The power of change – maya, mass consciousness, the Matrix, beta waves, meditation, third eye, intuition

The power of change Understand what maya is and how it affects the mind Learn how maya is operating through the mass consciousness brain station and broadcasting maya information through its communication channels by using the mass consciousness brainwave humankind is tuned into (beta waves) Get knowledge about the difference about brainwaves and how toRead moreRead more

Mass consciousness, desire consciousness, dreamworld and the Matrix

Mass Consciousness Mass Consciousness is the desire consciousness of the ego and is formed through the five senses of passions (mass consciousness is desires of the ego and the five senses of passions) Mass Consciousness is not the Divine Consciousness The term “Social Engineering was been used to describe employers and the type of massRead moreRead more

Superconsciousness and duality

In the Laws of Energy, a higher frequency of vibration will transmute a lower frequency if they are of the same polarity. For example: If they are both qualities, it is easy for the higher frequency to transmute the lower frequency. You can transmute subconscious to superconscious because they are polarized along the same line,Read moreRead more

The power of meditation and 11 different levels or goals with meditation

The power of meditation and 11 different levels or goals with meditation The ultimate goal of meditation, of course, is kensho, satori, nirvana, divine bliss -enlightenment, by whatever name it has been given. Satori from the word saturo, to know. This is not knowledge gained empirically but intuitive knowledge. A word with a similar meaningRead moreRead more

The power with meditation

The field is there, Contact with it releases power. The magnetic field of the Earth are vastly different from the Zero-point energy in the universe. Then Zero-point energy has no gravitational pull, is weightless, and therefore is faster, clearer and without distortion. When two body system binding energy they goes to zero. That which canRead moreRead more