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A great transition occurs when we traverse the diaphragm from the solar plexus to the heart center. In order to interpret universality with total freedom, one must transcend the material levels of existence. It is impossible to reach deep understanding if we remain bound by the three-dimensional consciousness, limited to the physical, emotional and mental planes. Unless we become freed from earthly ties, from the left side consciousness and from everyday life, our consciousness cannot contact the intelligent worlds that inhabit the infinite universe.

The ascending fire of Kundalini breaks the three knots ( Granthis ) to energize the Sahasrara in the head causing a … V.9 : Breaking through the Earth element in the Muladhara , the Fire Element in Swadhishtana , the Water element in …

A shower of rain descends into the sadhaka’s body, when kundalini crosses the region of ajna chakra, reaches the sahasrara chakra, and unites with Lord Siva. This rain is not ordinary rain but the rain of heavenly nectar. Like a heavy downpour, it starts from the thousand petalled lotus in the head and flows downwards to reach the four petalled lotus at the base of spine.

Everywhere in the world, there exist Siva and Sakti. In every atom they are, as two halves of the whole. The entire creation is a mixture of duality of opposites like day and night, light and darkness, happiness and sorrow, masculine and feminine genders, left and right, North and South, above and below and Earth and Sky. Siva and Sakti reside in all dualities complementing each other.

The meeting of Siva and Sakti in the thousand petalled lotus of the upasaka generates in him a bliss that is a million times greater than sexual bliss. This state is called samadhi. In this state, a shower of ambrosia is felt from above downwards by the sadhaka in his body.

The aim of true Tantrics and Yogis is to achieve the blissful state explained in this verse. The happiness that we feel in our life is a mere reflection of the bliss felt in the state of samadhi. For example – many people do feel a kind of exhilaration when it rains, but do not know the reason behind it.

The rain awakens in their subconscious mind, a faint memory of the bliss that comes from the internal rain of divine nectar from the thousand petalled lotus. In this way, all the states of happiness that we feel in our mundane lives have as their basis, inner states of bliss that are felt in samadhi.

But these secrets are beyond the reach of ordinary persons who are not initiated into the inner mysteries of Yoga and Tantra. Only those who are walking on the path of sadhana come to feel a taste of them, not others, because these states cannot be understood by mind, but to be felt only by experience.

Mandsakti means great passion. It is the deep thirst of the sadhaka for ultimate flowering into God consciousness. The sadhaka is supposed to possess great energy and passion in him to be able to reach the state of absolute perfection. Bhagavad Gita also says – śraddhāvān labhatē jnānaṁi.  One who is endowed with passion and interest will get wisdom.

A great transition occurs when we traverse the diaphragm from the solar plexus to the heart center. We leave “the lower chakras” with their close connection to the physical body and enter the higher chakras: In the lower three we move between ego and its essential core, what Evola calls “the principle of individuality,” the me beneath my pretensions.

My essential being and the fierce desires, defenses, and illusions that distort it have a personal quality. However, in the anahata:

One no longer identifies with one’s desires…. It is hard to talk of these things because most people are still identified with manipura. . . . The diaphragm would correspond to the surface of the earth, and apparently in getting into the anahata we reach the condition where we are lifted up from the earth. . . . You rise above the horizon … if you’re identical with the sun (Jung, 1996: 36-7).

Jung sticks close to the imagery of the Night Sea Journey in his articulation of the chakras. In the second, the sun sets in the Western Sea and begins its struggle with the darkness of the unconscious. In the third, light dawns in the East, but the sun has not yet detached itself from the earth, which Jung emphasizes by speaking of the blaze of manipura as the fire at the center of the earth.

Only in anahata does the sun of our being break free of the earth and rise into the air. Anahata is traditionally identified with the primal element of air: “because the heart is closely associated with the lungs. One must be naïve to understand these things. In primitive experience, it is the same thing. In fact it is a psychological truth” (Jung, 1996: 36).

It is also a physiological truth, for our breathing and heart rate are very closely related. The heartbeat that speeds up in the face of sexual arousal, terror, and the like, can be controlled by the breathing exercises of yoga. In the earth of muladhara where kundalini sleeps, we are stolid and unmoving in our identification with rationality, empirical facts, and the assumptions of our social consensus.

In the water of svadhisthana we plunge into the chaotic emotional turbulence of the unconscious. In the fire of manipura we can become caught in passions of a very personal nature.

But when we rise into the air of anahata, we detach ourselves from our personal identity. In the solar center, for example, I am convinced that in seeing my essential being I am seeing “the real me”; and as I direct my manipura-inspired gaze upon you, I perceive “the real you.” But in the heart center a real “detachment” takes place.

In order to interpret universality with total freedom, one must transcend the material levels of existence. It is impossible to reach deep understanding if we remain bound by the three-dimensional consciousness, limited to the physical, emotional and mental planes. Unless we become freed from earthly ties, from the left side consciousness and from everyday life, our consciousness cannot contact the intelligent worlds that inhabit the infinite universe.

If we limit ourselves to the corporeal dimension of beings on the material level, we will be nurturing an ephemeral creature that is subject to birth and death, to pain, to desire and to suffering, which are all present, as much in the decadence as in the advancement of the races. These situations are inherent to three-dimensional consciousness. All those who are now ready are being offered the means to transcend the current conditions and to move toward the divine essence.

The next stage that humans are to attain is on a cosmic level. To reach this stage one must cease giving in to the ignorant mind and must transcend it until reaching the supra-mind. The substance of the supra-mind is a component of the spiritual formation of the self.

A still higher cosmic level will then move humans to seek the spirit and to transcend their soul, which will no longer be identified with human life in itself but will be absorbed into this spirit.

If beings do not overcome their body and control their physical composition and all their material existence, they cannot perceive universal consciousness. There is no fully conscious oneness unless the left side mind is completed by the right side mind.

The left side consciousness embodies the present limits of human thought, which is not integrated into the universal mind. The awakening of the right side consciousness and its merging with the left side consciousness will allow humans to avail themselves of unity with all other minds and with the universal mind. This will take place gradually. This new state leads to universality, but to attain it one must go beyond everything that is earthly.

This cannot be reiterated often enough. Mind, life and humankind have all been created to reach supra-nature, which will become part of human thought, feeling and action. All of this will indeed lake place.

This awakening is impossible without an inner life. The activation of the three centers, the right side mental center, the right side heart center and the right side cosmic plexus, will help express cosmic consciousness.

When these centers become activated, individuals will find the way to truly identify themselves with greater existence. Life that is lived apart from the inner spirit is simply the domain of Ignorance. This ignorance can only be dispelled through awareness of inner cosmic life.

Detachment from the self will become integrated into the culture of the race. New knowledge in the fields of astronomy, physics and religiousness is to be revealed. Religiousness in this context does not mean any affiliation with church institutions, but rather obedience to the set of laws that gives human beings knowledge of the essence of all the inhabitants of this planet and of their stages of evolution and involution.

Among other things, religiousness unveils the laws that govern the reorganization of the Hierarchies that are active on the planet. The mind linked to the left side consciousness has always strived to attain balance in personal life by attachment to external reality, believing that material existence was the only basic reality.

Only with great effort can one unravel the confused plot of external reality. How-ever, with tranquil endeavor, one can reach the light of the mirrors. By outer consciousness is meant human material consciousness, united with the individuality of one’s being through the triple attunement with the mental, emotional and physical-etheric bodies.

People can only become freed from this outer consciousness through a change of the present genes’ and by breaking down the current structures that bind them. Solar forces of great potency are approaching to destroy the structures that shackle humans. Thus they will open the way for individuals to attain divine life inwardly.

Detachment from self is a movement toward one’s inner being, so that the intraterrestrial call may come forth. If human beings of the surface change their interests, turning their attention away from the outer material plane and focusing it on the inner spiritual plane, not only will their thought structures be transformed but they will also dis-cover the way to the universal mind.

The awakening of the mind of right side consciousness will lead them to the correct inward movement. No longer will they be concerned with their own obscurity, nor will they avidly seek experiences. A broader vision will direct their abilities inward and everything in them will become harmonized. Silence and emptiness will lead the beings to the infinite.

This will be part of their inner spiritual experience that will reach the space where the physical mind refuses to enter. This tiny left side thinking mind confuses silence with mental and vital incapacity and considers void to mean the termination of existence.

True silence is the silence of the nonmaterial plane. True void is the divestment of the natural being, a liberation from old conceptualizations in order to reach divine essence. The greatest triumph that we will have achieved as the race of the surface of the Earth will be to attain knowledge of the intraterrestrial and the extraterrestrial races, knowledge of a different reality. Through our outer consciousness we are subjected to the separation that exists on the surface of the Earth between us and the others, mainly members of the cosmic races who contact us. However, humans still cling to this separateness in order to satisfy the ego.

This process Is carried out on supraphysical levels by cosmic consciousnesses That watch over the evolution of humanity in the diverse manifested Universes.

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