Beaming and looping commercial for Insplanet, and then beaming “now he is mad”, and then start beaming Iron Maiden lyrics “Can I play with madness” in the morning.

The beast system includes music radio channels. Organized gang stalking using lyrics to sensitizing the mind. When you listen you listen to music on the radio they start beaming and looping music lyrics from these and then even beaming and looping commericals that is been played between.

Theu continue beaming and looping commercial for Inplanet same second you wake up, continue with “now he is mad” low in the background, and then start beaming Iron Maiden lyrics “Can I play with madness”.

When you turn on you radio the first song they playing is; “Can I play with madness – Iron Maiden, and after a while ethey contionue playing

“Crazy” – Aerosmith
“Crazy Train” – Ozzy Osbourne
“Crazy, Crazy Nights” – Kiss

There is a collective beast system in place in this area of land and they gaslighting everywhere, healthcare – doctors changing shirt, social wellfare secretary trying to make believe you hear things, and social wellfare secretary also particpating in gaslighting by gmail. They send a appointment time to social wellfare by gmail, and day after there is a new gamil with a new appointment time, and some active force removes the first gmail, and they gaslighting by changing your volume on your computer – from low to higher, or from higher to lower, and yhis follows same concepts when the bathroom water constantly changing from warmer to colder, and when you have regulate this its changing to colder and constantly changing, and they using some form of mind control gaslighting and turn off street lights at night and turn on street light daytime.

The goal with organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted individual to madness and there is no longer one gaslighter, with the new collective HIVE MIND the whole beast system becomes the collective HIVE MIND of gaslighting.

They started beaming and looping Insplanet commercial when you trying to sleep and then start same second you awaken.


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