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Bodies of Men and other Living Beings are the Biggest Chemical Industries – KUNDALINI – THE POTENTIAL POWER OF MAN

Bodies of Men and other Living Beings are the Biggest Chemical Industries – KUNDALINI – THE POTENTIAL POWER OF MAN

As per Swami Satyananda Saraswati, “the awakening of the Kundalini causes a transformation and transcendence in life of an aspirant. He experiences the visions of God and the higher realms of truth. There are subtle changes in his mind, mood, priorities, desires and worldly attachments. The fruits of past karmas begin to be washed away. All the body cells are fully charged with the life energy and the process of rejuvenation begins. The physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual involution (journey back to God) begin to take place. “Once the great Shakti (power) awakens, man is no longer a gross physical body operating with a lower mind and a low voltage prana (quantum cosmic energy). Instead every cell of his body is charged with the high-voltage prana of Kundalini. And when total awakening occurs, man becomes a junior god, an embodiment of divinity.”

Famous Psychologist Dr. C.G. Jung a student of Sigmund Freud and Esther Harding believed in a “Higher Unifying Centre” for the super-conscious and for the life of the individual as a whole. He called this centre as ‘Trans-personal or Higher Self’. The spiritual unfold-ment may give experiences of the superconscious realms and the aware of the Ego ‘I’ self. The process is known as Self-Realization, which leads to the identification of ‘I’ with the Higher Self.” “Kundalini is one of the greatest energies. The whole body of an aspirant starts glowing because of the rising of the Kundalini in Sushumana. Because of this, unwanted impurities in the body disappear. The body of the aspirant is suddenly modifies in appropriate proportion and the eyes look bright & attractive and his eyeballs glow.”

To design, install and run such a huge chemical industry with an infinite intelligent network, running inside a man or any other living being, the whole surface of earth is not sufficient. It is impossible for the engineers to design it in such a small compact body, which does not need any worker and quality control and management people inside the body. All the human body organs are constantly working in perfect co-operation in a network, continuously day and night. It requires an intelligent energy to run and manage it in the small compact physical body.

This huge factory inside the human body is not affected, whether we take food or not. The food and fluid we take in, simply supply heat, electrical, chemical and mechanical inert energies and a few complex chemicals the body needs. If we stop taking food at all, all our body organs and systems like heart, sense organs, brain, digestive system, excretion system and nerves systems etc. will still continue to work as usual till our death. None of the body system stops working due to the lack of food energy. But all the body organs stop functioning instantaneously just after our death when the life force leaves our body. It is just as the electric powerhouse is switched off and everything comes to stand still instantly. It clearly shows that the body is not running by food alone, but it is working due to some infinite intelligent energy known as life energy or the prana. Strength comes from within, not from the muscles alone. Life of a human body is sustained from our power within. It does not depend solely on food.

The fourth shakra is located in the region of the heart. It is the abiding place of the God within. When kundalini reaches this point, love is awakened and the transformation of the lower man to the higher man begins. It is associated with the element of air, and its principle is touch. The fifth shakra is located at the hollow of the throat. When Kundalini enters this region, man is on his way to developing his psychic powers.

The fifth shakra also marks the real beginning of the spiritual man. Its element is Ether, and is associated with the principle of sound. From here kundalini travels to the sixth or the head chakra. It is here where all visions, psychic and otherwise, do occur. It is the home of the Third Eye, or the Eye of the soul. Once kundalini reaches this point, man is on his way to liberation. The seventh and the final shakra is the crown chakra. When kundalini finally enters this region, man experiences the cosmic bliss, freedom from all desires. He merges with the cosmic consciousness and liberates himself.”

When Kundalini awakes, individual consciousness unites with universal consciousness and man dis-covers his cosmic nature. The world of diversity is withdrawn and a new world of unlimited blissful experience is emitted. Kundalini is thus the vital link that unites the microcosm with the macrocosm. Permeating both levels of being, the power of consciousness makes the transition from individual to universal consciousness possible and, conversely, the creation of the finite from the infinite.

The awakening of the letters makes speech possible in man and also brings the universe into being.  Kundalini creates all the gods, worlds, Mantras and categories of existence and concludes by saying that it is found in the Muladhara within man.

The unconscious rise of Kin marks the emanation of the energy of the letters as the forces which bind individual consciousness. The conscious rise of Kundalini, on the contrary, marks the dissolving away of these binding forces and the creation, through the realization of their true nature, of these same energies as aspects of the freedom of the reflective awareness of pure consciousness.


Kundalini is the primal energy, the divine cosmic energy, the potential power of man. Life depends on this dormant energy for its transformation, dynamisation and sublimation. It controls man’s physiological, mental and spiritual evolution. As divine energy it is latent in man and needs to be awakened. Unless it is awakened, man will not have any spiritual growth. It is the basis of all spiritual experiences. Its awakening makes man spiritually strong. As physical energy, it is very much awake and alive. It is behind man’s physiological growth, his every action and thought, word and senses. Along with prana, it pervades the body and keeps man alive.

On the physical level, it controls his very life breath, his heart beat, circulation, respiration etc. It is the basis of life. As the life sustainer, Kundalini is very much active. It operates through the three lowest centres to provide for physical needs only: Muladhara centre where all the physical energy and spiritual energy are concentrated; Svadisthana centre and Manipura centre, where considerable physical energy and prana are stored.

Kundalini is the symbol of man’s divinity. It is present in every human being, although it remains dormant in the majority of cases. The average person is little removed from his lower instinct. Eating, drinking, sleeping and procreating are common to all creatures. It is only the awakening of the Kundalini that distinguishes man from animals. Its awakening marks the beginning of his great spiritual journey.

The higher man rises spiritually the higher he is above anyone else. The word ‘Kundalini’ still evokes mystery. It is as fascinating and as awe-inspiring. This Divine gift brings as much of a thrill for those eager to discover its presence. For them it is the most delightful and wondrous experience. To those who hold it in utter awe, it gives a downright cold chill. For them it is most dangerous. Kundalini is the unique way to attaining superconscious perception, realization of the spirit. It is the secret to divine wisdom. Sages of all times and climes discovered this inner power to man’s perfection.

The Kundalini once awakened gradually brings the mind and senses under control. These Sages of distant past understood the mind as the mightiest instrument of knowledge. Control of the mind alone will unveil the highest knowledge of the self.

Man’s mind, utterly externalized, has lost all notion of the subtle world within. In normal life everything man imagines, sees or dreams he perceives in the external world. When the Kundalini is awakened, perception is also in the mental space. It is the sublime experience of the ancient seers. For the first time, within the once dark abyss of his mind, man discovers the ineffable realm of consciousness.

He realises the mighty difference between ordinary consciousness and superconsciousness. Then alone is the mystery of life revealed. Consciously or unconsciously all prayers, worship, rites, rituals and ceremonials ultimately lead to the awakening of the Kundalini. All good thoughts, actions, prayers, an exemplary life, a strong faith and longing for God transform a part of the physical and sexual energy into spiritual energy and give man more and more spiritual power. Through longing and devotion to God this infinite inner power, coiled up in sleep in the Muladhara centre, will be awakened to push its way through to the Sushumna, located in the spinal cord.

The goal of all spiritual practices is to awaken and cause the Kundalini to ascend from the lower centres along the Sushumna, Muladhara, Svadisthana and Manipura, to the higher, Anahata, Vishuddha and Ajna and the highest, Sahasrara.

To raise the Kundalini is the whole aim of all yoga practices. Therein lies all knowledge. It can be awakened through mantra-repetition, mantra yoga; through yogic postures, breathing, bandhas and mudras, hatha yoga; through philosophy and knowledge, Jnana yoga etc. Kundalini is the only means to succeed in meditation.

It lies dormant and will only manifest as a spiritual force, when awakened. Its awakening is a natural process. It is in no way dangerous especially if awakened through Divine grace or by the grace of a guru through shaktipat. In shaktipat the guru transmits his own shakti, divine energy, into the recipient. The awakening is spontaneous and by far the simplest and easiest way.

With the awakening of the Kundalini, the recipient will immediately or within a short time experience a higher plane of consciousness. The dark recesses of his  d will glow with the luminous form of consciousness. While the experience lasts, the mind will be still, as his consciousness has ascended to a higher plane. From outside he may give the impression of being motionless as in sleep. However,he has perfect awareness of being merged into a higher plane of consciousness. He becomes witness of his own consciousness. It is a state of blissful being.

While the awakening is possible through a guru’s grace, its raising depends entirely on the recipient. Once awakened the Kundalini does not go back to its dormant state. Anytime it can be made to rise, but only through sincere personal effort and a disciplined life. One has to follow the divine rules and put in the right effort. Other wise the Kundalini will not ascend.

One will not progress. Yogic breathing is important, as mental repetition of a sacred word received from the guru. Living according to ethics is fundamental, as proper diet. Only then can one slowly raise it from centre to centre till the brain centre, Sahasrara is reached. Every being that has a spinal cord has the three psychic currents present in them.

The Sushumna is the main of the three vital psychic currents. It appears as a luminous live thread within the spinal cord. Ida and Pingala are the two lesser psychic currents. Vital force, prana is stored up in the sushumna. It is indeed the live passage of man’s salvation. Its extremities end in two centres, Muladhara at the base of the spine and Sahasrara, at the apex.

Between these two are five other subtle centres. These seven centres are so many planes, each corresponding to a higher layer of the mind. The latent energy has to be awakened and directed through the sushumna up the spine to the brain. As the Kundalini moves from one centre to another a new superconscious world unfolds within. Its ascent is more of an unfoldment, expansion and elevation of consciousness until it attains its blissful state in the brain centre, Sahasrara. Once it reaches the Sahasrara it is the highest state of superconsciousness, Samadhi. Sahasrara is the ocean of Infinite Light, Knowledge, Existence, and Bliss.

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