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September 26, 2021

30 Minutes
Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Enlightment, Map of Consciousness

The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life

Awaken Our Spirit Within: A Journey of Self-Realization Learn how to overcome fear and negativity Learn how to change one´s three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional Reality Learn how to mastering magnetic fields...
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