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Awaken World Within

Awaken World Within

Fundamental Truths of the Universe come to man thru those Cosmic channels, and appear in him as Spiritual Intuition. This faculty has been curshed and dormatized in civilized man by despots for their profit and power. It is more active in primitive races because they have more freedom and less suppression by their rulers.

Intuition is involuntary urgings and prorptings, received in Man’s consc-ience without apparent effort. It is the effect of Cosmic Consciousness flowing into the brain, and informing man that he is more than Potter’s Clay (Job 33:6).

These facts must be kept hidden from the rultitude. To let the masses know these things is dangerous to organized institutions, but less dangerous now than when Papal power was suprere.

Dr. Carver writes, “We are limited in our acquisition of knowledge to intuition—deductions. There is no other, there has never been another, there will never be another channel this which we may receive Universal Intelligence. We must get Universal Truth, if at all, this intuition.”

It is not beyond the grave, nor in the dis-tant regions of the Universe, nor in physical man, that we should search for the solution of the secret of what occurs in Somatic death.

The answer is found in many places, including the Bible, which says, Man is transformed; he is changed in the twinkling of an eye (in the process terred death), and his Real Self is re- leased, from its physical prison and passes to a new environment, a new state of consciousness, in the Future Life, where new wonders greet hini’ (I Cor. 15: 51, 52).

The Solar Spirit in man is termed the Soul, and a vague consciousness, coming from the Infinite, has informed the lowest of men thru the Soul, that he is more than mortal.

This vague consciousness affects the sub-conscious power in man, and ap-pears in him as Spiritual Intuition. Modern science terms it “superstition,” while Romanism calls it “heresy.” By theology man is taught to believe in a God in a remote region ruling in a mythical heaven, with the gospel Jesus sitting on His right hand (Mk. 16:19). This theory was invented to enslave man and keep him in darkness.

Man’s subconscious mind, ruling the involuntary functions of his body, is the link that connects Conscious Man with Cosmic Consciousness.

The intelligence of the subconscious mind is far greater than that of the conscious mind. The subconscious rind is ruled by Universal Intelligence, where-as the conscious rind is ruled by man’s five physical senses. Suppose we should imagine faithfully that we are actually Eternal Life.

We continue this psychic state until a neurosis or brain path is formed. Then the idea becomes fixed and functions in our subconscious mind constantly. Ex-hilarating vibrations are produced which affect the blood and vital organs, and we begin to progress to a higher plane of consciousness.

When you commence to do this, reveal the secret to no one. For the reaction of friends would be unfavorable, and you would be regarded as a fool or a liar. We hate those who rise above in and pity those who fall below us. Various means are employed to keep us in darkness. We are steeped in scientific materialism, in the theory of evolutionism, in the church dogma of super -naturalism, and in what not isms?

So we logically live in fear of strange impressions that come to us, and reject the inner urge, the peculiar pressure on ow.  intuition, our instinct, and conceal from friends the strange missions that actually core to in from the Spiritual World. If we revealed them, we would be adjudged “possessed” or in-sane.

Not so many years ago. the world was filled with “witches.” This was an-other fraud of Romanism. (ten it saw its power fading as a result of the bold work begun by Luther, it grew more desperate and resorted to more bloody deeds to hold its victims in line.

Witchcradt was one of these measures. It painted a terrifying picture of “witches” who were alleged to be certain people who believed that there was a King Devil, and that he sent forth millions of lesser imps that entered into the bodies of men and women who were willing to cake the requisite compact in order that they might do injury to their enemies. Darkness is necessary to make people believe such fraud. In the terrible 16th Century, Romanism urged the criminal prosecution of ‘Witches” by the civil authorities, composed of men who feared the power of the Romanists.

“Witch hunts” became common. People were afraid to show any unusual intelligence, or internal feelings, or inner impressions that care to thenfl. and women in particular, always more psychic than man, feared to incur the displea-sure of friends and neighbors, knowing they might be charged with endeavoring to “cast a spell” over them, or with having forted a compact with Satan. By the 17th Century the messes of Europe had been taught by Romanism to hunt for “witches” and thousands of innocent persons were tried, convicted by courts. ruled by Romanism, and put to death. John Wesley (1705-1791), a “big shot” Romanist in England, declared that “to disbelieve in witchcraft is to disbelieve in the Bible.”

In Fhgland sore than 30,000 “witches” were burned at the stake. The last victim was executed in Scotland in 1722.

In 1670 such executions were forbidden in France by official edict issued by Louis XIV. In England the prosecution of ‘Witches” was abolished by act of Parliament in 1736.

In glorious America the last execution of “witches” occurred in 1692. The Pilgrim Fathers fled from Europe to the wilderness of America in 1620 to escape from Roman persecution, but they took with them some of their “Rouen superstition.”

Romanism begins to decline when Spiritual Intuition is allowed to live. Man rust be kept in mental slavery and darkness to save Romanism. He must consider himself fortunate if he can safely hope to reach Purgatory after he dies. Hence the almost constant pre-occupation of Romanites with their fate beyond the grave.

The specter of the dead is forever present in the controlled mind of the Romanite, along with the great fear that his repeated works of penance and obedience to the priest’s command will not even get him to Purgatory. His unquestioning dependence upon the priest as his mediator with God can thus be understood. Mental enslavement is the answer.

Only in more recent times has it become safer, not safe, for psychic phenomena to be brought out of the darkness, and for literature like this work to see the light of day.

Man is slowly breaking the chains of Roman darkness and returning to the path trod by the Masters — but at what unspeakable terror, horror, blood-shed and cest.

Due to persecution, civilized man has been afraid to develop his Inner Power of Mind sufficiently to realize that the demise of his body does not damage his Spiritual Self.

In recent years, with the invention of radio, it has become more difficult for Romanism

to suppress knowledge of the Spiritual World — knowledge to the effect that the seemingly silent and empty Ether is really another world by Which we are unconsciously surrounded, and which is saturated with sounds, awaiting only the proper instruments to make them audible to man. Then cores television, and images are added to sound. This proves that the Image of persons and other objects, as well as sound, is projected thru space at terrific speed. Within the short space of our own tine, the mystery of the Spiritual World, so long suppressed by Romanism, and so long scorned by materialism, and so well explored by the Masters, has been slightly revealed to us.

More amazing mysteries of the Spiritual World are yet to come, as we gain more freedom from the suppression of Romanism and materialism, and advance in knowledge of Spiritual Truth.

Even now, telepathy is a proven fact. But civilized man’s mental processes are so faulty, due to suppression and degeneracy, that this faculty must be improved by the improvement of man’s brain and body, in order to bring him up nearer to the physical state of that of the Masters. Then his brain will become capable of better function.

In the mysticism of different countries and different peoples, the same images, the sane discoveries, are invariably repeated. Humanity is regarded by occultism as two concentric circles. All the history of humanity that we know, is the history of the outer circle.

Within the outer circle there is another circle, of which men of the outer circle know nothing, and the existence of which they sometimes only dimly suspect. Yet the life of the outer circle in its most important manifestations, and particularly in its development, is actually guided by the inner circle. The inner or esoteric circle forms a life within a life.

Modern science is completely materialistic, and materialism grew out of Romanism. The ancient world was never superficially materialistic. The Masters regarded the Material as only a vehicle for the Spiritual (I Core 6:19). The Masters knew how to penetrate to the depths of an idea, and how to find in it not only one meaning, but many meanings.

We hear much and know little of the higher mind and higher consciousness. The idea of esotericism is chiefly that of the higher mind. To realize what this means, we must first understand that ordinary minds are not the highest possible order of mind. Human thought can work on very different levels. The human mind can rise to levels almost inconceivable to the ordinary mind, and we can see the results of the work of higher mind — those most accessible to us being the astonishing allegorism and the astounding symbolism of the Ancient Masters, appearing in the Bible and in other ancient literature, and on the stone temples and nonurrents of the ancient world.

The Masters regarded the earth, moon and sun as symbols of material, psychic and divine objects, and recognized the fact that there are corresponding states of consciousness, graded according to the degree to which mental possibilities are realized. These can also be classed as material, psychic and divine.

The Masters held that integral reality comprises an identifiable series of discontinuous realms, some of which are normally imperceptible to the average men. Every person has the latent potentiality for developing a corresponding series of faculties with which he can contact and know these higher realms. Some persons are more fortunate than others in being born with or in acquiring various degrees of higher perceptive powers, such as telaesthesia, prescient dreams, telepathy, television.

Others develop a higher and rarer faculty of in-sight and become transcendental philosophers, prophetic seers or mystics

The Master with the higher mind possesses knowledge unknown to ordinary man, however clever and intelligent he may be. This is termed esoteric knowledge.

The logical mind knows its limitations and is strong enough to resist the terptatiOn to venture, without proper training, into problems beyond its powers and capacities, and thus becomes a psychological mind.

The method used by the psychological mind is that of distinguishing between different levels of thinking, and of realizing the fact that perceptions change according to the powers and properties of the perceiving faculty. The psychological mind can see the limitations of the “logical mind” and the absurdities of the “defective mind’. It can understand the realities of the existence of a higher mind and of esoteric knowledge, and see it in its manifestations. That is impossible for a merely logical mind. Scientists of the logical mind demand physical demonstration for everything, yet such demonstration of great truths appears only in the effects produced by Cosmic Causes — in the products of the unseen Intelligence and Force that di-rect and produce that visible world which men call Nature. The depths hidden within men’s conscious mind were well understood by the Masters, who taught that everything is within man, and there is nothing Outside him (Lu. 17:21).

The Masters taught that by penetrating properly within the depths of him-self, man may find everything and attain everything which he needs and which God intended for him to have. What he will attain depends on what and how he seeks (I Ki. 4:33; Mat. 6:6).

In common civilized life, man is oppressed, suppressed, misled, miseducated, deceived, kept in darkness, lives only on the surface of himself, and is, ac-cordingly, ignorant and even unconscious of what lies in his own depths — in the billions of solar systems of the atoms of his body and brain, on which are re-corded the events of his being from the present back to eternity.

Before the physical world existed in its present form, nun was (Jn. 8:58).

But when misled civilized man thinks of infinity, he is taught to conceive it as being outside him. The Masters knew and taught that infinity is within man.

By consciously and silently penetrating within his awn Soul, man may there find infinity within himself, core in contact with it, and enter into it. That is Cosmic Consciousness.

“Man has become so earthly and outward,” wrote Gichtel, a mystic of the 17th Century, “that he seeks afar, deep in the starry sky, in the higher eternity (as modern science is doing), for that which is quite near him, within the inner center of his Soul.”

The more the Soul penetrates within itself, the nearer it approaches God, until it finally appears before the Holy Trinity, where it reaches the deeper and hidden knowledge.

The peculiarity and the distinctive features of the ideas of the Real World appear absurd when considered in the light of modern materialism. We hear much about Superman and are led to believe that the nearness or remoteness of Superman from man lies in time. But it actually lies in man himself.

Man is not separated from Superman by tine, but by himself. He is not ready to receive Superman. His Mind is closed by false teaching that prevents the entry of the hidden knowledge which transforms man to Superman. In this world of organized fraud, Superman is an unlawful being. He violates the general course and condition of things. When he would appear, he is summarily silenced and liquidated. He is dangerous to modern establishments, to institutionalized religion, to limitized materialism, to scientificized evolutionism.

“I want to teach men the sense of their existence, which is the Superman, the lightning out of the dark cloud — ran” (Thus Spake Zarathustra).

We must know anatomy, physiology, psychology and biology to know the human body and its functions, and to understand the biblical allegories.

We must know more. We must know that the body of civilized man now con-tains many withered and dormant organs, the functions of which medical art knows nothing at all.

The majority of mammals including man, possess in the ears a radiogenio-metric receiver, formed by the semi-circular canals arranged in three planes of space. This assemblage constitutes the labyrinth, a name given to a series of cavities in the internal ear, which is completed by the three more or less developed organs called the vestibule, the cochlea and the semi-circular canals. The vestibule is an oval cavity in the internal ear that forms the entrance to the cochlea.

The cochlea is a cavity resembling a snail-shell. It consists of a tapering spiral tube, the inner wall of which is formed by a central column of modiolus, around which it winds.

The semi-circular canals contain a superfine fluid that is particularly sensitive to electro-magnetic waves. The walls of the canals consist of insulating material.

The conducting fluid in the canals constitutes a directional receiving circuit, completed by an accessory circuit in the form of a pliable spiral (self-inductance) and capacity (condenser). Thus these canals in the ears are susceptible of playing the part of a rado-genio-metric receiver when developed to a functional degree, as they were in the Ancient Masters, but not in the great majority of civilized people.

A catarrhal condition, the to the polluted air and poisonous fumes of civilization, has practically destroyed the function of these canals in the ears of civilized man.

A catarrhal condition, the to the polluted air arid poisonous fumes cf civilization, has practically destroyed the function of these canals in the ears of civilized man.

This is one of the secrets of the “weird Power” exhibited by the Indians of South America, whose mystifying feats were mentioned in a previous lesson. They had not experienced those “blessings” of civilization that degenerate man’s body while making him believe they are helping him. These special organs constitute an oscillating circuit far more powerful than that of the tiny cells of the body; and when contacted by electro-magnetic vibrations from the air, a series of powerful oscillations result. By the aid of these special directing organs, designed to pick up radiations, animals, and also men who are normal, become aware of vibrations for which they are searching. This is the scientific solution of the puzzling problem of so-called animal instinct.

Certain experiments with animals prove that the semi-circular canals in the ears are endowed with special directing properties. If these organs are removed in the case of birds, the birds lose their sense of equilibrium and turn round and round as though stupefied and incapable of taking a definite direction.

The Vital Battery “There is nothing covered, that ;hall not be revealed; and noth-19. hid, that shall not be known”  (Mat. 10:26) The remarkable success of Chiropractic is ue to the fact that the manipulations of the pinal column by the Chiropractor stimulate the ells of the battery and increase the flow of us:me electricity (nerve force) to the various twins and glands. This mysterious Battery with its Seven Cells ; mentioned in the Bible as a Book with Seven ‘,eats (Rev. 5), but no priest nor preacher ever ttemps to make a rational explanation of these even Seals. He knows as little about these even Seals as the man in the street. All traces of this the greatest secret of the body might have been lost to the Western Vorld, had that precious Hindu Scroll not been included in the Bible. And to this day the :church is unaware of the fact that a chart of this battery and its cells is concealed in Revelation.

Seven Sense Powers  Science says man has five sense powers, but the Ancient Masters taught and proved that he has Seven. That is another secret of the Vital Battery concealed in Revelation, the Book of Sevens. When the multitude was feasted on Five Loaves and TwO Fishes, the Five Loaves symbolized the Five Senses of the average man, and the Two Fishes symbolized the Two Higher Sense Powers of the Master. (Mat. 14:17). After the feast “they took up of the fragments that remained 12 baskets full” (Mat. 14: 20). The 12 baskets symbolized the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Heed not the dead letter of the Bible. Look for the hidden meaning. The dead letter does not make sense, while the hidden meaning re-veals the deeper secrets of Life. There are two special glands in the brain and two in the body that are the main Cells of the Vital Battery, and Five Solaristic Chambers in the head, harmonious and synchronous, man rises to the state of Seership, Cosmic Consciousness.

Man is a creature of vibratory impressions only. That makes modern man’s world of consciousness very small in his present degenerate state, with only five physical senses with which to contact the radiations and vibrations of the Universe, and these senses more or less defective.

Naturalists tell us that there are perhaps five hundred other senses employed by bugs, birds and beasts. Consider man in a faint, or unconscious from drugs or anesthetic or injury. His body otherwise functions with the normal activities to maintain physical life. All that is absent is a state of physical consciousness. The subconscious mind of the real inner (spiritual) man is intact, uninjured, unchanged, and active. It is only the physical aspect of the conscious mind that is changed, inactive, as a result of which the open eyes can see nothing, the ears can hear nothing, and the physical senses of swelling, tasting, and feeling are absent.

With his five physical faculties inactive, closed, and shut off from receiving any vibratory impressions conveying intelligence of the physical world, and also being unable to send forth any messages, the conscious mind of physical man is closed to all physical existence.

This man is literally dead while he lives, so far as his conscious contact with the physical world is concerned. Physical man in a state of physical unconsciousness knows absolutely no-thing so far as the physical world is concerned. If he were actually dead, he could not know less of his earthly environment. Yet his physical body functions as if nothing had happened. He lives physically, but the physical aspect of his mind is totally blank. While in that state, he could enter the spiritual world and return from it, but never know it. In fact, he could be living in the spiritual world all the time — and be unaware of it.

These assertions are statements of facts. They seem startling to him in mental darkness who confesses his “sins’ to the priest may be sure that he re-mains in mental darkness.

“Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God” Win. 3:5). Yet the Luke definitely states that ‘The kingdom of God is within you” (Lu. 17:21). Occult science asserts that ran lives here, now and always in the kingdom of God. That kingdom embraces everything and includes all, both the physical and the spiritual world. Nan always lives in God’s kingdom, but is physically unconscious of the fact because organized institutions of fraud and oppression, established to enslave the masses, have crushed that Eternal Knowledge enslave the masses, have crushed that Eternal Knowledge our of his physical consciousness by controlling his Mind to prevent its normal development and to keep him in darkness.

Psychologists declare that civilized man rarely develops more than ten per cent of his normal brain capacity, while only five per cent of the people ever think for themselves.

The findings of these psychologists show that about ten per cent of the people are trying to think, but are blinded by their prejudices, and the rest are content to avoid the responsibility of,thinking and are heedlessly following their leaders whose only interest is to gain power and hold it. Due to the rigidly controlled educational and religious systems of civilization, man is kept in darkness. The consciousness of this man is narrow and restricted, and is bound up with his earthly environment to the total exclusion of his spiritual environment.

There is one world with two aspects, the spiritual and the physical, and Man actually but unconsciously, lives in the spiritual world here and now.

Physical Man contacts the physical world with his physical senses, and spiritual man contacts the spiritual world with his spiritual senses.

The five spiritual faculties of modern man, of which his five physical senses are only the exteriorized products, are dormant, closed, inactive, shut off from receiving any vibratory impressions conveying intelligence of the spiritual world.

To modern man, with five defective physical senses and five dormant spirut-ual senses, there is no spiritual world and only a very small physical world. How can we make him aware of that fact? How can we prevent organized in-stitutions, for profit and power, from keeping ran in mental darkness? How can we make man realize that he has a form of consciousness, in a dormant state, which no longer can perceive, or remoter, the character of its own relation to the physical body? His mind is so well controlled and darkened by organized institutions that he refuses to believe these things when told; and material science, to “save face” and protect its reputation, bitterly scorns the idea when it is mentioned.

To man with his whole body properly developed as it should be, and in tune with the Infinite as it was intended to be, there is, but now in a dormant state the Department of External Knowledge, which caused the Masters to write that there is nothing covered and nothing hidden that shall not be known (Mat. 10:26) Just as the physical world is an expression of the spiritual world, so man’s physical senses are an expression of his spiritual senses. Just as material science believes and teaches that the physical world in-cludes all things and all power, so man is taught to believe that his physical senses include all the powers and faculties of his organism.

The Masters were not bound by false teaching and mental chains. They dis-covered that the physical senses arise as an expression of the spiritual senses, and by searching within for the Department of External Knowledge they found it. Modern man in mental darkness, with his mind and thinking controlled by organized institutions, searches without for Eternal Knowledge and never finds it

Physical scientists search for it with microscope and telescope and declare it is all a myth of the “ancient heathens” because they cannot locate it.

In order for man to develop consciousness on the higher plane, Buddhi needs the more differentiated fire of Manas, the details of which we have explained in THE MAGIC WAND.

When the sixth sense (Manas) has awakened the seventh (Buddhi), the spiritual light radiating hum the seventh illuminates the Fields of Infinitude in man’s physical consciousness, and his Spiritual Consciousness, being thus aroused from its dormant state in the Third Resunecticn, becomes active; and for that period of time man becomes omniscient. The Past and the Future, Space and Time, disappear and become for him the Present.

To these spiritual chambers within the Golden Bowl the Masters taught their disciples to rise in their consciousness. This leads again to the Third Resurrection, which the Neophyte, rising in consciousness from and the material world, ascends consciously into Throne in the Temple of God (I Cor. 3:17). This Ancient Science. twice before mentioned, in the lower man (animal nature) the Higher Man, the Brain, the is one of the too secrets of

In the early days, when man was normal, the sinuses in his head and the labyrinths in his ears were particularly sensitive to the electro-nagnetic vibrations of the Cosmos, and they were capable of performing the part of a radio-genionetric receiver, by means of which the Masters acquired arcane knowledge of the Fourth Dimension.

Due to the functional development of these oscillating circuits in their splendid organisms, which things are allegorically referred to often in ancient scriptures, the Masters were in the sere category that birds and beasts now are, with reference to these higher powers. It is reasonable to assure that they were on a still higher plane in their consciousness.

The special sense organs in their bodies were normal and in sympathetic vibration with the Cosmic Rays, hence the Masters could travel in a direct line, as birds now do, toward a distant goal that would be invisible and unknown to us. For they were capable of detecting vibrations which our dulled and dormant organs cannot perceive, thanks to civilization, polluted air, medical art, “medicine,” doctors and degeneration. When such incidents do occasionally occur among men, we call it instinct, intuition, insight. The Masters termed it Infinite Intelligence direct from the Cosmic Source. Romanism calls it the work of Satan, and used to burn such victims at the iron stake.

Physical science and the modern clergy know not that the interpretation of the first six chapters of Genesis of the Bible, and the ancient history of men, are concealed in his own body, and there preserved forever in the dormant, rudimentary organs, the embryological and horrologus structures remaining in the Temple of God. That whirls hath been is that which shall be again (Fool. 1:9). Physical science has been so badly blinded by its theories of Materialism and Evolutionism, that it has scorned all suggestions to investigate these signs of Mother Nature and try to discover their hidden meaning. The dormant and rudimentary structures in man’s body are only sleeping; they are not dead. They are capable of rebirth, resurrection, redevelopment and rehabilitation. When resurrected, they will bring forth that original Super Man that was originally created. It is not in the works of the philosophers, but in the religious syrbols of the Masters that we should look for the footprints of Cosmic Science, and re-discover the Mysteries of Man.

Peter Horttanainen

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