Alchemy and the hidden stone in Earth

Alchemy and the hidden stone in Earth


In the alchemical tradition the anima mundi is the divine spark in matter. While the Church looked upwards towards heaven, towards the ethereal world, the alchemists looked into matter. And part of their work was to discover how to liberate this spark, how to liberate the light hidden within matter, which is the secret within creation. This divine spark is in every cell of creation. And really, the mystery of turning lead into gold is about revealing what is hidden within the darkness of matter. And so they kept alive, in this underground stream, the prin-ciple of the anima inundi, the soul of the world.They understood that there is a direct relationship between our individual soul and the soul of the world. In fact, our individual soul is a spark in the anima mundi, a spark of light in the soul of the world. It is not just our own individual soul; it is part of the soul of the world. One of the great tragedies is that we forgot this—that, as Jung said, “Man himself has ceased to be the microcosm and his anima is no longer the consubstantial scintilla or spark of the Anima Mundi, the World Soul.”

It is the gateway to all mysteries, the entrance to the spiritual path. He left the World in the same position on the Tree of Life in his secret correspondences as the original Golden Dawn map, between Yesod and Malkuth, on the lowest path of the Tree of Life. This path is the last reach of divinity, and the first we enter on our return. It is hence “birth,” “entrance,” and a portal to a new life. If we compare this with the Ace of Pentacles, we see how that Ace shows the more mundane “new start,” whereas the World shows the bigger picture of every new start.
When on High the Heavens had not been named, The Earth had not been named, And Naught existed but the Seas of ABSU, The Ancient One, And MUMMU TIAMAT, the Ancient One Who bore them all, Their Waters as One Water.”
This passage from The Magan Text reveals the universe before the creation of gods and the world of man. Everything was shapeless and unnamed and nothing existed apart from cosmic waters. The Magan Text is a paraphrase of the Babylonian Creation Epic called Enuma Elish. In Babylonian cosmology, in the beginning there was only a great ocean – the underground realm of fresh waters (Absu) and salty waters personified by Tiamat. These ancient waters were the womb from which everything emerged in the process of creation. They were called “tehom,” which also signifies “the depth” or “the abyss,” or primeval chaos – the matrix of all potentialities. The dark masses of water, however, were not the Abyss in the sense of the void.
“The ocean is the alchemical Prima Materia”

In the beginning there was only the limitless primeval ocean of Nar Marratu. It is described as a shapeless mass of waters corresponding to the notion of Chaos – the primordial undifferentiated multitude of energies. The ocean is the alchemical Prima Materia, the matrix of all creation, the cosmic womb, the source of all life. In Babylonian mythology the waters of Tiamal and Absu gave birth to the first gods: An (Heaven) and Ki (Earth). Their birth was a preliminary step to the whole process of creation. Primordial waters preceded the separation of opposites. The sea is the dissolving and creative principle: the grave, in which everything dissolves and ceases to be, and the womb, where everything comes to life and new existence begins, where everything returns to die and to be reborn again. This reminds us of the concept of Chaos.
In The Secret Doctrine Helena Blavatsky writes: “What is prime chaos if not the ether containing all forms and all beings, all seeds of the universal creation?” Chaos is formless energy from which cosmos and the order of the universe evolved. It is the primeval source, the living continuum, all and nothing, the principle of being and non-being at the same time. It is the will, the wisdom, the force of all things, the energy behind everything, the subtle force within all living beings and in every molecule of cosmic space. In this sense, Chaos is the well-spring of being, the energy that can be differentiated and molded into all possible forms. It is the Unmanifested, yet it is not Nothingness, or it is no longer Nothingness. It is the raw, infinite potential evolving around the Void, the singularity, the zero.point. It is Azatholh manifested as Yog-Sothoth.
Thus, also the waters of Tiamat and Absu can be identified with Chaos and the Abyss, as they are both the womb and the dissolving principle. The light of the Sun, the masculine solar current, penetrates the salty waters of tiamatu (the Babylonian “sea”, the womb of creation, and warms them. In result, the sea (which has always been associated with the feminine lunar principle) becomes impregnated with the solar force and gives birth to her offspring. In the alchemical sense, the sea becomes the Divine Water (Hudor Thelon), or in Latin: Aqua Igne Sacra Inflammata (water inflamed by the sacred fire). The salt in the waters of Tiamat is the spark of the Anima Mundi dissolved in the depths of the dark sea, the creative spark of life residing in Prima Materia.
Daath is also associated with Absu (Sumerian “ab” – deep sea, “zu” – wisdom), which can be translated as “the sea of wisdom,” wisdom being the term inseparably connected with the hidden Sephira. As the guardian of the gate of Daath, Yog-Sothoth can be identified with Choronzon, the Guardian of the Abyss, or the entrance to the Qliphothic side of the Tree of Life, or in Grant’s terms: to the Universe B.

The final excerpt from this central section is headed “A philosophicall worke” (pp. 478-84), and is again extracted from Coelson’s Philosophia Maturata° (1668). It details some of the key beliefs which underlie the ehymical opus, and, in particular, the Paracelsian concept of the tria prima – the three principles present in all matter, namely Salt. Sulphur. and Mercury. or. as they are called in this work. “philosophical Niter,” “subtile Salt,” and “fixed Salt”:
The earth contains in it the seeds of all things and their operations. It is the center foundation and Mother of all things. Therein are great secrets: and the first begotten heavenly spirit of Nature is secretly shut up and hidden therein; Also in the center thereof lyes hidden a virgin Earth consisting in the 3 principles. If thou knowest how to separate them out of it and to joyne them againe philosophically thou shalt have the greatest treasure. (p. 478)
The excerpt moves on to instruct the reader in the best method to separate these principles from earth, the prima materia, or “first matter” from which the chymical opus proceeds. We are advised to take a portion of fresh earth, “which is sufficiently impregnated with the beams of the Sun and Moone and other stars” (p. 478). and to “divide it into eaquall pans measured” (p. 479). The three principles are then extracted by subjecting the prima materia to simple processes of “boyleing, filtrating, evaporating, congealing” (p. 479). recipes for each of which are then given. The final outcome of this work is the Philosopher’s Stone itself; this part of Coelson’s book is missing from Wigges’s manuscript.
Scriptures says; “For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly: so hall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”.
And the meaning of VITROIL is; “Visit the interior of the Earth and by improving yourself you shall discover the hidden Philosophers’ Stone
He who overcome shall then recieve the “hidden stone”.

For the Christian Alchemist or Son of Adam to understand, as a Kabalist, as a Hindu listen, Patala, called the seven lower regions bila-svargas (“subterranean heavens”) are planets or planetary systems below or resident within the element of earth as states of superconsciousness resident in Malkuth, the Kingdom, which is the key to the medicinal powers latent in the shut entrance to the closed palace of the king. It is the reflection of the seven states of superconsciousness resident in the dark palace of matter, or realm of outer appearances, as degrees of subtlety as the forces resident within the form. These forces or worlds empower the stupor of man, desire, and the wealth, when purified it is the desire that forms the gold and jewels in nature, where light is shut up in matter eternally, and wherein the ageless state of eternal youth and the life conforms without diseases, in the Kingdom of the Philosopher’s Stone. Malkuth is the pure state. It is the invisible state of purity as a world unfamiliar to the Earth as a sphere of composting and reincarnating energies. It is rather its perfected state or heaven. It is the state that drives or rather draws the outer form towards its perfection or future state wherein the substance is graced by its immortal perfection “On Earth as it is in Heaven” beyond the state of imperfection and mortality. It is the essence of the future state of divinity where mortality finds faith and favor in its immortality that is a never-ending state that is changeless as defined by the Philosopher’s Stone.

Malkuth is the essence of the Philosopher’s Stone, the power of the immortal essence condensed to reign as the final state of Man


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