Amygdala Mary Magdalene

The amygdala, when healed, is the uniter of the primal polarities and extremes – the breaker of taboos and judgements about the sexual foce, and the nature of love. The fear, anxiety, panic, excitement, visions of demons, fear of going into the unknown, all contrast with their opposites the the amygdala: ecstasy, peace, transcendence fulfillment, deep healing, affection, love, visions of angels and God. All of this is held within the amygdala and its connection to the womb and yoni and these polarities have to be felt, experienced, and unified in order to open up fully to the Divine in all aspects. Strabgly enough, the amygdala is similarly named to Mary Of Magdala (Magdalene)- the femine, heart-centered aspect of Shakti, the sexual partner of the Divine Masculine. The Gnostic poem ”Thunder Perfect Mind” illustrates these polarities perfectly, as do many Tantric paths.

Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene’s message of self empowerment

”He had fished the mystical key, the key of Solomon out of the cosmic ocean. Yeshua (Jesus) enlightened people from within. He evolved thm to another level of human functioning. They felt better. Things worked better for them. They felt more gratitude in their own lives. They become mystical fish”.

How do you do that?”
”Have you ever seen somebody tune a stringed instrument?”
”It the same technique. you tune the vibration of the body to each other.”
”How does that work?”
”In our body we have many glands that produce different chemicals. each of them responsible for an energy center. They also have a master controller in the middle of the brain. It is almond shaped, and then sign for it is the same as the fish without the tail.”

”This mastercontroller is called he amygdala. If you can tune that on, it will tune the rest of the body. Yeshua (Jesus) knew how to find the frequency emanating from peoples brains, and improve it.”
”Another fish symbol belonging to him.”
”And to me, said Mariam. ”That almond symbol also means light, the light shining from inside your body. It gets brighter the nore in tune you are with yourself. It is also a gate. yo can travel on that light. You see, within the human body, you´ll find everything. Our bodies are capable of the most magnificent feats imaginable.

Rituals in Sacred Stone: Mary Magdalene’s message of self empowerment.(p.298 Google Books)

The body and chakras is like a instrument  to tune to light vibrations and frequencies

Bildresultat för tune instrument

The true symbolism of almond has nothing to do with power or rulership, but with the divine light that embraces us all … ”light”. It is also the name of the mythical City of Almond of the Canaanites. City of Almond is a symbol for an almond tree, also meaning LUZ – Bethel, the house of God.

The Illuminator – Mary Magdalene – Amygdala

”The secretion of the oil of Krist or Christos in the skull called Gulgotha, the place of crucifixion, in the bible, and the igniting of our real spiritual light which produces the garment of light, I hypothesize, is the secret possessed by Mary Magdalene for which she was given the title Illuminator.”

This is quite an amazing study. An almond-shaped area of the brain, teh amygdala (uh-mig-dah-la) is the brain´s fear center (we share it with fishes). It is the part of the brain decodes emotions. Stimulation of the amygdala – which sounds like Magdala or Magdalene – produces lust and memories of sexual experiences. by inhaling chemicals or hering ceratin sounds we can stimulate the neurons of the amygdala to open ourselves to channels of higher level experiences.”

The Water Of Life

Jacobus says Mary Magdalene was called ”illuminatrix” because she ”drank avidly” of the (love) light which afterward she poured out (glowed, rayed) in abundance, and through ”inward contemplation” (or manipulation of the hidden power of the human brain) she received the light with which she later brought gnosis or enlightened others. As we study this story through the lens of mystic anatomy and in the light of neuroscience we will see that what Jacobus is describing is the rising of a wondous oil ´(called Chrestos by the Essenes) in sacral (”sacred”) or lower part of the spinal cord and its passage into the pineal gland (the ”lamp” or ”candle”) referred to as the ”third eye” in the center of the human brain. When this lamp is lit illumination results.

This oil becomes more thana fuel. it oils the body´s machinery. It purifies th body, and may give it a beutiful opalescent color characteristic of the Shining Ones, the illumined ones.

Scanning elctron micoscopy has revealed that the human pineal is covered by unusual facered, geometric crystalline structures called calcite microclusters and ”Brain sand” that effectively make it an antenna sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation which, I propuse, the ancient referred to as ”waters of life”. The cell phone industry is studying these crystalline structures on the pineal gland and is describing teh gland as a ”wireless” transsmitter” capable of receiving even faint messages through resonance. They think the pineal gland is a natural wireless transmitter.

So, who´s calling us?

From what distant shore does this transmission arise? Ancient legends of numerous cultures and modern astropsyics are crystal clear. The constellation of seven stars known as the Big Dipper is one source of higher energy charged particles known as cosmic rays that Mary Magdalene may have captured and rode, like beam of light.

In January, 2005 New Scientist magazine repted that a celstial ”spring” of mysterious particles that slam into Earth from all directions may have been discovered by a US psysicist Glennys Farrar, a psyhicist at New York University in New York used a new analysis technique to iidentify five Ultra High Energgy Cosmic Rays appearing to originate from the same area of space. They came from a hole about as large a full moon seen from Earth and from direction of Ursa Major.

As new Scientist reported, when Farrar and colleagues searched celstial databases to find what objets lay along that line of sight, she found esebtially nothing but empty space for quite some distance. But then, at 550 millions light years from earth, she discovered two crowded galaxy clusters – containing about 50 galaxies – crashing into each other. Farrar concluded that the five cosmic rays were accelerated to high energies by the galatic collisions themselves or by some other phenomena within the galaxies. She cites several possibllities for the underlying source of the cosmic rays. It could be a long-lived process such a super-massive black hole slurping up surrending matter. Another possibility is magnetic shocks produced by the colliding galaxy clusters. A third source is a sudden, cataclysmic event called ”starburst”, when an explosion of matter and energy at the center of galaxy gives off a gamma-ray burst.

The Big Dipper Star Constellation – The Great Bear

The Big Dipper, is aslo known as the Shepard, Meru, the Casket of Csket of Osiris, the plough, and the Great Bear. The word bear has additional meaning when interpreted as a verb. To bear means to bring forth, support, sustain and affirms the idea of a sustaining vibration ringing from the Great Bear. it puts us in a better position to understand what was really meant when Jesus appears in the book of Revelation holding seven stars in his hand. I propuse these sevens stars are cosmic rays from the Big Dipper. They intrface with the sevens chakras or energy centers of  the body.

Einstein theory letter of light – E= SOLOMON´S KEY

And now to complete this circuit we note that there was a world-famous ”E” inscribed over Apollo´s Oracle at Delphi. Beacause this leter is the fifth letter of so many aplhabets, the Greeks considered it to be equivalent to the number 5. The five point of E caused it to be regarded as equivalent to the five pointed Pentagram, the symbol sacred to venus and known as Solomon´s key. The star pattern of the pentagram may explain why the five-pointed E was esteemed to be the letter of Light. In 1905 Einstein´s equation, E=mc2 re-affirmed this connection in the collective mind . E represents units of energy, M represents units of mass, and c2 is the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself, this equation points out how a small amount of matter can release a hus amount of energy, as in a nuclear reaction.

Osiris, Venus and The Great Bear Key Of Life

Osiris and the symbol of the planet venus – the morning star. The heron delivers the vital essence from the ” Isle of Fire”, which called ”the place of everlasting light beyond the limits of the world”. This is were sent into the world. hence, the Key of life the heron and its message of light and life and Solomon´s Key are the same.

As we recall, Gulgotha means ”the head”, ”the stone” and ”the gate”. Golden Gateway – Golgotha is a word means cranium or skull. Another legend says that the Mount Meru in the Himalaya is a gateway between heaven and earth. Even the Amygdala – Mary Magdalene is a gateway and also the Pineal Gland is also a gateway to higher dimensions.

In the Testament of job, a first century document that may have circulated with the Hermas is highly imoprtant and incredible exating. As we will see, the story of job´s daughers reveals ancient Magdala had an otherwordly connection. In fact, as a litterary reference ”Magdala” may have meant something like ”Wonderland” or ”Oz” means today. That is, a magical place associated with knowledge of extraordinary beingss that dwell n ans locale acessed via a ”worm”.hole in space-time or via whirlwinds.

 Planet Electromagnetic Field Nadi

The Earth´s electromagnetic field (EMF) has 144.000 specialized nodes, probably in the form of an EMF-subtle field gradient that acts as an interface between the EMF and the Earth´s Light grid. Gnomes call these the”splice”. EMF nadis correspond to the nadis found in the Solar- Cosmic Logos generic template and the Emeralds in humans. Nadi is a Dankrit term to connore a very subtle channel for conducting life-force.

Planetary energy receptor. This feature resembles a massive concave radar dish and antenna. Its function is to receive energies of specific planets in our solar system when those planets are in favorable alignment or conjunction with the Earth. Each receptor is maintained by a celstial being;Apoolonius in his Argonautica describedd one called Talos, a very tall bronze man who defended Crete by running around its perimeter three times daily and thowing boulers at indtruders. The island of Crete is the site of one receptor; easter Island is the location of another.

Homo Luminous – 144.000 Revelation

The primary angle of the pentagram is 72 degrees (360 divided by 5 equels 72). This is half of 144, which is fractal of the light harmonic. The pentgram´s geometrices act as waveguide(atnenna for tje Universal Life-Force Energies that create biological life.
The pentagram is one ogf the basic components of the icosahedron, which is one of the basic components of the UVG grid. DNA-genetic material is composed of the lattice ofinterlocking pentgaram   that create a geometrical form known as a ratcheted dodecahedron. The doecahedron is formed by 12 pentagrams. Various well-known channels have stated that as we ”activate our light codes” our DNA will develop 12 strands.

The transformation caused by en-Cristing oneself has genetic, biological and chromosomal consequenses.
It also has ethic attributes. A new strain of humans may have arisen in the blink of an eye as a result of Jesus and Mary Magdalene´s use of such a transmutional Force. The acount in the the book of Genesis of the ”Sons of God and daughters of Men is another example of the genetic infusion.

Alchemy Jay Weidner has called this higher form of human Homo Luminous.

Amygdala – Mary Magdalene – ”Tower of the Fisherman”

tower of the fisherman is another meaning. Other times Magdala´s full name is cited as magdala Tarichaea.
It is likely this is the name by which this town was known in Mary Magdalene´s time. Tarichaea means salted fish.
If the the name of the town was ”Tower of Salted Fish”, it´s no surprise that main business was fishing.

The Vesica Piscis . the Eye of God

Mary Magdalene presents us the archetype of the “earthen vessel filled with the Spirit” and her feast day, 22-7 reflects that understanding of her importance.  Here is an excerpt of Starbird’s work:

Now we will do the calculation for the area of the circle with the “7” radius. The formula is “pi” (22/7) times the square of the radius (7 x 7 = 49).   22/7 x 49 is 154.  If you use the alternative decimal version of “pi” (3.14) the result 153.86 is even more obviously connected to Mary Magdalene, because the Greek gematria of her title “H Magdalhnh” actually adds up to 153. So, using principles of sacred geometry in use at the time the Gospels were written, by virtue of her feast day (7/22) and the gematria of her honorific (153), she is shown to be the “Model” or embodiment of the human person as “sacred partner” of the Divine.

The “153” is highly significant as a symbolic number in the canon of the Greek geometers. It is the denominator of the ratio used to represent the square root of 3 (265/153) and is a numerical abbreviation for the “vesica piscis” ()–the “Vessel of the Fish” or “Measure of the Fish.” This shape is the shared space when two circles are drawn together so that the edge of one passes through the center of the other.


Now, if you haven’t thought about this already, this is the number of fish that were in the nets the apostles were told to draw up: 10 Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish you have just caught.” 11 So Simon Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn.

“He had fished the mystical key, the key of Solomon out of the cosmic ocean.

Ichthus – Jesus fish – or the mystical key from the cosmic ocean. 

Bildresultat för Ichthys

The ichthys or ichthus (/ˈɪkθəs/[1]), from the Greek ikhthýs (ἰχθύς 1st cent. AD Koine Greek [ikʰˈtʰys], “fish“), is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish. Now known colloquially as the “sign of the fish” or the “Jesus fish“.

 Stairway of Heaven

One can see that the Meru drwing is an axis that resembles an antenna. It is a “Fishtower”. So too is the temple of bones of human body. Mary Magdalene´s connection to the Fish Tower brings us to the possibility that she knew the secret of this ladder or Stairway of Heaven.



Here is a map with Easter Island, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zeeland (Maori) and Solomon Island

Bildresultat för easter island map

The map of Samoa could almost symbolize two fishes swimming in opposite direction and is making the middle point.


Bildresultat för samoa map

The map of Samoa could almost symbolize two fishes swimming in opposite direction. It is making

the middle point. (Maybe a whale and a shark with some imagination)

In Māori mythology, Ikaroa is the long fish that gave birth to all the stars in the Milky Way or the Mother Goddess of all the stars – ornaments of the Sky God. Ika-Roa is also an alternative name for the Milky Way.

Ika-roa was also called Mangōroa (“long shark“) or Mangōroa i ata (“long shark in the early dawn“).

Bildresultat för sign pisces swimmingBildresultat för sign pisces swimming

Here is Hawaii and Easter Island on same continent
Here is giant head statue from Hawaii and Easter Island with simular shape and pattern

MILKY WAY MEANING “THE LONG FISH” – “THE FISH IN THE SKY”  FROM NEW ZEELAND (MAORI) “TE IKAROA”, MARY MAGDLALENE (AMYDALA) MEANS “FISHTOWER”, AND JESUS – The ichthys or ichthus (/ˈɪkθəs/[1]), from the Greek ikhthýs (ἰχθύς 1st cent. AD Koine Greek [ikʰˈtʰys], “fish“), is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish. Now known colloquially as the “sign of the fish” or the “Jesus fish“. Number 153 fishes in the net  in The Bibl is a gematria of her honorific (153), she is shown to be the “Model” or embodiment of the human person as “sacred partner” of the Divine. , The Vesica Piscis . the Eye of God, Solomon means the mystical key from the cosmic ocean.  “He had fished the mystical key, the key of Solomon out of the cosmic ocean. The mystical key “Philosopher´s Stone Mary Magdalene had found.

Bildresultat för easter island map

 This can be historical place – famous and important part of the evolution

There is a interesting connection to do between Mary Magdalene and Jeremiah 31:22 – A Woman will encompass a man

There is a interesting connection to do between Mary Magdalene and Jeremiah 31:22 – A Woman will encompass a man

Man is only three (3) dimensions.

Dimension means line.

The human body as well as the universe are geomet-

rical figures, a fact which the old philosophers well knew,

for they said that sound and number governed the laws of


Man is proved to be a three dimensional creature by

physiology; and woman is the fourth dimension, by the

same means of proof.

In the thirty-first chapter of Jeremiah, twenty-second

verse, we read: ”A woman shall compass a man.”

Mathematically, a woman can encompass a man.

Man cannot compass a woman, for he is only a three-

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh

line creature, while she is four. Therefore, four is able

to compass, or contain within its radius, three.

Woman may be represented by the square (four lines) .

Man may be represented by the triangle (three lines).

Three and four do not balance, and never have. There

has not been universal harmony or balance between them,

for man has never considered woman his equal until very


To return to the mathematical equation of man and

woman :

The three dimensions or lines of man that can be shown

on a physiological chart are the creative centers of the

brain, the solar plexus and the sex organs . Woman also

possesses the creative centers of brain, solar plexus and

sex organs; but she also possesses another, and in a way

the most wonderful of all the breast that nourishes in-

fant man. This is the fourth dimension or line. These

imaginary lines are at equal distances from each other.

Work this out for yourselves on the chart and you will

never forget it.


What was the point with Jeremiah 31:22 -A woman will encompass a man and Mary Magdalene.

It is portal or entrance to the femine qualities in right brain (4 dimensional)

The amygdala is part of the portal to the feminine entrance to the third eye, found att the back of the brain. When it opens, the third eye starts to open up slowly and softly. The amygdala is the heart of the brain. When it opens, the whole brain starts to become healed, as light and love radiates from the amygdala to the other brain centers.


The Amygdala – Vesica Piscis means creation of light.

If the amygdala is unhealed an affected by a fear-based culture or consciouness it cant support the pineal gland (third eye to open)


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