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A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend, The knot of the two , the higher and the lower hemisphere , ‘ * is where mind and Supermind meet with a veil between them . … the nature of the higher , mind can recover its divine light in the all – comprehending Supermind , the soul realises its divine self in the all – possessing

The ego-consciousness is limited because of its association with the adjuncts like the body and the mind. Consciousness is reflected through the mind and the intellect, and thus is limited and finite. This state of consciousness arises because of the influence of Maya which is the source of Avidya or ignorance. The individual consciousness is a limited consciousness because of which individual I becomes the owner of the limited form of consciousness. The I, therefore, becomes the product of a process of limitation due to Maya.

The transcendence of the ego is the main aim of the Advaita metaphysics because it is not satisfied with the empirical ego. The latter becomes a stumbling block to the realization of the true nature of the self. As long as the I persists as the agent and the enjoyer of actions, there is no possibility of the self or Divine Self-realization. Self-realization is the ultimate goal of life.

Now the question of the realization of the self is best understood in the context of the nature of the jiva as the limited and finite being which is under the influence of Maya. The jiva does not know its own self in its true nature because of Avidya; that is why it gets involved in the false identification with the body and the mind. This state of false identity is called the state of bondage where the true nature of the self is covered due to ignorance. In the state of self-realization the true nature of the self as the Divine is revealed.

The freed soul assumes the form of his true self. Freedom is not the abolition of the self, but the realization of its infinity and absoluteness by the expansion and illumination of consciousness.

For the liberated, the world is not dissolved but our false outlook is dissolved (

Thus, self-realization is the new state of being of the self that realizes its true identity. This is the state of freedom from Avidya and Maya and the realization of the Divine Self. For Advaita, freedom is the state of getting back to one’s true self, the supreme transcendental consciousness.

Our dream of duality is known only by our mind our fundamental thought “I”, which is the limited consciousness that feels I am this body’. If we do not rise as this limited consciousness, we cannot know any duality. Since all duality is only an imagination. it does not exist when we do not know it. Therefore it is fundamental and all-important truth If the thought “I” does not exist, no other thing will exist’.

That is, all things depend for their seeming existence upon the seeming existence of our fundamental thought “I”, which is a limited and distorted form of our fundamental consciousness of being, “I am”,. Therefore, in order to put an end to the illusory appearance of duality, we must put an end to the illusory appearance of our first and fundamental thought “I”.

When we thus turn our attention towards our consciousness of being, ‘I am’, our mind, which had risen to think thoughts, will begin to subside in our true self-conscious being, which is the source from which it has risen. If we are able to focus our attention wholly and exclusively upon our consciousness of being, our mind will subside completely into the innermost core of our being, and thus we will experience our own true being with absolutely unadulterated clarity of non-dual self-consciousness.

When we once experience our true being with such perfect clarity, we will discover that we are the non-dual infinite spirit, and thus we will destroy for ever the illusion that we are a body, a mind or anything other than that spirit. When this illusion is thus destroyed, the dream of duality, which depends upon it, will also come to an end.

The whole mind must understand this before an spiritual enlightment process will be fully awaken, and this is the TOP-RULERS biggest FEAR. Therefore they will do everything to prevent people awaken to their Divine Nature, and the concept to prevent this will be done by; microchipping everyone, creating a digital global world brain, and a technocratic one world government. Their power lies in peoples ignorance. By keeping mankind in a state of low vibrational frequency state they will be kept and controlled as slaves within the EGO-matrix.

Those who choose to step out of duality don’t have to depend on the cycles of earth to balance their energy of positive and negative anymore. It is a multi-dimensional type offrequency, and the only way a person can tie into this is by moving beyond the belief of good and evil, or duality (2-d).

We have been creating as mortals in the third dimension of duality, we are more than that. We are divine creators capable of creating heaven on earth. The ancient wisdom of who we are and why we are here is returning to planet earth. With the return of the frequency of pure love and light, we are raising our frequency and therefore raising the frequency of our manifestations. With a higher frequency of pure love and light, we begin to live in two dimensions simultaneously. We move beyond mortality to combine our divinity into all that we are. We move beyond duality to unity: a state of zero-point, a state of perfection. Then, as creators working in both dimensions simultaneously, in unity, our intentions have a higher frequency.

Why is meditation so difficult? Imagine that every atom and molecule of your body is oscillating in a certain low frequency. Atoms are moving slowly and it takes a lot of energy to get them excited. While meditating you increase the energy flow within your body and try to make yourself vibrate faster. In the beginning, this is very exhausting and requires a lot of energy—like getting a ship/truck moving from a stand-still. It takes less energy to increase the velocity while the movement is already taking place. Similarly, continuous prac-tice of meditation makes reaching the previous oscillation level easier. Even though the example deals with a “physical” situation, meditation is purely a mental practice. The practitioner needs to focus and align the internal energy flows and use this con-centration for expanding the consciousness. The fewer the distractions (thoughts and the like), the more united and effi-cient the results. Finally, the practitioner is capable of realiz-ing the balance state between/beyond duality and just simply be—become enlightened.

The Aware Ego is not a destination that can be reached, but rather a process that must be lived. It gives us more choices, more possibilities, more directions in which to move. The true light comes from Higher Power, which is beyond duality and is the Source of all consciousness.

Learn to build powerful bridges between the rich inner world of consciousness and your day – to – day existence.

Many of us are shifting our beliefs to a new vision of a world where all beings live in harmonious connection with each other.

When a person is tapped into the multi dimensional nature of our existence and our own creative power , miracles are ordinary , and the ordinary is a miracle. We can decide what we wish to experience and assign it our own meaning or value.

Learn to create spiritual value, not just material values

Moving Beyond Duality andf its frequencies….Duality Vs Oneness, Fear and Love frequency

The Living Light Body’s axiatonal lines and spin points were disconnected during the Fall of Consciousness to prevent communication with the Over Soul, Higher Self and Soul Spirit, and also with Creator. As a person begins the ascension process and enters higher and higher levels of consciousness, the body’s cells match that higher vibration and begin to hold greater levels of Light. The highly vibrating cells affect the entire physical body. As the axiatonal lines and the axial spin points upon them are integrated and activated, they have a direct connection to the meridian system and acupuncture points. You might imagine the Living Light Body as a fine open-woven mesh with tiny nodes at every intersection lying just above your skin. It is a garment of Light, a coat of many colours. With the activation of your body of Light, the potential for change within the physical body is significant. The physical body regenerates cells at a regular pace. For example red blood cells renew in approximately four months, stomach cells in two to nine days. As the energy and Light connections are created between the Living Light Body’s spin points and the spin points within the cells, a resonance between the two bodies develops. The denseness begins to be eliminated and cellular regeneration starts to occur from that more perfected state. Newly regenerated cells vibrate at the new higher level of Light. It may go without saying that this interface between the Living Light Body system and the physical system is not possible while holding your attention in a third-dimensional state. No matter how many years one spends praying and working and studying, the only way to merge the Living Light Body with the physical body is in a consistent fifth-dimensional state of being. One must become a body of Light before having a Light Body.

It may go without saying that this interface between the Living Light Body system and the physical system is not possible while holding your attention in a third-dimensional state.

These seven layers of unique energetic components that are each composed of Light, colour, sound and the frequency ranges of each. This is an initiatory process that began in this last gathering of the students. They are offering their service not only to raise their bodies to a higher state of being, but also to facilitate the raising of planet Earth out of the density of a third-dimensional matrix. This upgrade takes place within the physical body, as well as the consciousness of the Soul Spirit. It can be then modelled and translated through the Elementals for a re-creation of the way in which Earth is held within energetic configurations. An alteration is made not only of the matter of the body, but the matter of the planet itself. But it first has to be taken and utilized at the personal level. Here is where you find yourself at this moment: holding a consciousness that was not available previously in regards to creation of Light within the body and within form. When this conversion is translated by the Elementals and made usable within the Earth, the ley lines of the Earth begin to be activated, recharged and enlightened. They begin to operate as the meridian system does within the physical body. This takes the direction of the Elementals, just like it takes your conscious direction, to direct the Light through the various channels

Activating this first layer of the Living Light Body allows you to begin to configure the cells and alter the glands and fluids of the body so that it may begin to hold a greater level of Light. It also unifies the Higher Mind with the Mind of Creator, also known as the Universal Mind. This activation unifies all the previously separate systems of the physical body, upgrading the functioning of the chakras, Triads and the Unified Field. It also creates a synergy within the morphic fields surrounding the physical, etheric, mental-emotional, causal and Christed bodies, allowing for the merging of those bodies.

There are many energetics being placed into the physical realm through you that not only will open the consciousness of the body, but also will set a new level of awareness for you to observe. The Mind of Source is now within your Higher Mind. The Holy Spirit is within your Soul Spirit and within your body. When you begin to fully acknowledge that the Mind of Source and your mind are one and the same, it allows that eighth chakra to begin to function at a much higher frequency range. This Light is distributed throughout the system, down from the pineal, into the pituitary, the hippocampus and the hypothalamus, throughout the glandular system. It also engages with the cellular system. As that Light begins to spin and vibrate at a higher frequency range within the pineal, there is another aspect of that liquid Light that begins to take form. It is much thicker and has a viscosity. This nectarlike Light is flowed throughout the system. The liquids within the body’s cellular system, glandular system and digestive system must all contain this liquid Light in order to have this conversion into the Light Body. This Light also runs through the meridian system and engages the axiatonal lines and spin points to further disperse these higher frequencies into the system.

Upgrading the second Triad

When each layer of the Living Light Body is awakened, many other layers and systems need to be upgraded or adjusted to function best with this higher level of Light. You’ll upgrade the Colour Codes, Triads, pituitary gland, DNA and more (and hopefully you’ll upgrade your amusement, neutrality and personal goals as well). Think of this as being similar to when you install a new operating system on your computer and some existing applications need to be updated. A series of automatic functions within the second Triad become engaged with this activation. The second Triad is upgraded here. This automatic functioning allows your pineal gland to constantly create Light, and this magnifies one-hundredfold when you consciously place your attention in that second Triad, reinforcing the presence of the first layer Light Body.

The collective consciousness of the group responded with, “Awareness of their existence is the first step in the healing process. The ability to be ‘conscious’ of more than one dimension simultaneously takes practice and dedication. Once you become ‘aware’ of these aspects of self, the healing process is relatively simply and will lead to a higher vibrational response. To be Multi-Dimensional in your con-sciousness you must first acknowledge that you have the ability to develop your perceptual awareness of all dimensions—those below as well as those above.”

Our cells store this energy, and it also creates the electromagnetic field around the body we call the Aura. When these forces operate within us unconsciously, we generate and store only enough of this energy for the everyday health and maintenance of our system. If our positive and negative currents become blocked or are out of balance in some way, our subtle energy stores become depleted and illness results. If, on the other hand, we work with these energies consciously, we keep the physical body in balance, and generate extra stores of subtle energy. This extra subtle energy can help to heal the physical body as well as to build and nourish a higher spiritual body. As we build up this powerful higher vibrational energy within the system, an alchemical transformation will begin to take place. It will generate a third force, a powerful neutral energy within the system that will eventually create a permanent unification of the opposing active and receptive forces within our consciousness and subtle energy field. This neutral force activates the higher mind—the wings often pictured on the central staff that lift us to a higher level of consciousness, a consciousness of unity.

High thought is generated by high vibrations . … In order that the vessel which is consciousness may ascend from a lower to a higher level of operation , it first must cease to expend itself in motions relative to its lower ( fallen ) condition.

The new ​consciousness of the supramental creation is an alchemist of the ​spirit – it is able to transform everything …

ancient alchemists understood the particles of light and tried to change lead into gold

When tachyons slow down , third – dimensional matter is created , and when they speed up , the higher planes of consciousness can be achieved

“The conscious conquest of matter, life and mind which you started we have completed, and that is why man left earth … The single electron of hydrogen turns on ever higher levels; its atom becomes less and less material, more and more … pure electromagnetic vibration, thus capable of expressing the highest delight of being — the love which created the universe. … 35 opened to man the secrets of matter as well as the doors to space and to the knowledge of the alchemy of the suns.

You are a powerful multi-dimensional being living a human existence.

How to raise your inner frquencies

How to change frequneies

How to tune into to higher frequencies

Ego-perception, and Higher Mind and frequencies

How does energy, vibrations and frequencies working together

Frequencies and Light

Light is vibrations and light is information, knowledge, wisdom

Fear frequencies and love frequencies

TRANSFORMATION Alchemical process of raising the vibration of thought to a higher level of love . The experience of changing fear into love and death into life . Divine Transformation can only be used to achieve greater awareness and freedom from fear and fear ‘ s illusions .

Mind and the no-mind and higher levels of Consciounsess

Frequncies and Intuition (Third Eye)

How to awaken higher frequencies

Frequencies that can heal

Alchemy and vibrations and higher levels of Consciousness

The power of frequencies

Working with frequencies

Methods, techniqies to change state of frequencies

The Matrix, Mass Consciounsess, Predictable programming

Mind Control, Brainwashing

Computer God

The Reptilians

Healing with Light Frequencies: The Transformative Power of Star Magic

Star Magic works at a level of super-consciousness. You cannot understand it by thinking. If you try and believe in Star Magic, it will not work for you. You must go deeper, much deeper, way down into the labyrinth of your infinite mind and the depths of your fearless heart. Here, if you are prepared to let go of the surface world, your five senses, expand your consciousness, remember all three hundred and sixty plus senses, and keep journeying, you stand a very good chance of knowing your power.

Soul Technology

Intuition Technology

Star Magic is the most powerful technology available in this Universe. It’s still in its infancy, and even now with the incredible ability, and there is still room for massive growth and technological advancements.

Star Magic is soul technology. It never breaks. It never crashes. It just expands, organically, getting better, becoming stronger and working faster with less effort. What’s beautiful about the healing potential of Star Magic is that it has no detrimental effect on the environment or the human being that is being healed. No animals are needed to sacrifice to see how it will work. It is pure, it originated out of love – it is a gift from the creator of our Universe. God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, whichever label you decide to put on it.

Research has shown that the Heart has its own complement of Neurons – not as many as the Brain, but enough to be effective. It seems that your Heart is your best access to your Intuition, your link to ‘The System’.

Little is known about the human Mind; it has not been found within the Brain, in spite of many attempts. Perhaps the Mind is outside the human body, and associated with the auras that surround humans.

The role of the Mind seems to be to operate the higher levels of the Brain – to decide the jobs that should be done, seek resources that are needed, and approve decisions prior to implementation. Perhaps the Soul, the Conscious Self, gives leadership to the Mind.

It seems that the logical part of our Brain is the home of our ego -which believes that it ‘knows it all’. So one task when using our Intuition is to prevent interference by the egoistic logical Brain.

How do we get back to a state of oneness? By connecting to our higher intelligence; that of the Divine mind. Higher intelligence is beyond the rational thinking mind. It is beyond the emotional contributions to our thoughts. It is an intelligence that supersedes the physical, emotional and mental traps of duality. Higher Intelligence is connected to spirit. It allows us to see beyond the physical or known reality and receive information that solves the most difficult problems.

Once we reach that higher state of consciousness and are walking our talk, we can work toward Divine mind. Divine mind is always being divinely guided in everything we do. Divine mind allows us the opportunity to reach an even higher state of being, even while here on earth. As we are all a part of the whole of consciousness we connect, once again, to Infinite Intelligence or Universal Mind.

This infinite intelligence is the mind that created it all. It is God Consciousness or Divine mind. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to move through the world always in a perpetual state of God consciousness? What would that mean?

It means you have finally arrived. It means you have merged your soul self to the Source of Creation. It means your thoughts and behaviors are always in alignment with the All That Is. It means you are connected to Infinite intelligence. It means you are a light in the world. It means you retain peace always.

It means you are becoming part of a global movement of higher minded, divinely intelligent beings on earth. It means you are no longer caught in the duality trap of ego existence as you once were. It means that you will be part of a global emergence of super minded beings.

Here is where the superconscious mind comes in to play. The Superconscious is the Universe. It is that part of you connected to the Divine. Your immortal self who is the eternal soul self and is connected to God and the Universe. Scientists have called this the unified field. Because we are made up of the components of the unified field we are one with the universe. Better yet, we are the universe.

A Soul retains a sense of unity with the divine , but until it becomes aware of unity with the Ultimate Power it is inclined to identify with Matter .

By utilizing advanced technologies of the higher mind and the human spirit, we can ameliorate any situation. All of these multifacited forms of communication amplify our deepest spiritual commonality as kindred global souls.

The knot of the two , the higher and the lower hemisphere , ‘ * is where mind and Supermind meet with a veil between them . … the nature of the higher , mind can recover its divine light in the all – comprehending Supermind , the soul realises its divine self in the all – possessing

Spiritual seekers is not just interested in mere temporal existence. Empirical life belongs to time, but transcendental life belongs to timeless Reality. But you have hypnotized yourself to grasp after the unreal and forget the real. So, a person comes, a holy man, a teacher, an illumined soul, and touches your mind. And the moment that touch occurs, ignorance disappears. You see, this individuality that we are clinging to is false individuality. Our peace will come when we have attained enlightenment. Enlightenment comes when we blow out our finite individuality and identify ourself with our real Individuality which is infinite existence, infinite knowledge, and infinite bliss.

A GURU answerering on the question; Who are you? He said, “I am the essence of infinite existence, infinite truth, infinite beauty, infinite goodness. I have no fear. I am deathless. I am changeless. I am eternal. I am ever free, never bound.”

Man must transcend his manhood and realize his infinite nature. Similarly, woman also must transcend her womanhood and realize her infinite nature.

The reason why Christ has said, “In the world there will be many tribulations, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” Christ used that phrase, “many tribulations,” because this world is relative and each person constructs the world according to the frame of his or her own mind.

Therefore don’t try to change the world, change your mind. The Western World wants to change the environment, change the object. But the world will remain the same world.

The whole Western world is thinking that Reality is equal to nature as comprehended by intellectual understanding. But the Indian way of thinking is that Reality is equal to man by transcending thought.”

One must resort to the transcendental method. You have to transcend; go beyond the intellectual frame of reference and reach the transcendental frame of reference.

The Holy Spirit leads a man intn the knowledge of God in Christ

As we are all a part of the whole of consciousness we connect, once again, to Infinite Intelligence or Universal Mind.

The human race has now arrived at the point where hundreds of thousands are at the transition point between their mortal, physical and sensual natures; and their immortal, intellectual and inspirational natures. Mortal man is beginning to know his immortality. The sensual in him is being lost in its own dark by his own Self-illumining.

We are given details of how the economy is being manipulated to put nations and the world into financial strait-jackets so that the NEW WORLD ORDER can be further used to control us – The Anti-Christ is making great advances. The Anti-Defamation League and how they exercise control of virtually all of the media, a “de facto” removal of “free speech”.

They lied to you about the cause and reasons for most wars so they could gain their goal of the “New World Order” which they fail to tell you is their plan to rule the world with total control with an iron fist whereby they use computers to keep track of every detail of your lives and you will neither work, buy, sell or travel without their permission. Furthermore they intend to eliminate and depopulate off through spreading man created or man enhanced diseases, man created disasters of droughts, wars, floods, eathquakes, volcanos etc.

While (most) of the leaders of the world are telling you they are working on the “peace process” the Committee of 300 are closing down businesses by the 100’s of thousands, creating and spreading highly virulent diseases, feeding and spreading addictions of all types, bombarding the world with frequency waves that are highly dangerous to your mental and physical being, carrying out warfare with highly technical means without the average person having any suspicion of what is truly going on.

“The ultimate purpose of propaganda as used for control by the New World Order is to rob the individual of his or her personal will or power, and to instill in its place fear. It seeks to exchange the personal will or power forthat of the masses orthe organization seeking to control.”

The “Lord and Master”/”peasant and slave” relationship has continued over all these thousands of years – both between us and those aliens adopted by our religions as their gods, and between us and the surrogate masters these absentee landlords left in their stead – the power elite – manifested in the various forms of Freemasonry and other secret societies which form only a part of the hydra-headed New World Order. That the Darkness thrives on fear is a well known fact among those with any kind of eyes to see into the true nature of the Cosmos. The chief product of low self-esteem and a barely existent sense of self-worth is exactly that – fear.

The ultimate purpose of propaganda as used for control by the New World Order is to rob the individual of his or her personal will or power, and to instill in its place fear. It seeks to exchange the personal will or power for that of the masses or the organization seeking to control. Anyone taking a look at any system in society such as the schools, the Yuppies, the scientific communities etc., will recognize the inherent power peer pressure seeks to impose over the individual these days in an attempt to rob the individual of his personal freewill and personal power. This involves gradually substituting one set of goals for another in order to have the individual buy into the greater will of the Masses or the organization.

Which secret groups are working toward a world government or a New World Order? The answer is many; Bilderberger Group, Committee of 300

To examine their true purpose or goals, we should recall the story of Nimrod (Gen 11:1-9), who was the first to try to establish a New World order, in which all nations were to be united under one world power with one language, one religion and one culture!

Mass indoctrination through the Darker Lords universal collective consciousness will soon follow making way for a New World Order.

The shadow of Big Brother Antichrist snoops into your beliefs and life .

Because of such technologies, our world is rapidly becoming more and more interdependent and globalized. And virtually every aspect of our lives—making purchases, investments, communications, travel, and more—are technology dependent But the more we depend on technology, the easier we can be controlled by it. And that is precisely where we are headed toward a techno-world ruled by the antichrist.

Scriptures are clear that during the future seven-year tribulation period, a one-world government and a one-world seven-year will emerge, all under the leadership of the antichrist, in association with his first lieutenant, the false prophet. The technology required to run a globalized government and economy exists today. On many different levels, the stage appears to be set for what will transpire in the prophetic end times.

The antichrist will eventually rule the whole world (verse 7), with his headquarters in a revived Roman Empire (Revelation 17 8-9). He will seem to have all the answers for a troubled world. He will seem to be the solution to a world seemingly out of control. But his ultimate agenda is self-glorification.

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