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August 19, 2021

15 Minutes

Whether you curse him , or whether you praise him (the guru) , he is not affected by it . But if you tune in with him, he will be able to help you remove the veil of ignorance from your consciousness. When you follow the guru ‘ s advice, you will see you With the removal of the veil of ignorance , the selftransparency of awareness is revealed and it is seen that Consciousness. A guru will come through the veil of ignorance. Meditation brings about a happy blending of the intellect and intuition; and the Yogi’s intelligence becomes intuitive.

Alchemy, chakras, kundalini, the guru, the veil of ignorance, Guru is the source of light which brings an end to ignorance and veil of falsehood. One must first purge one ‘ s ego and...
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31 Minutes

By stealing soul´s from God, he must break the soul´s connection to God, and through this implement mind control, and this leads to the total enslavement (One World Government)In Brave New World , he predicted a totalitarian state in which the dignity of the individual no longer existed .The goal of the Illuminati was from the beginning to overthrow ALL governments and nations, and what is the end game reult of this; To control them all under the domination of their One World Government.

“Science, Magic and Money” , Roman Empire, Nimrod, This early system of banking began in Babylon where the “gods demanded gold and silver, Under the tight control of the rulers, Babylonian money consisted of...
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39 Minutes
Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Enlightment, Map of Consciousness The WORLD

Breaking your soul’s connection to God is a prime objective, because if they can do that they can control your mind and your soul. It has been imperative to keep you locked into your Lower Matrix to make sure you believe in its reality and fear leaving its reality. It has been imperative that you believe that this third dimensional realm matters no matter how much suffering it brings to you. The belief that hell exists somewhere else was an essential propaganda tool to keep you all enslaved. Only those who can sustain the awakening of the crown chakra, and then connect it to the most subtle chakras ‘off-body; even stand a chance of receiving information from outside the Earth.

There is a war for the soul. We all have an infinite consciousness and only a handful of people are aware of it. This war is not like the movie War of the Worlds...
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11 Minutes
Gnosis knowledge of self

They are a mystery beyond what the mortal human mind is capable of comprehending. There are no words in human language that even begin to circumscribe the gods. To the mystic, the gods are Incomprehensible and ineffable. what we can know about the gods is that they are hidden, a mystery that remains unsolved. One might think, then, that type of spirituality is an agnostic orientation. We cannot know anything about the gods; so, end of story. But that is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true: ecstatic spirituality encourages humans to seek knowledge of the gods through two avenues.

How to Think Like a Gnostic. Introduction Knowledge. Although human beings have a divine origin, they live as “strangers” in this world and are absolutely separated from the divine world. Although human beings have...
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74 Minutes
Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Enlightment, Map of Consciousness

Sufis have mastered the alchemy of the heart, through which the energy of love transforms the individual to reveal the light hidden within the darkness of the nafs or lower self. “The Light of the Heart”) for working with the chambers of the heart to effect an inner transformation that gives the wayfarer access to the light of his true nature. This work clots not belong just to the individual, but can have a direct relationship to the whole of creation and the heart of the world. Once we recognise the mysterious connection between our own innermost essence and the Soul of the World, we can use the tools of inner transformation to work directly with the Soul of the World, to help the anima mtmdi reveal its divine light and awaken.

The Power of Gnosis (Knowledge). No mechanicity can AWAKEN US, no mechanicity can INTIMATELY SELF-REALIZE US. SELF-REALIZATION can only be the result of a conscious and positive work upon ourselves and no Mechanical Law...
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