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Aldous Huxley similarly lamented the conformity of the brain-washed masses in Brave New World. Thus, The Matrix can be seen as an attack on what Nietzsche calls herd mentality. Nietzsche points out that human beings are normally socialized into obeying shared social norms and that it is hard to think differently. As he puts it: [A]s long as there have been humans, there have also been herds of men (clans, communities, tribes, peoples, states, churches) and always a great many people who obey …. considering, then, that nothing has been exercised and cultivated better and longer among men than obedience, one may fairly assume that the need for it is now innate in the average man.

What, then, is the source of the sinister power of the Matrix world, which keeps people conforming to the supposed constraints of a causal universe, even though there are no such constraints? If it isn’t just that they are locked into the sensory motor correlations of their perceptual world, what sort of control is it? It has to be some sort of control of the Matricians’ intellectual powers—powers that, as we have just noted, are free from the control of direct sensory motor computer correlations.

It must be some sort of mind control. It seems that the Matrix simply takes advantage of a sort of mind control already operating in the everyday world. We are told that what keeps people from taking control of the Matrix world is their taking for granted the commonsense view of how things behave, such as, if you fall you will get hurt. More generally, what keeps people in line is their ten-dency to believe what the average person believes, and consequently one keeps doing (and not doing) what one does and doesn’t do. (As in, one eats peas with a fork; one doesn’t throw food at the dinner table; and one goes out the door rather than the window.) Heidegger describes the resulting conformism as letting oneself be taken over by “the one” (das Man).

Aldous Huxley similarly lamented the conformity of the brain-washed masses in Brave New World. Thus, The Matrix can be seen as an attack on what Nietzsche calls herd mentality. Nietzsche points out that human beings are normally socialized into obeying shared social norms and that it is hard to think differently. As he puts it:

[A]s long as there have been humans, there have also been herds of men (clans, communities, tribes, peoples, states, churches) and always a great many people who obey …. considering, then, that nothing has been ex-ercised and cultivated better and longer among men than obedience, one may fairly assume that the need for it is now innate in the average man.

Waking in the movie, then, amounts to freeing oneself from the taken-for-granted norms that one has been brought up to accept. But how is this possible? Heidegger claims that human beings dimly sense that there is more to life than conforming. How fitting then that a barely ex-pressible unease, like a splinter in his mind, seems to pervade Neo’s life and prompts him to begin the process of asserting his nonconformity by becoming a hacker and breaking all the rules.

One might reasonably object that all of the talk of dreaming in The Matrix, even if it should not be taken literally, is too strong a religious metaphor to refer merely to what Heidegger calls “living a tranquilized existence in the one.” And waking seems to be more than becoming a nonconformist. After all, there are all those mentions of Jesus in connection with Neo that have been collected by Colin McGinn.

There can be no doubt that Neo is meant to be a kind of savior, but what kind? It’s tempting to think that The Matrix is a Gnostic, Buddhist, or Platonic/Christian parable, in which what we take to be reality turns out to be a dream, and we are led to awaken from the world of appearances to some kind of higher spiritual reality. On this reading, Neo would lead his people out of the illusions of Plato’s cave, the veil of Maya, or the darkness of the world into a higher disembodied life.

But this association would be all wrong! In the film, salvation means the opposite of the traditional religious vision. True, the ones who see through the Matrix can get over some of the limitations of having a body, as exemplified by their flying.26 But such flying takes place in the Matrix world. In the real world to which Neo “awakes,” and which we learn in the last film of the trilogy will be available to all human beings, there will be no more flying. People will have earthbound, vulnerable bodies and suffer cold, bad food, and death. It may look, at the end of the first film, as if Neo evades death, but his ((resurrection” in the hovercraft is not into a world where death has been overcome by a miraculous divine love; rather, he has been saved by an earthly intervention—a sort of tender CPR—quite within the bounds of physics and chemistry. So he still has his vulnerable body and will have to die a real death one day.

What he presumably has gotten over is not death but the herd’s fear of death, thereby overcoming what, according to Heidegger, leads people to flee into tranquilized conformity in the first place. Indeed, if bending the rules that are accepted by the average person just amounts to being able to bend spoons, fly, and stop bullets, it doesn’t seem to be any kind of salvation. Breaking free of conformity must mean more than just being disruptive.

We are led to expect that, in return for accepting everyday vulnerability and suffering, the people liberated by Neo will be reborn to a new and better life in Zion. But what is wrong with life in the Matrix?

It seems clear that, if the AI intelligences do their job and make a complete simulation of our world, the people in the Matrix world should be able to do everything and experience everything that we can. Like them, we all have a causal basis in a brain in a vat. True, the causal link between their brains and the physical universe is different from ours, but why should that be a problem?

How can the Matrix be, as Morpheus claims it is, “a prison for the mind,” any more than our dependence on our brains and their causal inputs im-prisons us? Morpheus has no idea of what such a prison would be but talks, nonetheless, about enslavement and control. Early in the first film, he says: “What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dreamworld, built to keep us under control.” James Pryor, at the end of

Mass consciousness is designed on conformity and to be free one need to break free from the heard mentality that controls the mind of the masses, this is the first central key to understand, the second key is to pierce the veil of ignorance and the third key is to overcome fear and negativity.

To be able to expand the human consciousness one must break the chains of the 3Dimenional world.

Being disruptive is the best one can do in the Matrix world. That’s why Neo, a hacker who, as Agent Smith says, has broken every rule in the book, is the natural candidate for savior.

In the movie, humans in the Matrix are all slaves. They’re not in charge of their own lives. They may be contented slaves, unaware of their chains, but they’re slaves nonetheless. They have only a very limited ability to shape their own futures…. For most of us, the worst thing about living in the Matrix would not be something metaphysical or epistemological. Ra-ther, the worst thing would be something political. It would be the fact that life in the Matrix is a kind of slavery.

The One World Government is a new form of a Roman Empire, and the Global World Brain will become the New Matrix. The will present The One World Government as Global World Savior Project – people and nations must unite to save the world. It´s a deception and program that will enslave everyone into a global artifical computer world. In the future people thoughts will no longer be their own.

The One World Government and the global world brain is designed around conformity, and lack of knowledge and ignorance leading mankind in their direction.

The Matrix trilogy never tells us why some people would want to leave the Matrix, that is, we are never told what, in principle, is wrong with the Matrix world, so we have to figure it out for ourselves. Our only clues are that Morpheus tells Neo that there is some sort of limit on what people in the Matrix can think and experience, and Neo says at the end of The Matrix that the AI intelligences don’t like change.

The Matrix is a system of mass population mind control which strives for complete conformity, submission and unquestioned obedience to the doctrines, laws and assumptions of the ruling and controlling class. This is quintessentially Stramonium in character. The Matrix demands submission of your will to the will of the hive, as it were. It squashes individuality and creates robots, automatons of people—androids, machines. And that is exactly what the Stramonium mentality ultimately does. It creates robots, machines out of people. It squeezes the joy and life out of people and society.

On the Earth’s physical plane, the control of the matrix is accomplished through a debt-based financial system of slavery and also through the mass media mind control programming. On the etheric, astral and mental planes, the control is held through electromagnetic space-time distortion chambers.

The chambers create an illusion of a closed system that is in the shape of a loop. It seems to be eternal, so no one attempts to free themselves from it. This Matrix is controlled by the Archons.

There is an extensive quantity of information to access and dive into the ocean of this Wisdom.

The Phoenicians taught the Egyptians about this Knowledge or Wisdom. They practiced at its maximum Power, taking significant results that are still inexplicably to the “human rational” mind. The fact is that the building of Egypt’s pyramids and Egypt’s civilization was based using this knowledge or wisdom, a shred of simple evidence that the Creator’s Love for humanity and the world has been all the time good intentions.

The problem started when one of the Kings or Pharaoh knew that with this Knowledge, he could have power over the mind and destiny of the people (mass) that knew nothing about the mind/feeling control and decided to hide this Knowledge use it as they dictated. Selfishness spread around humanity, and Knowledge was occult or hidden from the mob.

The occultists then spread the information from “mouth to hear” when the scholar was ready.

From there, all the bases of the religions are born under their perfect practice of manipulation and selfishness. They created all the systems using that basis of teachings, which we live in, like the Religious system, the governmental and political systems, the social, the judicial system, laws and regulations, educational, health, etc. You need to study a little about this ancient Babylon system and see how similar, or equal, are their bases compared with the present systems, all created to control and have under slavery the mass.

All these systems are The Matrix.

The core of this Knowledge and more misused are “The Vibrations.” The higher vibration has Power and control over the lowers one. Any High vibration which has its charge of information could manage and exert Power over lower vibrations. Let me explain it in an experience of actual life. The vibration of fear is the lowest on the scale, and anything that vibes higher than that can manipulate that entity. The media are spreading the news about conflict and war and is causing fear to the community; the people behind that news operating in a higher vibration of security or Power exert control over the fearful people, the receptor, and suggest through thoughts anything that he wants people to think.

As easy as that. They can mentally suggest hatred, separation, revenge, conflict, wars, etc. They intend to keep us under low vibration to exert power over us, keeping their high vibrations. Another case could be that the media spread the news about any deadly disease caused by the X factor and causing fear and panic in the community. The person or people behind that news operating in a higher vibration of power suggest that this or that hospital, solution, or medicine is the best. The fearful people will obey automatically, unconsciously.

Unfortunately, the matrix is so old and well crafted that we cannot even notice that we are inside of it.

Things worsened when the national organized Freemasonry began in 1717 with the grand lodge’s after they was founded. From this date on, the matrix’s manipulation and craft have been worse and worse for the mass.

Then the Illuminati was founded and we learn from texts;

Let it [the Illuminati] never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.”

The reason the Masonic Lodge was chosen (by Illuminati) was because it already had a reputation as a secret society. It had always been part of his plan to infiltrate the Masonic lodges so as to establish a foothold on all of Europe. He wanted “a Masonic lodge of our own . . . . We shall regard it as our nursery garden .. .” The Masonic lodges were deigned to serve as the Illuminati’s incubator where Weishaupt’s ideas would grow and gain acceptance because they could easily meld with the basic ideas of the lodges.

A very significant thing happened in the year 1782. Historians will never write about it. They don’t understand it. But on the 16th of July 1782 at the Congress of Wilhelm bade an alliance between the Illuminati and world wide Freemasonry was sealed. This pact joined together all leading societies on the earth of that day. Over 3 million people on the rolls of those Freemasonic organizations and the Illuminati – they merged. A quote now that was found in World Revolution, by Nester Webster, page 18, concerning a man who attended chat particular congress; “What passed at this terrible congress will never be known to the outside world.” For even those men who had been drawn unwittingly into the movement and now heard for the first time the real designs of the leaders, were under oath to reveal NOTHING.

The good news is that the time of Transcend the Matrix is here. Let me explain more. As the matrix is a set of systems inside other systems fed by vibrations, the only way to transcend it is in high vibrations and unplugging your thoughts/feelings from any effect this thrown in your paths. The matrix has been crafted in a way that all its information cause fear, panic, insecurity, unprotected, division, revenge, separation, injustice, lonely, guiltiness, self-pity, lack, victimization, accusation, regret, conflict, unbalance, instability, a consciousness of sin, and many other low vibrations.

The matrix makes you feel these low vibrations to make you believe that they have the perfect solution for those “problems,” and you have to support their devices and tell the entire world that the “People required x action.”

Let me mention some examples: the Religious Systems since its creation, some Religious Church, took control of the recorded history (“Sacred Writings”), deciding on “councils” (secret meetings made by high-rank religious men), what to put in the Bible, how to translate the words, divide the writings, remove from the writings, and change the names, festivities, dates, and more.

They craft the entire religious system to make you feel many low vibrations, making you feel guiltiness for a sin that two persons committed when God created the world. Some of these religions make you feel separation, unworthiness, and unmerited good because “we all are sinners as per their manipulated information.” But of course, they present the solutions, that you tell them everything about your life, under “sin” confessions, mentioning to men who want to know your entire life to have you under their control.

If you only could realize that five or four words mistranslated have been causing all these years tears, separation, destruction, and you know the rest.

All crafted by the matrix’s fathers because they know better than those teachings “about the sinful life” are not the truth at all. Look at their lives, a piece of clear evidence they do not believe or practice the same. Let me tell you something, don’t you believe they don’t practice spirituality or rites. Of course, they do. Look at the “freemasonry” temples, closed doors. For what reason, all the occultists and secrecy?. For what?.

They do everything in secret because of their “secret agenda” they don’t want us to access their practices, rites, and prayers. They don’t feel any gloomy feelings about all the deaths and poverty that they have been causing for years, centuries. In their minds, the low-feeling of guiltiness, sin, or remorse does not exist. They don’t allow it because they know those vibrations are deadly; that is the dominant religion: occult and secrecy. All the devices to manipulate the rest of the “religions” of public access are crafted from there. All religious institutions are one, one “religious system.” The core of all is the same, making you feel you are doing something wrong that needs to be corrected by their rites, rituals, and prayers, making you feel worse and worse.

To getting conscious communication with your Creator, you must activate the right side of your brain. It would help if you practiced the stillness, the calm of your mind to be in the Alpha wave state of Mind to overcome all your life problems. You can access everything you need in that state of mind, even though your life’s more minor details.

Let me conclude, the matrix is crafted to make you be in a low vibration, but as soon you can operate in high vibrations, the matrix has no control over you at all. At that point, you can start taking control of your life, the communities, and the world.

Yes, the end of the world is near.

The great detail here is the Greek translation of the word “world,” the Greek word in this passage is “Kosmou,” in which the proper translation is “matrix.” In Greek, the word “world” as a planet is “ge,” which means “planet earth.”

Then, the conclusion is that “The end of the matrix is near.”

As more people are operating in high vibrations for a more extended period, as faster and smoother, the matrix loses control over us. That is why the messenger, The Messiah, told us, “I am not of this world,” which the proper translation is “I am not of this Kosmou,” better said, “I am not of this matrix.”

In the entire New Testament of the Bible, the word “world” was mistranslated.

The proper translation for the world’s systems is Kosmou=matrix, and the appropriate translation for the world as a planet is Ge=Planet. Imagine how only one mistranslated word has caused all the chaos and misunderstandings we live in, but the time is here, right now.

Let me conclude this post about the matrix. The primary task of the matrix is to distract you from your true Self Create all kinds of distractions for you; do not use your mind. thoughts/feelings to connect with the higher Self, your Creator. They know better that the Power of humanity is when it is aware, vibrational connected to the Source, the Creator. Your minds connected with the Creator can know everything, have control over everything, and get the success that you have been seeking.

Within the One World Government and the Global World Brain they will able to replace peoples own consciousness with a artificial intelligence (AI) based on total mind control and conformity, and conformity to One World Leader as the prince of the world.

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