The result of the fall of man or fall of consciousness was; the world splits into two, or it creates two worlds out of one. This other world is the Matrix

Fall of consciousness and evolution After the fall of Man and fall of Consciousness knowledge of God was lost. The soul seeking involution then knows which way to go, and is lost no longer in maya. Only in the realm of maya can duality exist: in the unity of absolute being, consciousness and joy, dualitiesRead moreRead more

How does the Archons weaken Man?

Archons and their world It appears that in order to maintain and increase itself the archon must always divide itself into two, therefore the three dimensional world is ruled by the principle that creates two worlds out of one; it creates the other world, the matrix, the dreamworld, or the artificial reality. The fallen stateRead moreRead more

The Archons and their fear-mentality psychology of control

The Archons and their fear-mentality psychology of control After the fall of man become enveloped with fear. We are totally enveloped in fear; therefore fear has become our default setting. Fear envelopes the “real” world through the veil of maya or the veil of ignorance. The veil of fear is the envelope of fear. FearRead moreRead more

The Archons and The Matrix

The pagan living in the ancient world believed the universe was one vast, dark prison where man lived under the tyranny of demi-gods, or archons, representing the seven planetary spheres of the moon, sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. This tyrannical world-rule of archons over man was often referred to as “Heimarmene” (universal fate),Read moreRead more

Meditation is the key to every change

Meditation is the key to every change Meditation changes vibrations Meditation changes frequencies Meditation changes energies Meditation changes perception Meditation changes reality Meditation changes dimension Meditation changes functions Meditation changes knowledge Meditation changes spiritual abilities Meditation changes brain chemistry Meditation opens the sealed chakras Meditation opens up the brain Meditation connects to unused brain partsRead moreRead more

Beta, alpha, theta, delta brain waves

“The cure is in your hidden mind.” Notice these wise words, “The cure is in your hidden mind”. In fact, for over 6,000 years, the Indians knew it, and practice Ayuveda until today. This is a form of mind and body teaching. To be able to restore the whole body-energy system one need to connectRead moreRead more