amygdala – how they stop the amygdala from be healed in todays society and why..?

this post is just in a brainstorming process

Vesica Piscis and Amygdala Light (Shape as a almond) – the creation of light
The opposite means keep the amygdala in a state of fear and in darkness. When the amygdala is hold in a state of fear (a fear state of mind in a loop world) it cannot heal and create light. It also means they blocking your connecction to the ligh source of love from God that could heal the amygdala and evolving the human brain and unify our brainhalves with love and build the important bridge between these two worlds. Christ is the bridge of a christ consciousness
and christ means light. The Triune Brain is something new, a new world, it is the New Jerusalem, the marriage is the fushion of these powers, the oneness and wholeness. The opposite to this to develope otherness and make people hate each other and gangstalking each other. The universe is built up on love not hate. The energy from universe and the creator will heal you and support you to overcome everything on your way towards the light source of God.


MK Ultra and Gangstalking is about trauma-base, sensitizing, terrorizing, victimizing, it is the opposite to heal

and make the amygdala hypersenstitive with torture, horror, terror, panic, stress, fight-or-flight

the hypersensitivity

Bildresultat för left right brain male female







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