The key that unlocks this entire system is the middle chakra—heart chakra. It is the gateway to higher consciousness

Our desire should be directed towards God and towards holiness. Our intelligence should control our incessive power and our desire with wisdom and skill, regulating them, admonishing them, correcting them and ruling them as a king rules over his subjects. Then, even should they rebel against it, our inmost intelligence will direct the passions inRead moreRead more

Spiritual intelligence, enlightment, dna activation

When you gain spiritual enlightenment that is when you know that your inner being has been gripped by a force, power, and presence that are greater than you. You become aware of a different kind of intelligence. This kind of intelligence is not in the business of proving a hypothesis like the rational, analytical leftRead moreRead more

The Archons, The Matrix, Organized Gang Stalking, Divine Theta State and activation of higher DNA strands

A religious spirit is a deception because it was created and designed to subtly protect the desires of our carnal nature. (James 4:1). Deceptions is there because Satan does not want anyone to be saved, therefore Satan has set up multi-levels of traps to captivate, imprison and destroy one mind and life. He is alwaysRead moreRead more

Perception and deception of the mind

Perception and deception of the mind The carnal mind [perception] is enmity against God. This distorted vision of Spirit is really what we know as “matter.” The Bible refers to this distortion as the carnal mind. The whole world is said to be under the sway of maya (illusions), and the powers of maya usingRead moreRead more