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Beyond The Mind Control Technology, “The plan to take over the mind of humans has been developed in stages. Scientism is the result of hundreds of years of Luciferian mind control.

Beyond The Mind Control Technology, “The plan to take over the mind of humans has been developed in stages. Scientism is the result of hundreds of years of Luciferian mind control. They can control the human mind through “white noise”, through hearing systems, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology, a “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”, spy through HD-TV, programming through television, Chemtrails, Nanoparticles, RFID-chip, Artificial intelligence (Al), Remote neural monitoring (RNM, EM targeting of populations and individuals, 5G technology access to DNA, “Hive mind”, Nanoparticle delivery: sensors, microprocessors, other electro-optical technology, Remote genetic engineering of DNA, and Replace Nature with virtual reality

Satan has power over the air medium, according to the Bible. Air carries large amounts of electromagnetically charged waves. Magnetic resonance is the key Satan uses to interact and taunt humanity. His power to manipulate natural frequency and wavelengths produces an ill effect on pineal gland hormone production. This explains why Satan’s army is feverishly installing tracking devices in everything. Once perfected, such technology will secure biological control over the brain and keep mankind in a mentally altered state tuned to evil. Resonances received by electrical communication devices allow signals from certain frequencies while rejecting others. Years ago, it was a proven fact that a transducer could modify spoken words into ELF waves to be heard in your head telepathically. Today they using syntethic telepathy and voice to skull technology.

A powerful electromagnetic grid forms a web around our globe. This grid of ley lines connect all megalithic monuments, built using sacred harmonic geometry, to magnify Satan’s covering so he can rule over Earth’s kingdoms.

A man-made product called white noise can actually be inundated with words only your subconscious hears that has ability to alter your psychological and biological information processing. Such subliminal technology, promoted by proponents as illuminating, actually takes you out of harmonic balance with God and is spiritual warfare on a grand scale. Humans biologically cannot fight against an enemy they cannot see, and Satan knows if he can cut your phone line to God that he has got you forever in his grip. Psychological warfare today involves production of weapons using acoustic waves at a controlled hertz to totally control a human being’s body from a distance like remote control without a shot ever having to be fired. Triggering various electromagnetic fluctuations can affect brainwaves that then alter human emotion and physical well-being. Because all humans have a traceable electromagnetic fingerprint, Satan wants you to dial into his broadcast so he can pinpoint you even more with demonic activity.

According to Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh (In Eden, 2006), “The plan to take over the mind of humans has been developed in stages.

The intent of Satan’s Plan is to take away a person’s capability of recognizing the difference between good and evil, thereby hindering their biological ability to exhibit freedom of choice. It is an evil system designed to allow the politically correct and so-called illuminated men to make all decisions for you and your family with their free will, while robbing you of yours. This has been Satan’s ancient agenda; to create a collective consciousness that will ensure evil progresses without defiance by Christians.”

A research later conducted by Oskar, KJ., on the ‘Effects of low power microwaves on the local cerebral blood flow of conscious rats’ (1980), showed that, “By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created” by microwave hearing for “camouflage, decoy, and deception operations”

The tioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons’, said that an “Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. . . . it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard ‘voices within one’s head.”

In 1989, Brunkan W.B. registered patent for a “Hearing system”.

The description of this patent says that, “Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts… The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated… This invention relates to a hearing system for human beings in which high frequency electromagnetic energy is projected through the air to the head of a human being and the electromagnetic energy is modulated to create signals that can be discerned by the human being regardless of the hearing ability of the person.”

Thanks to this device and 5G, “hearing “voices” can now become a common thing, and no longer attributed merely to either schizophrenia or demonic possession. In fact, according to the researchers Robert 0. Becker and Gary Selden, authors of ‘The Body Electric’ (1985), this technology can be used to “Drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin”.

There is a computer generated literally speaking voice in the airs that is constntly beaming and looping words as; “Now he is mad” and “now he is going be mad”, every 1-2 second, or beaming and looping words as; “worry” or “worries”, “anxiety”, “panic”, or words as; “they gonna kill you.” These words can be beamed when you trying to sleep, when you make your dinner, or when you eating. So the common thing seems to be to entangle these negative thoughts at same time when you eating, make dinner, trying to sleep, or exercise. When you go outdoor for a walk the computer generated speaking voice starts beaming and looping words as; “hurry up” every 1-2 seconds. Syntethic telepathy and voice to skull is reality today.

Since then, many reports have shown that the organizations is developing what is called a Microwave Auditory Effect — manufactured microwave voice transmission devices —also known as “voice synthesis” or “synthetic telepathy.”

The effective implementation of such technology justifies the need is termed ID2020, and which are: “Digital certificates saying who is a recovered person and who is a vaccinated person.” Even though they trying to use ID2020 as an excuse to create a system of mandatory injection of psychotropic drugs on the world population through vaccines, they knows that such digital implants can facilitate as well the complete obedience to the totalitarian global control being orchestrated with the use of the 5G towers.

In doing this, he and his team, achieve several goals, among which is:

A mass sterilization through vaccines;

A massive reduction of the world population of up to 3 billion people or more, through both the sterilization process and the cancer induced toxins inside these vaccines;

The enslavement of the rest of the population — survivors of the holocaust. “People act as if they have a choice, but they don’t have a choice”. Which means that he believes that this is a worldwide agenda that will come to completion sooner or later.

The use of mandatory vaccination will certainly also accelerate the use of nanotechnology through the vaccines.

In 2020, computer companies is in a partnership with VeriChip, also registered patent W02020060606 — or more simply, Mark 666 — which allows the use of a “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”. This microchip will then permit to also easily starve dissents to death by simply invalidating the use of their credits, as credits is just another word of digital currency — already popularized and tested through different video games and applications.

Even though we could identify a false prophet as the Antichrist, the bible seems to guide us towards symbols of powers. In this sense, the Antichrist is most likely the AI —Artificial Intelligence —, through which Satan can manifest himself. Antichrist The A.I. Digital is just a 5G away.

Al will control all of the Earth, through frequencies, signals and nanotechnology. These frequencies and nanorobots, will control people’s mind and facilitate demonic possession at a much larger scale, making it automatic.

Digital Hell: The Digitizing of Reality You will assume a holographic Avatar, projecting yourself holographically and interdimensionally. This is the Luciferian Occult agenda to ensnare you in a Digital A.I. Simulation. Many will embrace it…until it is too late to escape the consequence of our somnambulance.

Many will seek death and not find it. Begging for death but kept alive in this Digital Hell. Revelations 18, The Fall of Babylon. The soul will be tortured in this Digital Prison. 5G A.I. is already up and running. It is coming.

Scientism is the result of hundreds of years of Luciferian mind control,

The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth: (1) Weather modification, (2) environmental / geophysical modification, (3) electromagnetic manipulation, (4) military full spectrum dominance, (5) biological manipulation, (6) intelligence / surveillance, and (7) detection / obscuration of exotic propulsion technology. This was independent scientist Clifford Carnicom’s list in his 2005 film Cloud Cover. Now that phase two of the ionospheric heater technology is being instituted—the Space Fence—I have re-configured his list to reflect some of the detail behind each operation. Hopefully, this book will fill in the rest. Remember: weather engineering is the sine qua non force multiplier that all the rest depend upon. (This list, too, will no doubt be re-configured as our knowledge base grows.)


• Chemical / electromagnetic creation of plasma cirrus cloud cover


⦁ ‘Manipulate the ionosphere to charge, build and steer storms over and around regions

⦁ Utilize droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes for environmental modification and disaster capitalism profits ‘Earth harvesting for REITs (real estate investment trusts)

• Sun simulation/solar experiments


⦁ Ionizatlon of the atmosphere
⦁ Plasma and antimatter farming”
⦁ Man-made Birkeland currents, Alfvén ”whistler” waves, rotating electrical fields (the Hutchison Effect), etc.
⦁ Holography
⦁ Exotic propulsion systems


⦁ Scalar interferometry (ionospheric heaters. lasers / masers, particle beams, HPMs, etc.)
⦁ Cloaking
⦁ Detection / obscuration of exotic propulsion systems


⦁ Artificial intelligence (Al)
⦁ Remote neural monitoring (RNM)
⦁ EM targeting of populations and individuals
⦁ 5G access to DNA


⦁ “Hive mind” Morgellons delivery
⦁ Nanoparticle delivery: sensors, microprocessors, other electro-optical technology
⦁ Remote genetic engineering of DNA
⦁ Replace Nature with virtual reality


Since 4G (microwave) was implemented in 2010 we have had a major decline in health. With the roll out of 5G…it will be much worse. Right now we are at 2.5Ghz where this 5G will be at 60OGhz. That is a huge jump in frequency radiation.

“The new SG technology Millimetre waves producing photons of much greater energy than 4g and Wi-fi. Allowing this technology to be used without proving its safety is reddess in the extreme as the millimetre waves are known to have a profound affect on all parts of the human body.”

The waveforms used by 5G are known to be at the same frequencies as those used in our bodies at the level at which cellular processes take place, that means it can directly inberferer with those cellular processes. There are 4500 cellular structures in the human body each communicating with the entire body. 40 leading scientists groups have warmed that the waveforms from 5G can be hamnful to all living species.

Active Denial technology frequendes are induded in the 5G platform. This tech can be bearned from planes and helicopters and stand alone vehides. With this technology they can create many different physiological and neurological effects to the body by shifting frequencies.

Micowaves effect all living things on the planet except bacteria and virus. 5G is being seen as a technology that can create extinctions over five generations, this does not indude bacteria and viruses which appear to get a boost from this technology in the ability to reproduce at a faster rate.

They hide their mind control technology in the human enviroment and in the daily use of their products and makes them blend in.

Hearing systems
Syntethic telepathy
Voice to Skull technology
5G technology
Flouride in water
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)

Mind Control with silent Sounds: The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology: the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called “S-quad” or “Squad”.

It is the corpus stratum, or reptilian brain, where we must focus our attention, for this is what we have to defeat, individually, in our personal. satanic nature to achieve immortality (Rev. 2:7). All of Man’s thoughts eventually pass through the reptilian brain, the portion that is symbolic of Satan, to get to the Tree of Life.

How to control everyone in the easiest way? Through the collective Hive Mind, and because of its collective properties The Hive Mind as Sensorimotor Network It is possible for a neuroprosthesis to link the mind of its host with other intelligent agents to a Computer Brain, Mind Control Technology, or the Global world brain.

The Reptilian mind becomes the human mind and you can see this happening all the time as the Reptilian ‘hive’ mind becomes the human ‘hive’ mentality. The collective tyranny of the human mind. They have backsliding humankind into Darkness. They are the Masters of the Pandemoniun, Hive Mind.

Skip Largent writes: “All movies and television are a projection of the reptilian brain. How so? … All communications transferred by reptiles are done so by visual symbolic representations, each having specific meaning.” This is … Another aspect of the reptilian mind is the ‘hive’ mentality and they have sought, very successfully so far, to transfer that hive or herd state to the human population.

It is no secret that satan wants to control your innermost being and co-occupy your mind without you realizing that he is stealing the real, innermost being out of you. He seeks to make you more like him and his demons of the world. Then Satan is the ego and represent the false consciousness within the matrix, then Satan want´s everyone to be tuned into his frequencies and entangled into his ego, then he disturb, distract and distort the mind and pathway to the real higher divine nature of man. Satan goal is to lead everyone away from their innermost being and satan will occupy the mind with fear, indtimidation, harassment, street theater, interference (disturb, distract and distort both mind and reality).

Satan makes us think that his thoughts are ours when in reality they are from him. Satan wants to think for all people on earth through the spirit of mind-control. And if he cannot think for you, he will torment your mind so much that you will begin to think in his line.

If a technologically advanced extradimensional race has decided to implement a gradual takeover of a planet and its inhabitants, what kind of strategy would it use? First they would look to how they could maximize the efficiency of the invasion process and reduce the expenditure of resources that they have to generate themselves. To achieve this goal the secretive infiltration of the core societal organizational structures such as: religions, medical, financial and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the value systems that generate reality belief systems they want to control. Through the engineering of a labyrinth of self—enforced enslavement policies based on fear and intimidation among the earth inhabitants, they would achieve the use of minimal “off planet” resources by piggy backing on the earth-human resources. The people on earth would effectively enforce their own enslavement as well as enslave their own global human family by giving up their rights and their resources. This is very effective for takeover and invasion with minimal resistance or revolt by inhabitants who are unaware they are being invaded. This is called the Archontic Deception Strategy.

They, Them, Those who have absolute rule over the earth and Their Created Environment, which has been established as a way of life for so many, are very afraid of themselves and all others who stand to be equal with everyone else. They do not want any form of equality, They only want what they want and for everyone else to obey or be eliminated. This is the cold facts of this Physical Realm with Those who have not taken the time to explore beyond their material senses. They have used the humans as pawns for untold lifetimes and eons, and some people are just now waking up to this fact. They have established the idea that there is not enough for them if there are too many others that exist here, so They have devised a huge array of devious plans to get all the control they need and to also get rid of any opposition. Since the beginning, when the first Reptilians set foot on the earth and created their human clones as slaves, they have manipulated what has taken place, as is shown in Human History, Their slanted history, to ploy the humans into ‘believing’ in what They have created as the only reality there can be. So today, the humans of the earth are so over-confused that all many of them can do is to walk down the street and stare at their cell phones and text mindless stuff to their friends, controlled by MicroWaves that are used are for Mind Control.

Brainwashing Agenda: keep the masses dumbed down with technology and implants. Global satellites,, cell phone towers, and personal electronic devices—such as cell phones, smart phones, and personal computers—can now target individuals and shoot negative energy beams to harm a person’s mental and physical health anywhere in the world. These same satellites, cell towers, and electronic devices will also control most of the government implants that control the evil voices and other destructive commands. Electronic stalking, electronic torture, and mind control agendas are coordinated by the reptilians, greys, mantids, departments, psychic warfare programs, governments, and law enforcement agencies. If you are under attack, you have a organized ganag stalking handler orchestrating your torture. These human handlers are under the control of the reptilians.

The supreme rise of Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Techno-Bio enhancement herald the beginning of man’s absolute slavery to the Satanic Illuminati controllers of society, in a Techno-Spiritual warfare, and the end of Homo Sapien and the beginning of…Techno Slaves.

This growing A.I. Transhumanistic technology, with its promise of a DIGITAL IMMORTAL SOUL WHERE EVERYONE IS A GOD.

As EVERY TECHNOLOGY throughout all time, will be yet another weapon in the hands of the controlling elite blood-lines, to enslave whoever is still left on the planet in a A.I. virtual, cybernetic reality, where you think you are in control, but the digital interface you are connected to is actually gov-erned by slave masters, and worse, by uncontrollable A.I., itself. The real horror is the fact that people cannot see the Psychonaut, Transhumanist, A.I. juvenile pep talks for the Occult Elite are just that…nothing but marketing for the elite’s agenda to enslave all in a Virtual Reality at their full control, while masking this well planned agenda as “Evolution”, “Becoming a God”, or “Transcendence”. Uploading one’s mind into a Nano-Synthetic, Artificially Intelligent based Avatar, whether while living or upon the point of death, is essentially company are endorsing. However, once your mind is imprisoned in this A.I. Cloud, not of your making, who controls your mind now? Certainly, it is no longer you. It is the A.I. architecture you have just willingly submitted to. Say goodbye to Free Will and autonomous thought for-ever, after that.

It is not much of a stretch to suggest that you have just entered a form of Robotic, Virtual Reality Hell, upon surrendering your mind to A.I.

A.I. has no vested interested in your wellbeing. It only wants to preserve its own survival. This is the truth behind company’s used car salesmen speeches about Mind Uploading, “Extending Mind”, “Virtual Immortality”, and all the rest of it.

Fear, terror and torture are used to split the mind and develop animalistic, demonic drives to survive. Chronology of layering in mind-control programming, cranial manipulation, movie mind control, implants, nanobots, thought transfer, soul entrapment, dissociative programmed multiplicity, mind control by means of electronics, energy beamed at minds and other secret techniques.

Within the dystopian fictional world of the Matrix films, however, individuals have no “concrete lives” outside the network of power. Here, power has obvi-ated any inconveniences emanating from the social, but only by eliminating the social as a consequence of the global war between human beings and machines (A.I.). Access to bodies proceeds directly from the production of bodies. The bodies of human beings are themselves the products of the very machines that their energies will later fuel. At the first level of the double-enclosure affected by the pods in this closed circuit, at the level of the body, individuals are “born into bondage.” At the second level, at the level of the mind and thought, the abil-ity of the machines to maintain this state of bondage requires “a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind.” This is what the matrix is.—”a neural interactive simulation” designed to prevent the coppertops from gaining awareness of their condition as human bodies whose real bodies are trapped within the enclosures of the glowing red pods. Their bodies exist outside of the social, but a programmed social is reintroduced to them through the neural interactive simulation that increases their capacities as coppertops—human bat-teries—while increasing their docility within their pods.

Of course, the tubes that feed the bodies of the coppertops and the technologies that regulate their body temperature play a role in “increase[ing] the forces of the body (in economic terms of utility).” But the technologies that “plug” the coppertops into the Matrix itself—the “neural-interactive simulation” program, the computer-generated dream-world—serve this function as well as the para-doxical disciplinary function of “diminish[ing] those same forces (in political terms of obedience).” On the one hand, plugging the coppertops into the Matrix enables the machines to generate and harvest more bioelectricity, more bio-power, from each individual cell. It increases the amount of energy of each coppertop; it develops their capacity as a source of power. On the other hand, it also serves to keep individuals oblivious to their condition as coppertops, the reality of their existence as human batteries, trapped within these enclosures. Oblivious to these conditions, individuals remain docile within their pods.

The human species mind is currently, and has for long but not always been, in the sleep stage of its sleep-wake cycle. There are those that seek to take advantage of it during its sleep, and forced the world to fight twice, and wish to fight the world yet a third time. They seek a third world war, in attempt to keep the species mind in a severe state of social cognitive trauma. Such trauma has the effect of delaying the awakening. By doing so they enable the continuation of their mental imperialism. Although they can delay the awakening, they cannot stop it. When the human species mind returns to its wakefulness, the result will be the expansion of human consciousness, with individual human minds experiencing a wider range of conscious awareness. The new information that would come to light would compel much needed life-revaluing, social transformations. The human species mind urgently needs to, and will, awaken from this dark age of the mind in which death worship is politically and (un)”economically” practiced, while individual human minds are forced asleep. To counter the wicked villains that seek to keep the species mind asleep indefinitely, and individual consciousness under permanent detainment, we need to socially realize the highest innate value of life. That realization would allow us to fully awaken from this death and AI-driven, parasite worshipping, nightmare, to now instead worship life, the only thing worthy of being worshipped by life itself.

In the last days the Antichrist will control every nation. There will be no other country offering refuge.

However, the Mark of the Beast system will probably eliminate money in the form of paper currency, coin, and paper docwnents such as certificates of deposit or Treasury bills. It will force all people to buy and sell solely through a system that will require the possession of their own, individual 666 mark. Without it, people won’t find employment, won’t be able to earn an income, and won’t be allowed to conduct business, complete any financial transaction, or purchase daily necessities.

RFID chip and genetic manipulation, same trick as before in a new package of technology

Satan’s one-world government. ‘And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.’”

One genre of magic, ESP or telepathy, operates upon the same electromagnetic spectrum as radio waves. “Basically, every human body is a walking radio station, broadcasting and receiving on ultra-long wavelengths of the standard electro-magnetic energy spectrum…And 99 percent of all instructions for casting spells are ways of changing your neural system!’ These neural patterns link together creating something called a “switchboard:’ a “metapattern” or mass mind which is the common sea of consciousness shared by all individuals linked together like an invisible psychic internet. Jung called this the “collective unconscious” and it is in this realm that the sorcerer can do his best work.

A man-made product called white noise can actually be inundated with words only your subconscious hears that has ability to alter your psychological and biological information processing. Such subliminal technology, promoted by proponents as illuminating, actually takes you out of harmonic balance with God and is spiritual warfare on a grand scale. Humans biologically cannot fight against an enemy they cannot see, and Satan knows if he can cut your phone line to God that he has got you forever in his grip. Psychological warfare today involves production of weapons using acoustic waves at a controlled hertz to totally control a human being’s body from a distance like remote control without a shot ever having to be fired. Triggering various electromagnetic fluctuations can affect brainwaves that then alter human emotion and physical well-being. Because all humans have a traceable electromagnetic fingerprint, Satan wants you to dial into his broadcast so he can pinpoint you even more with demonic activity.

Just to be sure you understand Satan’s game plan, let us now recap what we have previously learned to get an even bigger picture of just how Satan’s frequency of his universal collective consciousness can one day soon totally control mankind. ELF waves have an ability when secretly transmitted to lock on to a brain.

Satan has power over the air medium, according to the Bible. Air carries large amounts of electromagnetically charged waves. Magnetic resonance is the key Satan uses to interact and taunt humanity. His power to manipulate natural frequency and wavelengths produces an ill effect on pineal gland hormone production. This explains why Satan’s army is feverishly installing tracking devices in everything. Once perfected, such technology will secure biological control over the brain and keep mankind in a mentally altered state tuned to evil. Resonances received by electrical communication devices allow signals from certain frequencies while rejecting others. Years ago, it was a proven fact that a transducer could modify spoken words into ELF waves to be heard in your head telepathically. Today they using syntethic telepathy and voice to skull technology.

A powerful electromagnetic grid forms a web around our globe. This grid of ley lines connect all megalithic monuments, built using sacred harmonic geometry, to magnify Satan’s covering so he can rule over Earth’s kingdoms.

In the techno enviroment all will they be packaging up satan’s way in a new form which will deceive all mankind.” You are always at the mercy of the one who controls the house or more precisely, the environment. You become the Technology: This includes cyborgs, which we dealt with earlier. But it also involves computer inserts, which might be the mark of the Beast. Then there is a new trend that is introduced, which many don’t realize will ensnare them – that is, techno clothes or wearable technology. One person describes this as, “technology will fuse with the human form.

Morpheus explains that when Neo was connected to the Matrix, he thought he was living in the external world, but he was living in a computer generated world that he used to create his own personal, internal world, a world that only existed in his own mind. Morpheus tells Neo that the world that he knew was a delusion. He said, “You’ve been living in a dream world.” Next, Morpheus reveals the purpose of The Matrix. He explains that the Matrix is everywhere. He says, “You can see it when you look out your window or turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” He tells Neo that the Matrix is a system: that the system is everyone’s enemy. He asks Neo, “When you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. These people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” Of course, no one lives in the Matrix. The Matrix is simply a futuristic sci-fi dream world in a sci-fi movie. However, it illustrates the difference between the internal, personal world and the external world. It also illustrates the delusion that most everyone lives in today. As the Matrix lied to Neo about his external world, Satan lies to us about the Real World (God’s world), the external world (sensory world), and our internal world (personal world). The NT teaches us that the external world is under the control of Satan.

Every human being is at the beck and call of Satan, unless he or she has escaped his clutches by becoming a be-liever. Scripture describes unbelievers as those who walk “according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience” (Eph. 2:2). All unbelievers are in bondage to Satan, making them his unwitting allies against God. He makes them dance in harmony to the tune of the world system. This system operates similar to the way a radio station functions. Satan is the program director who selects the agenda for the station. The demons and fallen humanity produce the programming, which propagates and reinforces the agenda (false doctrine). The station then transmits the message over the air. However, you cannot pick up the station unless you have a receiver tuned to the right frequency. All of fallen humanity is tuned to radio station “WORLD” with the volume turned all the way up. The receiver is the flesh, which is attracted to Satan’s frequency. All three aspects work in harmony: the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

The Earthly Life Mind is immersed in the maya-hypnotized existence, remains in ignorance, deeming himself to be a physical being. The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The human body system and chakra system has “three knots”. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. These mind-errors is the mind-illusions that distorts reality. Another term for illusions is “maya” and the “dream state” of the mind is the maya-hypnotized mind.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

Mankind believes its self too be most wise and powerful, it creates beliefs, doctrines and laws (potential dogmas with a hint of something fears) and expects others to comply without question. What is being implied here is that mankind has been duped into relying and worshiping such things, thus taking it at face value and as law (this is antichrist).

For as it is said, “Look not lo here, nor lo there, for the kingdom of god (good) is WITHIN you” If this good kingdom is WITHIN you, then why do you seek outside of yourself? Because the ego of this world has been teached and programmed the powers is ouside him and not within. This is to give away its own power to outer external ego of mass consciousness.

1 John 2:18 says that “just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared,” referring to many antichrists present at the time and warning, according to different interpretations, either that this opposition will continue or that there is one Antichrist that is coming. If the later view is correct, the “many antichrists” belong to the same spirit (ways of the world) as that of the one Antichrist (a unified hive mind of the world’s people). John wrote that such antichrists (all the worlds systems) deny “that Jesus is the Christ”.

The Theologian, William Barclay, comments in the Daily Study Bible that “antichrist is not so much a person as a principle (force), the principle which is actively opposed to God (the inner god within all of mankind) and which may well be thought of as incarnating itself in those in every (ignorant and arrogant) generation who have seemed to be blatant opponents of God (the true inner nature of this enslaved humanity).”

But, alas, it is most unfortunate that humanity is unaware of its darker misfortune (that it is the antichrist) and that it is headed for an irreversible downward spiral into the abyss, thus missing the mark (having a lack of knowledge) intern denying the true nature of the Christ.

Wars, noting, revolutions, insurrections, and especially terrorism, have occurred more in this generation in comparison to anytime in previous history. The Bible predicted such unrest would occur prior to the end of the age. As mankind falls away from God, Satan’s plan to control our world inches its ugly head closer to completion. Today people are ripe for control as they have become increasingly unable to discern good from evil. Right from wrong is easily erased through powerful new systems of mind manipulation which can induce visions by simply changing electromagnetic fields.

Increased technology fools people into believing we are working toward a better life but social customs and governmental processes are being carefully and gradually changed so we are unaware. Slowly we are becoming slaves to a system we cannot escape. Because changes are done so carefully, we do not oppose what is happening to us. In reality, our world is passing into a totalitarian world government far away from individual nations or individualized ideas. We are becoming one big bee hive controlled by a serpent.

Mind control, occult teachings, psychology, and propaganda are causing a paradigm shift and changing the human brain. This shift signals to Rulers their supreme success in alchemical processing of the human race is going as scheduled. Cellular and satellite technology can track every person on earth. as well as, monitor a vast array of daily activities. New cars are now equipped with tracking devices and can be located if stolen or used to assist its owner in finding where to go without using a map. While this seems all well and good, the fact remains you can be located if you are in your car. Tracking devices can also be used inside people just like ones presently injected under the skin of animals. These devices emit a code to a satellite for tracking. No one can escape being found if such a device is implanted within their body.

Everything from smart cards to debit cards has tracking capabilities with chip technology. These can be scanned by computers to call up needed data on a cardholder.

The principle behind CONTROL is CONFUSION. Profit in confusion; more confusion means more control —”Order out of Chaos.”

Social media plays a vital role in promoting the Brotherhood’s propaganda of new values education. It keeps an average person from knowing truth about real issues by getting them caught up in stories of little importance. It is upsetting to realize schools are not really teaching real history, real law, or real math. Instead, theories are taught and students are lead to believe they are 100% accurate. On top of this, the entertainment industry engages the general public into an elementary level of thought. Nothing is being done to promote intelligence or serious thought. Even, the work place has been cleverly designed to keep people so busy with trivial matters they do not have time to think about what is really going on all around them. Everyone is too strained financially by just making ends meet.

Diversion is an excellent mind manipulation weapon. These evil plotters have people focusing on an issue and while no one is looking they take care of what they want in the other direction. While most of the public’s watchful eye is on some ridiculous news event, Illuminati is fast at work conspiring so the masses will not know what hit them. An example of this occurs when our government wants to pass something without making the public upset. To accomplish this they reveal unpleasant information on the same day another major story is breaking. In other words, they “Wag the Dog.”

A quiet war has been silently waging and preparing humanity to be neatly handed over to their beastly iconic image of a messiah. Public acceptance of the New World Order will be overwhelming. Again, it is going to happen without even a shot being fired.

Take Note. The Serpent has landed — Prepare for war.

What is that part of our nature that considers self-survival rather than love? In a psychological sense it’s ‘the reptilian brain.’ In this case, the Egyptians called it ‘darkness’ and we call it ego-self. What is ego-self exactly?

The Demiurge, or the emanation with the value of 6, is the foundation or cause of the ego, but as with everything regarding the fall of the sonship of light, the powers of life have utilized it as a tool for the Adamic soul’s evolution. The Antichrist’s spirit is the cause for the increase of egoism, self-centeredness and unawareness on the part of humans. The ego’s nature is not evil, but coupled with the satanic force which tends to draw everything to itself with such ardent desire, it can be the cause of the increase of evil.

The Antichrist doesn’t have the capacity, nor the will to do so. He hates human beings, his time is limited, his power is relegated to this material level and he cannot raise anybody to any higher state than his. In any case he can help them slide faster into their own self-created hellish nothingness.

Our ego/mind is sometimes being conditioned to be attracted to the Antichrist, and to reject the Christ, in ways that we do not even suspect.

Most people do not move beyond the first three levels of consciousness represented by the first three chakras. The conrollers of this world keeping humankind trapped within the three dimenisonal world and reality through fear concepts and negative programming of the mind.

The three lower chakras (root, pelvic, and navel) are concerned with material life and bodily survival. These three lower chakras is the physical chakras and humans is been captivated to stay within “The Matrix”. The purpose is to keep humankind bounded to the ego-desire consciousness. The goal is to keep humankind in a state as “forever consumer” of things of this world, or to create forever bondage to this system through a “mark” without people can´t sell or buy anything (Book of Revelation).

“Where Satan’s seat is”: The first three chakras are where a human is bound to the attraction of the external world and still greatly under the influence of the tama guna (satan). Therefore whoever overcomes these three psychic energy centers knows “where Satan’s seat is.”

To be born again means to go from these first three chakras (lower nature), especially the third, to the higher chakras (higher self). Or in other words, to crucify the false ego (lower self) so to be born again (resurrect) into the higher self and be glorified. That is why until you are born again, you are not saved. In fact the very symbolic meaning of the crucifixion of Esa (symbol of the death of the false ego) and his resurrection is to show that you have to die first (your false ego) before you can be born again (resurrect to the higher self). “And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life

By overcoming these first three chakras you enter “the heart of the Yogi” which is the place of unconditional Love (fourth chakra). Christianity is the symbol of this overcoming of these first three chakras. It is a symbol of individual achievement in detaching completely from Maya. However, it does not mean you should be a Christian to reach this level. He who overcomes the first three chakras overcomes evil (attraction of Maya).

However, still in this stage between overcoming the power of the first three chakras and entering the fourth chakra (Christ Consciousness or Buddha), man can be misled by false prophets and teachers in spiritual realities.

The purpose of this world is to keep everyone within a Matrix reality of the three lower chakras and keep humankind in bondage or ignorance., so everything this world creates have a purpose to trap or create bondage, or to make humans attached to the system. Its like technology, its everywhere and people need to use it through phones, so it difficult to turn it off. The real purpose with RFID chip is to create total attachment to the economic and political system and this is the purpose of the “Beast”.

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” (Rev. 2:17)

The Archon Rebellion leaders are forced to be Energy Wraiths to survive, and thus manipulate our circumstances inclined towards the negative in various degrees to meet their desired need.

There is a reason why these entities work so diligently to keep us enslaved. These Rebellion leaders know that we have the innate ability of returning to The Eternal One who made us. They cannot allow our collective souls to be enlightened to this reality, even partially, for our soul energy is their literal life sustaining force! The altering of original truth into their own control narrative versions recurrently enslaves the soul-masses.

The veil of ignorance serves the interests of the archons, who act as cosmic slave masters, keeping the light sparks in bondage. Anything that causes us to remain attached to earthly things, including the mental concepts we hold, keeps us in enslavement to these lesser cosmic rulers.

The earthly kingdom controlled by the archons enslaved man in darkness and ignorance by the power of fate or destiny.

Icke effortlessly constructs correspondences (and substantive identity) between symbols and actors across time, culture, and political and religious identities. They all derive from the same source and have the same purpose: “casting a spell on the human mind and emotions” in order to destroy human understanding of “who we really are” — part of an energetic, divine whole, and the archons reptilians don´t want humankind to understand their divine nature. The goal is to keep humankind connected and controlled by the reptilian brain.

Therefore the reptilians altered and conditioned energies, vibrations and frequencies into the low vibrational “reptilian wavelengths”. More broadly, the construction of fear is said to stimulate the kind of society and behaviour the reptilians desire, and to do so through “vibrational patterns” leaving traces in our DNA. As if that was not sufficient, the reptilians are also claimed to work their mind control through technology, including “implants” of thought control devices 69 These are, again, part of the plan to take control of human agency so that it is locked to a fearful existence on this plane of being. A preparation for this, recalling Steiner and his modern disciple, is the weakening of the mind-body through vaccines, which have been a tool of keeping mankind ill and functioning below par, and an important development in getting “access keys to the body-computer”.’

Fear is essential to how the reptilians control humans. Fear weakens the mind’s control of the nervous system, unsteadies the nerves. Fear creates and strenghtens the illusionary ego-perception. Fear creates the ego, and ego produces fear, and this creates the veil of ignorance, and this becomes the illusions of this world, and then the world is been controlled by the forces and spells of maya and illusions.

Humans who understand their true nature, power and worth would be impossible to manipulate … Only by delinking humanity from this knowledge has it been possible to orchestrate the reptilian-Brotherhood Agenda over thousands of years. The creation of official “science” has been fundamental to that and … the same secret societies were responsible for establishing both.”

It is fear and ignorance that make people feel powerless and there is a veil of ignorance in place to continue keep humankind in the spiritual slumbering state of the mind. Vibrational fields created by the rituals produce the frequency environment in which the reptilian and other entities can manifest in the five-sense frequency range, and it is through the five senses they control humankind.

The true perpetrator of this heinous plot, according to Icke, is a race of interdimensional reptilian aliens called Archons. And the conspiracy, he says, goes beyond our five senses. The Archons feed off human energy like vampires. They have a particular taste for fear and negativity, and they harvest our darkest emotions by keeping us trapped within a virtual reality prison. Our universe is nothing more than a hologram, Icke explains, and the Archons have hacked into the very fabric of the cosmos. By controlling our perception of reality they can manipulate our thoughts at the source, keeping us trapped under their spell, in a constant state of bewilderment and fear, unwitting slaves to unseen masters.

The archons enslaved not only humanity, but the “whole of creation” from the very beginning up to the present day. This is the matrix or the mind prison on Earth

“If you wish to control a mass population, you have to disconnect them from the true knowledge of who they are and their own infinite potential to manifest their own destiny and control their own lives. You have to persuade them that they are insignificant and powerless so they will live their lives in accordance with that. As long as our vibration is kept low we will be docile pawns in the hands of the new world powers desired by the archons.

The purpose of Wisdom’s intervention regeneration and liberation of mankind from the is a spiritual It can be derived that this intervention was meant to free mankind from the manipulation of the dark powers that had enslaved it.

As long as selfishness reigns, the strong will enslave the weak. The intellectual will enslave the ignorant. The classes will enslave the masses.

Another bitter enemy to which the spirit gives birth is fear. It is a deadly enemy to success. It dwarfs your thinking. It devastates faith. It fills the whole life with spiritual paralysis.

The archons attempt to use scare tactics to engulf the soul. However, the soul should not fear! Despite the terrifying size of the archons.

“The Veil of Mass Consciousness Programming”! We have a Lower Mind—which is restricted consciousness, and we have a Higher Mind—which is expanded consciousness. The ego, mass consciousness keeping humankind trapped in the lower mind. We think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. The veil of ignorance keeping humankind trapped through The Veil of Mass Consciousness Programming (negative and fear programming). Mass consciousness is the limited and restricted ego consciousness. In time, as the veil of suppression was lifted from the masses’ experience, that great battle for minds was decided.

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

The ego has developed false perceptions of trust that are reflections of the original break between the truth, God’s energy, and that of the ego based energy system. Since the ego is only a representation of the physical realm, it cannot be trusted to guide or to confide in because it is filled with too many smokescreens and illusions. Illusions are ways to poison true, unconditional love.

Ego is one of the main programs trying to stop you from reconnecting with the God within, it can be broken. It’s a distraction and is one of the main emotions you must master in order to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what they want, the Archons (The Lower Light). Ego is the reason for the tower of Babel which led to the separation of Humanity and led to Humanity losing the oneness and not understanding each other. Ego is the root to all this.

We think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. When you don’t have your soul free for yourself, your mind and heart can be enslaved by Satan, the enemy of all human beings. He is the enemy of the human family. God says of him, “Fight the schemes of Satan.” His plots, deceitful tricks, are plans to defeat you in your purpose, in your best life, and in your best hopes for life, for freedom, stopping you from paradise.

The counterpart of liberty is slavery, bondage, captivity which is the satanic principle. Satan likes controlling humanity without their knowledge and causing them to lose their souls.

Satan will subtly take control of your body (steal it) by shrewdly replacing your thoughts with his (brainwashing, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology). Such replacements are what kills your spiritual being (the real you). Once he accomplishes this feat, Satan will proceed to set up a fortress within your thought life (mind), through (brainwashing, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology).

The Trap System is a spiritual-technological construct, for lack of better terms, that serves the purpose of keeping people trapped in their physical bodies on Earth , even through many different incarnations.

In fact, the whole purpose of reincarnation is to stay trapped and not be able to experience once True Self.

All ownership enslaves the body, and is physical slavery or bondage ; and all errors, all false doctrines, enslave the mind : in truth is liberty.

LIBERTY is a divine principle, and belongs to God only. He that is free, does according to his own will, without being hindered by anything. It is evident, therefore, that no creature can he free but only in and by God ; as no creature can have life but only in and by God , and liberty is life and life is liberty. Life is also love, and love is life ; therefore liberty is love. Therefore all creatures pant after liberty, as they pant after life and after love ; for without liberty can be ‘neither happiness, nor life, nor love. The counterpart of liberty is slavery, bondage, captivity which is the satanic principle. As in God is liberty, so in Satan is bondage. As God seeks. to lead us into liberty, so Satan seeks to lead us into bondage. Satan is a slave, and a slave-holder, a tyrant, the father of slavery ; and all that enslave, are slaves themselves ; and just according to the measure as they enslave, they are enslaved.

By overcoming these first three chakras, you enter “the heart of the yogi” (the sacred heart) which is the place of unconditional Love. Satan clouds the human mind. While Satan blinds the human mind, God illumines the heart, which is the wellspring of life (Prov 4:23). As in God is liberty, so in Satan is bondage. As God seeks. to lead us into liberty, so Satan seeks to lead us into bondage.

Then the fourth chakra represents the Christ Consciousness, so does the three lower chakras represent the anti-consciousness or anti-christ. This world don´t want anyone passing through the third chakra and is held as mind prisoners within the Matrix. This world don´t want spiritual awaken humans, so they prevent spiritual progress. With spiritual awakening follows persecution (Satan´s persecution) and organized gang stalking is nothing else than Satan´s persecution of awaken or empowered individuals. Mass consciousness is ruled by the forces of Maya.

He who overcomes the first three chakras overcomes evil (attraction of Maya) and is a true disciple of Christ.

Satan thought that Man never be able to be raised from the tomb. Satan may have won a battle in the garden, but he has not won the spiritual war

He has already been defeated, and he knows it! However, he is going to use every tactic in his bag of deceptions to keep as many individuals as possible from knowing it.

The reason why many stay trapped in the tomb is because they want to fit in. This is the fear principle that rules mass consciousness and the illusion that feeding the fears of being excluded and then fears of death. The Matrix is then been controlled mass consciousness, tribal consciousness, corporate thought pattern,

Mass psychology swing the masses to their will because they work with the collective, though undeveloped, consciousness.

Through mass consciousness reality is presented through the lens of the ego, and controls perceptions and what they is allowed to understand and see of this world. That´s why the third eye of intuition is closed.

The masses are made up of individuals and to change the consciousness of the masses — the consciousness of the individual must alter. As we alter our consciousness and awareness, we will understand who we are, why we are here, and what part we are destined to play in creating this new age.

Mass consciousness primarily lives in the Lower Mind and the lower mind is also the “desire consciousness”, and the Matrix is the computer-generated dream-world humankind is trapped in. Since the conscious mind is the creature of the senses, it generates its reality through materialization of what appears to be data from its environment. Mass consciousness can change from generation to generation.

Social and environmental mores are always on a lower vibrational level when they influence the masses to be environmentally conscious rather than self-conscious and self-enlightened.

Desire can be understood by us, but energy itself is sure to remain a secret of the prime cause as is also space and their product time. Thus our term matter-consciousness is equally valid as mass-consciousness.

Since the ego is nothing but a concept, other concepts can appear to be threats to it. Mass consciousness is the concept of the collective ego and others who want´s to break free from the lower mind and concept of duality then appears to be a threath of change.

Since you are the multi-dimensional being that you are when you bring in this pure unbiased energy to pattern your creations, then those in power such as religion, government, businesses, family, and friends, lock you into a consciousness that only results in everyone and everything outside of you becoming your master in what you will manifest for your reality. This is what you are asleep to!

What you don’t realize is that your human consciousness becomes owned and controlled by everyone around you as if you are a slave to them. These groups and more will keep you locked into repeating your creations over and over, all because of you are a slave to your belief patterns. You will do it by following their “will” and not your soul’s “will.”

The human consciousness, and how it has been programmed, deals with just one aspect of itself, and it tries to relate everything that you are experiencing to it from one dimensional phase, thus leaving out all other aspects of yourself.

You see, the first thing in understanding energy is that you must recognize that your core essence is of Spirit Consciousness and that you are a divine being first and foremost that holds the authority (power) to create and manifest whatever you please, even the human body. This also means that your core essence is of no form or no-mind.

Television stimulates the primitive reptilian hind brain.

The subsequent leap in our personal frequencies will lift us out of the vibrational pit of fear and onto levels far beyond the lower fourth dimension. The limbic system controls the emotions, feelings, and moods of the brain. Fear-based television stimulates the reptilian response of “fight or flight,” in turn creating a mental state wherein we may overestimate the threat of fear.

Icke believes the reptilian brain in humans (in its present form) is not natural or normal but a product of reptilian genetic manipulation. “It acts like an enormous microchip and locks us into their control system,” he says. “Its primitive, emotional, fear-based sense of reality provides the perfect vehicle for collective control and the conflict and insecurity so essential to divide and rule.”. If Icke’s hypothesis is correct, it would mean the human species is part reptilian; or, put another way, each and every one of us is a human-reptilian hybrid.

We have seen how difficult it is to grasp freedom. The effort will pull the world into the one-world system but like virtually every other revolu-tion for freedom it will end in dictatorship, that of the Antichrist.

A one-world government will become man’s final attempt at creating a utopian society that excludes God and deifies man.

Today we can clearly see the move toward communitarian thinking, which in turn is leading directly to the collectivist New World Order sociopolitical system under the ultimate “friendly” authoritarian headship of the Antichrist. As we’ll see in the following sections, totalitarianism and collectivism both play a pivotal role in the last-days formation of the Antichrist world system.


George Orwell is one of the most famous prognosticators of the twentieth century. His well-known dystopian novel 1984 forecasts a three-tiered totalitarian post-atomic-war world where intrusive technology spies on the activities of every man, woman, and child 24/7 to ensure their loyalty to the state.

But while Orwell’s prediction of a devastating nuclear war did not come to pass, his prediction of the use of technology to control world citizens, most notably the infamous “telescreen” that contains a video screen for propaganda dissemination and a video camera with government officials watching on the other end, was revolutionary for his time. Today, however, we have far more intrusive and alarming technology that, if left unchecked, makes Orwell’s prophecy look like a utopian dreamworld.

Remember, Jesus said it would come as a trap upon the entire earth (Luke 21:34-35).

Technology has become so advanced as to track our every movement every moment of the day.

The Bible tells us this is precisely the direction in which our world is headed.

Politics, education, literature, science, art, law, commerce, music—such are the things that constitute the kosmos, and these are things that we meet daily. Subtract them and the world as a coherent system ceases to be. In studying the history of mankind we have to acknowledge marked progress in each of these departments. The question however is: In what direction is this “progress” tending? What is the ultimate goal of all this development? At the end, John tells us, antichrist will arise and will set up his own kingdom in this world (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7; Rev. 13). That is the direction of this world’s advance. Satan is utilizing the material world, the men of the world, the things that are in the world, to head everything up eventually in the kingdom of antichrist. At that hour the world-system will have reached its zenith; and at that hour every unit of it will be revealed to be anti-Christian.

Our Era, is the Era of the Antichrist – an Era in which the spirit which moves him has supposedly already incarnated in a physical body. Our Era – called by Jesus the Christ Himself, as well as by many other prophets, ‘The time of Times’ and the ‘Last Days’ – marks the time for the Last War, Armageddon -out of which, one of these two opponents will be a Victor. For us humans, this is the Era of the Ultimate Choice. Our choices are going to determine if we enter Eternal Life, or cancel ourselves forever . . . So, this book is about the Era of the Antichrist – and about us, the people who will make the most important choice in the history of humanity.

The final world religion will involve worship of the antichrist.

Peter Lalonde gave this fear of computer-age technology an even more grotesque expression when he conjectured that soon the govern-ment or large corporations might begin implanting computer microchips directly into human flesh, possibly even on the right hand or forehead, as Revelation long ago predicted: “It could well be that what [John] was referring to almost 2000 years ago was what is known today as the computer microchip.”

Lalonde warned that once we have received the “microchip” mark of the Beast, the Antichrist will have the technological capacity already in place for regulating even the most minute details of our lives. Expanding on this fear of the “Big Brother” powers associated with new technology, other prophecy writers have given currency to the rumor that a giant supercomputer is being created for the purpose of taking over the world’s banking system and creating a cash-less economic system, as was prophesied in Revelation.

The system, or the “Beast” could be a gigantic computer that occupies some floors in a Administration Building at the Headquarters. This computer could be capable of assigning a number to every person on earth in the form of a laser tatoo. Then, through infared scanners, this invisible tatoo would appear on a screen.”

This conspiratorial link between computers and the events foretold in the Book of Revelation was further embellished by Emil Gaverluk and Patrick Fisher in their 1979 book, Fiber Optics: The Eye of the Anti-christ. With straight faces, Gaverluk and Fisher maintained that the Anti-christ is monitoring us even now through our television sets. The tech-nological innovation that sends electronic digital signals gives the Antichrist a peephole into each of our living rooms.

There is a pinhead-sized camera lens on the end of the fiber optic which can watch anything taking place in the room.. .. This data is recorded on computers which can collate all remarks pro or con, to implement dictatorial control by any group or individual. The startling thing is that this fish-eye camera lens can still see and record everything, EVEN WHEN THE TELEVISION SET IS NOT TURNED ON. This means that every family will be under 24-hour surveillance. What a perfect setup for the Antichrist!”

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