your seeing (street theater, enviroment manipulations, imitating, mirroring), and they captivating your hearing (constant sound harassment, stalking with sirens, trumpet sound, noise harassment, communication interference, distortion sounds, non stop babbling), and they captivating your perception (gaslighting, mind games, sleep deprivation, doube speaking, misleaading) and so on. And when Swedish healtcare and psychiatry starts inform you about humans has aa suicide gene, informs you about aan existing dreaam guard, informs you about a  brain in the stomach the destruction and control process in ON. So today State of Sweden occupying your mind with constant stalking sound, indoors and outdoors.

For now State of Sweden using looping trumpet sound everywhere. Organized Gang Stalking including synchronizing many activities and psychological at same time. It can be sirens, sound of grasstrimmer, looping commercials, or psychic driving with sampling of music chorus. This sound torture can start in th middle of the night or early morning. Here is trumpet sound they beaaming into your head when I writing this post and haave beaming this for several of hour today. Yo can´t capturing this ongoing sound, but same sound could be heard in Swedish broadcasting (from World Championship Football)



State of Sweden using same trumpet sound you can hear im the background from World Championship in football

This ongoing music trumpet could be heard through the Swedish broadcasting Sveriges Television, and State of Sweden using same sound and beaming this all over the city wherever you go. Today they have beaming this indoors and outdoors for hours

They using these methods to captivating your seeing (street theater), captivating your hearing (noise harassment) and to captivating your perception (gaslighting)


They create an social enviroment of wickedness psychology and gaslighting and organized gangstalking is gaslighting and what gaslighting has for purpose is evil dark psychology. And you meet, see and hear thee methods every day and meet them in every Swedish department. Here is some example of this from each department

When your spiritual awakening starts it seems everyone starts persecution, ostrasizing, stalking, tormenting, sensitizing, noise harassing, like some form of covert evil hate process


…and they start double speaking, double thinking, double binding, imitating, mimicking, mirroring and gesturing everything in your life. Stalking with sound everywhere, persecution and ostrasizing



Swedish psychiatry using these kind of psychology to mind control your life. They anchoring things, chaining these things in the public domain, sensitizing your mind, then triggering what they have anchored, or looping and then synchronizing these activities cross over from one place to another, or from one department to another department.

When your spiritual energy is awakening and rising upwards, State of Sweden using Solar Plexus Psychology in every department. They started in Swedish psychiatry and they informs you about a brain in the stomach and at same time talks about all diseases in the brain, then does the government harassment transmitting music chorus We control the sunlight” and means they inform you they control the Solar Plexus Brain (same as healthcare), and Social Wellfare Services also using Solar Plexus psychology. The Solar Plexus Brain is the human Ego and what this human Ego does in hindering spiritual growth

Luke 11:52 says; Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering. (Politcal abuse of Psychiatry – hindering and using monarch programming psychology). They using their advantage of knowledge and power to suppressing and oppressing downwards and to confuse the mind, so your spiritual awakening process not going upwards, and that why they obstructing everywhere in Sweden and gang stalkers police patrolling on paths, in foodstores, making sound of sirens, gatekeeping psychology, walking cris cross over paths, parking cars in your way.

Psychiatry (political abuse of psychiatry)


They inform about a brain in the stomach and at same time talking about all diseases in the brain and the doctor has then a red sensitizing t-shirt with a text logo “OUCH” or AJ in Swedish, and they also informs you about human has a suicide gene, and later the therapist phone number suddenly has expired and not in use, doctors informs about stress kills, and after that the “kill” word appearing in every swedish sport program you watch, and doctors ordering prescription for 230 pills agains sleeping problems. And the therapist who using props has a orange on his desk and when you visting the graveyard they have place out a orange on gravestone and after that there orange peels on the streets everywhere (even in the winter)

This is how a therapist can prepare therapy room with different props. Has business cards in medical package, informs about an existing “dream guard”, computer is on when therapy starts with open word document, orange on the desk (later use on a gravestone), garbage bags, toiletpaper on the table, police helicopter hovering over the roofs during therapy.


From a orange on the desk in therapy to orange on a gravestone when you visiting the graveyard and the orange peels on the streets everywhere to sensitizing your mind with mind control psychology. State of Sweden using this process everywhere. They anchoring something, then chaining this, then starts sensitizing (use of colors, words, things) and then triggering these surveillance behaviors).




They informs about an existing dream guard and doctors informs about brain in the stomach and talks about all diseases in the brain and at same time he has a red colored stalking t-shirt and then even has a text logo “OUCH” on it. This is also part of the anchoring, chaining, sensitizing and triggering psychology state of Sweden. After teh doctors has his red colored “OUCH” t-shirt people everywhere start using the word OUCH OUCH when you passing them and they even beaming commercials with OUCH message into your apartment. Here is commercials for gaming and they using OUCH for more than 20 times in the commercials and then using OUCH in commercials for Water and LOKA, and they using these commercials to targetting your mind when they beaming these into your apartment. When you are outdoors people using different forms of this OUCH like AJ, AJJA, JAJA, HAJJA and even cars stalking you and these also has a text logo AJA

Healthacre informs about a brain in the stomach


Therapist who has business cards in a medical package also informs about an existing dream guard (surveillance psychology)


Same institution also informs human have a suicide gene

Doctors gaslighting and changing shirt

Therapist playing mind games and mirroring

They using street theater in healthcare

They using interfering psychology, stalking psychology, mirroring psychology, classified psychology, paranoia psychology and surveillance psychology (they hacking phones, hacking computers, surveillance what tv programs you watch during therapy) and acting like a stalker of your mind and talking in a interfering way. They using classified termology. Every doctors start using the “classified” word and saying everything is classified, and then pharmacy workers starts using classified term, and the doctors who informs about a brain in the stomach, also has a classified logo cross over the computer when your health journal on the computer screen. Here is another example how they communicate surveillance psychology. When the doctor has your health journal on the computer screen, he suddenly says; I see you have met my friend and he now refering to another doctor who working in the private healthcare sector/company and not in the state owned healthcare. And before every new appointment to these healthcare workers in Swedish Healthcare thet shooting firecrackers outside your window every late evening before, so people who is shooting firecrackers knows when you visting healthcare and who has access to this..? And they building up these kind of paranoia surveillance every where. Another example for this is when the therapist has a orange on his desk during therapy and then they have place out a orange on a gravestone. Another example for this stalking and surveillance psychology is when a helicopter hovering over the roofs during therapy. Another example is when you visting Swedish pharmacies they give you a transparent shopping bag used for when you returning medication you no longer use.


Tarnsparent shopping bag from pharmacies (used for when you returning medication you no longer use, not when you buy health products). And State of Sweden using these methods everywhere



Stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression.

Then they don´t have any new times to other doctors for 9 weeks for new prescription

When you make a internet booking to make them call you, they call and hang on every time when you anwer, so you have to make a new call up booking.

Healthcare website are manipulated and changed so there is just one option in the menu and earlier there was 3-4 options

Social “Wellfare” services

Social services workers mirroring and imitating. When you writing something about mind reading, remote viewing or brain/mind mapping your social service worker has done a mind map

Social services workers trying to gaslighting you and make you believe you hear things

Social services workers using manipulating methods to affect the mind

Social services workers health activities – group walking are sensitizing time and organized gang stalking

Social services workers using gang stalking methods on information meetings

Social services worker also using Solar Plexus Psychology. Here they using a person with a name “SUN”. You get another social service worker when you have one and her name is “SUN”. This is how State of Sweden cris crossing same them between departments; Healthcare informs you about a brain in the stomach (Solar Plexus Brain or Abdominal Brain), Swedish Police then transmitting music chorus like “We control the Sunlight” into your apartment and then start beaming this into your mind whe you exercise, and direct after this a helicopter appearing. So State of Sweden want´s control your EGO, the Solar Plexus symbolize the human ego and State of Sweden want´s control my EGO or control my Energy.



Employment agencies

Can you imagine that Swedish employment agency get you a real job at same company they using to stalking you with and then they airstalking you when you start working. The Swedish employment agency get you a job at government owned company and when you start working a government helicopter airstalking when you working at this governemnt owned company that the government controlled employment agency has get for you.


This blue color State of Sweden using on their stalking vehicles has same bluish color as Blucifer at denver Airport


You get a job as post-man including a adress; Sirius. Then they airstalking you when you start this job, and both are state and government. And whe you start your postman job and learning this the mail is mixed. And when you start from floor map 7 and then working downstairs to floor map 1, 2, 3, or 4  you constantly find find post/mail that should be sorted to floor map 7, 6, 5 and then must run up again. So postman working can be the perfect job to gaslighting someone with this method.


When the employment agency get you another rehab work at aa Christain organization you must move the Swedish flag everytime you move a pallet


When the employment agency get you another rehab work at aa Christain organization they have a siren on the refrigerator and State of Sweden playing sirens everywhere (indoors and outdoors), and then they airstalking you when you working



State of Sweden want´s to be the surveillance eye everywhere or the Horus Eye. Even cars driving around with one broken light and these cars are many and you see them every day, and Swedish police don´t do anything about it. So they want people living this lifestyle of Horus Police Surveillance Eye everywhere and this is the mentality of the Swedish Hive Mind, a Police State Mind. People even walking around and make human-made sirens sound, human made owl sound, human made cuckoo clock sound and the sound like barking dogs.

This is same method the Swedish police is using. They transmit sound of sirens into apartment, using sound of owls on paths or woods, or transmitting sound of a cuckoo clock into apartment and using barking dogs for hours some days, and people in then walking around and sounding like this.


State of Sweden stalking you with sirens outdoors, indoors, day and night

State of Sweden airstalking with helicopetr day and even late night.

State of Swede stalking you when you going to a job interview

State of Sweden airstalking you when you start a new job and when you working

State of Sweden airstalking you if you get a rehab job an stalking you around all city

State of Sweden also stalking when you going to healthcare or from healthcare

State of Sweden also hovering over the roofs during therapy

State of Sweden or people connected to them shooting firecrackers late evening before new appointment to healthcare, so they who shooting firecrackers knows when you going to healthcare and shooting firecrackers every time late evening before, and who has access to firecrackers all year in Sweden, and more scary is these people knows when which days you going to healthcare/therapy.

State of Sweden hacking your phone during therapy

State of Sweden also hacking your computer during therapy

State of Sweden also surveillance what tv program you watch and then mirroring this by painting stones blue (from tv program you watch and then they mirroring this)

State of Sweden stalking with sound of sirens day and night and sound of grasstrimmer and they creating sleep deprivation

State of Sweden also shadowing you at nights. When you visting bathroom at night, they know when you wakening up and when you sitting on the toilet they start transmit grasstrimmer sound and sirens in the middle of the night

State of Sweden also using sound of owls there you exercise, around paths or woods

State of Sweden also transmitting sound of cuckoo clock into apartment

State of Sweden also transmitting music chorus like; “You drive us wild, we drive you crazy”

State of Sweden aalso transmitting music chorus like; We love to hate you

State of Sweden also transmitting music chorus like; Land of confusion

State of Sweden using psychic driving and looping same music chorus for hours and looping same commercials from tv

State of Sweden using music trumpet sound you can hear in Swedish TV broadcasting (from World Championship Football) and transmitting and beaming this around all city, they beaming this indoors and outdoors, and they playing this when I writing this.

Can you imagine how the rest of all departments in Sweden behaving in a organized gang stalking way when the Swedish Police acting like this. If this representing the Swedish Hive Mind Of Organized Gang Stalking they can use everyone to persecuting, harassing, stalking how they want. And it seems organized gang stalkers imitating these behaviors and acting like this; stalking everywhere, persecuting, police patrolling onpaths, in food stores, walking with hands behind their back, people make human made sound of sirens, sound like owls (and State of Sween using sound of owls) and people even make sound of cuckoo clock on the streets and State of Sweden transmitting sound of a cuckoo clock into your apartment), people driving around with one broken light on the cars (Horus Eye” symbolism and these are many cars every day). This surveillance mentality and stalking mentality is everywhere. It´s like a nazi-surveillance-mentality or stalking mentality everywhere. People even talking surveillance when you particpating in health activities the social “wellfare” services providing.

Here is an example how State of Sweden has organized their stalking vehicles in same blue color

Police helicopter, postal service truck, and even the swedish ice cream truck and a cleaning company has same blue color as the Swedish police helicopter, and all are used for organized gang stalking.


And all these stalking vehicles has same blue color as Blucifer at Denver Airport – Masonry or Illuminati symbolism even in Sweden…?

The phrase “Eastern Star” or “Blazing Star”  has a specialized meaning in occultism. It refers to the star Sirius. One interesting thing about the The Swedish Bible 2000 is that they have removed the color blue from the scriptures, but they using this bluish color for organizeed gang stalking vehicles. Blue in the scriptures represents The Law of God.


This is the Swedish Solar Plexus Mind Control Psychology music chorus they transmit into your apartment and when you exercise outdoors; We control the Sunlight (This mean the Solar Plexus Brain in stomach or The Human Ego). Maybe this ego is The Matrix and when start free yourself from these energies they start targetting, tormenting, using sound mind control, start looping everything to keep you in s state of tunnel reality.


Then Organized Gang Stalking is covert and overt  psychological warfare strategies military agencies is part of Gang Stalking with their technology

Swedish Air Force flying over the roofs two days and they doing this when are writing and reading about 144.000 in Revelation and speed of light

You can suddenly hear the Air plane flying over the roofs but you don´t hear when  it´s coming closer in same way when the sound of the air force is tuning out. Should you not hear a sound from a air force when it comes closer in same way when they flying away..? They also airstalking you in same way with helicopters when you exercise outdoors; you don´t hear the helicopter flying closer, it is suddenly flying over your head.

This sound can be heard all over the city wherever you go. Who has the capacity and technology to beaming this around all city – maybe some form of military agency and same sound can be heard in Swedish broadcasting of World Championship in football


Swedish fireworkers ia also gang stalkers and driving around with their stalking trucks, and even place out firehoses like this when nothing has burned. When fireworkers going for lunch and drivng up behin you they start their sirens on a parking place, and they start their sirens when you passing the firestation.



They using ambulances and stalking you and they parking these trucks in the middle of the road or they parking an ambulance outside your apartment when you going outdoors or they park a ambulance on the other side of your apartment with flashing blue light on. In same way  they using other vehicles to stalkimg and surveillance they using these vehicles in same way.

State Television


Here is some example how Swedish pharmacies workers using same organized gang stalking method all other using.

When you visting the pharmacy you could hear how the pharmacy workers talk so loud so everyone in the whole pharmacy could hear her discussion she have with a customer about their medication. This is how they start their interfering psychology and is same method they using when you are outdoors and they word dropping something when you passing people or they start talking to sensitizing your mind.

Then they give you same advice to split a pill in four pieces when you already have started to split them in four pieces. This is also part of this shadowing-surveillance-stalking see everything you do psychology and then revealing this. You even don´t ask for this advice, but this is good surveillance psychology information to use (stalking spirit of Sweden)

They start using the classified term doctors using

When you buying products you get transparent shopping bag used for when customers want´s return medication they no longer use

They start using fake coughing sensitizing methods

They don´t larm off your products when you leaving the store

People and pharmacy workers acting and playing psychological street theater





Labor union

State Post Company


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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