15 strangest gangstalking methods used by State of Sweden


1. Firecrackers

Firecrackers – State of Sweden and the stalking Swedish Hive Mind Spirit using firecrackers is their society to fear mongering, noise harass, stalking and to create sleep deprivation. For example they shooting firecrackers outside your window for 20 days. Latest they use firecrackers in the middle of the night was 15 april 2018. Swedes walking around and fear mongering people with firecrackers and some of them have a huge arsenal and storage with firecrackers to shooting firecrackers for 4-5 hours per day and for 20 days in a row.


2. Double Coughing

Most of all have heard or read about Orwellian double-speaking, double- thinking or double-binding and in State of Sweden they developed “Double Coughing” as gangstalking method. First does your neighbor starts fake coughing constantly above your for 15 minutes every day (anchoring), then 10 minutes and 5 minutes and then 30 seconds and then every day here and there. This method is used in same way when they shadowing you from room to room. Neihgbor can walk out on the balcony every morning you make breakfast and starts fake coughing (chaining), then starts fake coughing when you starts eating dinner, and then start “double coughing” hen you watching tv-series and synchronize this “double couhing” in same time something happening in the tv-serie you watching (chaining). Then does people walking outside your window fake double coughing, then people starts fake double coughing in food stores (chaining), then does even they who working on swedisg pharmacies starts fake coughing for 10-15 seconds (chaining).

We live in a world where people and neighbors anchoring and chaining different behaviors like “coughing” to harass and mind control people;

The basic formula is as follows:

  • Frequency: Describes how often an event occurs. It also pertains to the number of acts within a single event.
  • Duration: Pertains to the length of a single event. It also pertains to the non-stop nature of the harassment in general (neighbor constant fake coughing for 15 minutes when they anchoring and starts sensitizing the brain
  • Intensity: The amplification of acts such as sound, sight, crowding, etc. within an event (doube coughing in Sweden)


Basically the same pattern, which he describes as a “double-folded strategy.”

“It is usually the same procedure,” he announced, “but with individual variations.”

O’Connor and Seymour state,

“Anchors can be chained so that one leads to another. Each anchor provides a link on the chain and triggers the next one, just as the electrical impulse flows from nerve to nerve in our body.”

After a person has been sensitized to a color or object, the article can become a unification symbol for the group, much like a uniform.

For instance, after a person has been sensitized to the color red, she is surrounded by people wearing red cloths in public. Furthermore, this is an adaptable uniform because it can be changed in less than five minutes. If a person who realizes that they’re being Gang Stalked has been sensitized to red, then the organizers of these groups can simply have them blitzed by a horde of citizens wearing the color blue (double coughing In Sweden is used in same way when they sensitizing the mind with stalking colors)

The harassment has now been chained to this color. Most likely, these uniforms also help promote group cohesiveness, and may foster feelings of empowerment among stalkers.

In NLP, the process of copying an emotional state from an existing trigger to a new trigger is called chaining.


“Double Coughing” in Sweden has same mind “sound” control meaning as; double-speaking, double-thinking, double-binding, imitating, mimicking, mirroring, duplicating, look alikes, gasligjting, interfering, gesturing, shadowing and all is mind control and brainwashing. All these methods has “imitating” and copy targetted individuals behavior “two of everything” components.

Double coughing – they interfering and stalking with coughing in same way when they shadowing. Shadowing is real and means they stalking you from room to room in same time you doing something.

Both loud coughing and shadowing and all other gangstalking methods is real and these behaviors are same all over the world.

Coughing is just another method in same way when they “honking hornes

Coughing is just another methods in same way they create man made hitting sounds in the floor

Coughing is just another method in same way when they using car alarms, beeping sounds

This process is called Anchoring and Chaining to Sensitizing

Anchoring – Chaining  – Sensitizing – (Looping – Brainwashing – Hijacking) the mind


In addition to the overuse of an individual tactic, these tactics are combined and used in a round-the-clock fashion, which amplifies their overall potency.

basically the same pattern, which he describes as a “double-folded strategy.”

“It is usually the same procedure,” he announced, “but with individual variations.”

Coughing or door-slamming is basically same pattern and same prodedure

A hypothetical example of a car door-slamming event would include this:

One neighbor arrives and two others leave.

As they’re tending to their vehicles there is the repeated opening and shutting doors and trunks, alarms going off, and beeping from alarms being turned on. These disturbances emanate from areas surrounding your house. This may happen simultaneously, or they may be strung together, one right after the other. Synopsis

The event lasted for 5 minutes; longer than normal (Duration). In addition to length of the event being extended, the number of times each act occurred within the event was increased (Frequency).

Ex: Multiple, repeated doors/trunk slamming from cars, even if a single individual is at the vehicle. This event also happens many times throughout the day (Frequency). Each individual act of door/trunk shutting is amplified by deliberate slamming to produce a louder than normal noise (Intensity).

The event was louder, contained more activity (acts), and lasted longer than normal to produce a covert attack. Even if a single individual is arriving/leaving, standard practice seems to be multiple slams (trunk, back door, driver’s door).

This may be synchronized with your activity, such as your arrival or departure. The event may also be a part of a Noise Campaign consisting of an alteration of other types of noise. This basic formula is used with many of the tactics outlined in this chapter. The frequency and duration formula is also used in Mobbing.

In addition to the overuse of an individual tactic, these tactics are combined and used in a round-the-clock fashion, which amplifies their overall potency.

My neighbor above both shadowing and coughing when you make breakfast or start eat dinner and my neighbor even coughing when you watch tv-series and start coughing when something happening in the tv serie (real time interference)

These people shadowing your life as stalkers 24/7

3. Mind “Sound” Control

State of Sweden using Sound to Mind Sound Control and using all forms of interfering sounds.

Mind Sound Control is real in same way when they shadowing you. This means they know where you are in your apartment or when you wakening up and starts different sound tormenting sounds when you opeing your eyes. And same is happening when you going outdoors. If you exercise outdoors they trying to Mind “Sound” Control your during this time and they synchronizing this when you starts thinking. This is the Matrix. This is done in many ways; the most common strategy in Sweden is synchronizing high screamings, honking hornes, banging or smashing in things, airstalking with helicopter, coughing at same time or door-slamming.

There is three forms of door-slamming the using in Sweden

  1. Constant door-slamming . open and close. It can start with slamming the apartment door loudly and then the entrance door, and this can be combined with banging in railways, and then running up or down in stairs
  2. Second method is to open the entrance door but not close it. When someone constant door-slamming you know they opening the door and the door will close a second after. Here they opens the door and  not closing it.
  3. Syncrhonizing door-slamming to sound or chaining door-slamming to different sounds or several door-slamming

Constant harassment, planned destructiveness, character assassination, destroying relationships, all done in concert with the goal of breaking someone down are a standard part of this program.

Deception is the name of the game, so recruits are told untrue sinister stories of their victims to keep them motivated.”

Then the sound, movement, or object becomes the trigger that will invoke the emotion. Although this sounds complex it is pretty simple in practice. It is done by creating a peak emotional state, and then while in that state, you anchor it, that is, do something repeatedly.

This effectively anchors the emotional state to whatever was repeatedly done.

“A stimulus which is linked to and triggers a physiological state is called an anchor in NLP,” stated O’Connor and Seymour in their book, Introducing NLP.

They ask,

“How are anchors created?”

“First by repetition… Secondly, and much more important, anchors can be set in a single instance if the emotion is strong and the timing is right.”

This process of creating anchors has also been called Emotional Transference.

What is most terrifying with gangstalking?

It is not the gangstalking, it the people who is part of the gangstalking. Gangstalking revealing a importnat thing about humanity; The Matrix is real. Humans who is participating in gangstalking has no education in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and they are part of NLP progrmming and Gangstalking and these gangstalkers has no education in this bogus investigation and they participating and they using everyone for gangstalking (even children to constant yelling, create hysterical screamings). There exist a matrix that controls peoples minds and this Matrix can use everyone how it want´s.

We’re unconsciously creating anchors in our environment all the time with people, music, places, and objects. These stalking groups are obviously led by people knowledgeable in the behavioral sciences. The groups are used to create negative emotional states in targeted people, such as fear and anxiety, and anchor them to common objects.

This is the deliberate creation of a phobia!

O’Connor and Seymour declare,

“An external stimulus can trigger a very powerful negative state.”

“This is the realm of phobias,” they warn.

This is nothing less than using violence to create an injury and then deliberately irritating it.

This Matrtix system using people tp create violence, triggering negative states, create phobias and create harm and psychological injury

Gangstalking is not a jury investigation, it is science of injury people. This system make people thinking they are part of a jury investigation when they are part of a science of injury people. Gnagstalkers has no self-reflection ability and awareness about why they are participating in a government investigation when they have no education. This is the hidden Matrix is now revealing itself and people all over the world begins see how this matrix is working and conrols people minds. Then the liberation process can start and independent thinking progress.

This Matrix is hindering Independent thinking and gangstalking is a expression for this Psychological Matrix. Humans are trapped in this Mind Control and Brainwashing Matrix and noise harassment is this Matrix weapon in this psychological warfare. It is a un-human Matrix that using everyone, anywhere, anyhow and shadowing you when you visiting bathroom or when you visiting a graveyard. This system is stalking everywhere and this system is the Big Brother Watching YOU psychology.

This is swedish Big Brother psychology

  • They want´s control your dreams (therapist informs about a existing “Dream Guard”)
  • They want´s control your sleep (create sleep deprivationa and sound torture)
  • They want´s control your mind (psychic driving, looping music chorus)
  • They want´s control your reality (gaslighting, mirroring, enviroment manipulation)
  • They want´s control your thougts (brainwashing, thought stopping, double-speaking, noise torture)
  • They want´s control your feelings (tell you how to feel, overflooding with negativity, create pain, horror)
  • They want´s control your ego (transmit music chorus like We control the sunlight – Solar Plexus – The Ego)
  • They want´s control your time (create waiting time, hijackimg sleep)
  • Thy want´s control health (business card in a medical package, hijacking sleep, sound torture)
  • They want´s control your perspective (consufing psychology, overwrite your perspective)
  • They want´s control your knowledge (noise harassment hindering knowledge from reaching your mind)

4. Orange on a gravestone

5. Business card in a medical package

Therapist in Swedish healthcare has business cards in  medical package.
Therapist inform about a existing dreamwather
Therapist and doctors mirroring (mimicking) and gaslighting (changing shirt)

The mental health system is apparently being used worldwide to discredit targeted people who complain.

McKinney states that medical doctors, as well as psychiatrist and psychologists appear to be providing cover for this program.

It is also a documented fact that there was collaboration between doctors and the military when experiments were carried out in prisons, hospitals, and universities on unwitting people. They can targetting your mind in Sweden with airstalking and helicopters, sound torture and create sleep deprivation and then can another department/institution stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and then then have no new times to doctors for 9 weeks, and then does even pharmacies in Sweden even stalking (coughing, transparent bags, alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacies, personal comments, stalking comments)

This is what they call investigation (a bogus democracy in Sweden);

The goal is destruction.

Some of the sensitivity tactics used by these groups are borderline-subliminal attacks designed to artificially create phobias, paranoia, schizophrenia, depression. They weaving in these behaviors in targetted individuals life by targetting them every day, sensitizing them, using psychic driving methods (looping music chorus, or other brainwashing sounds). Sound torture, noise harassment and communication interference has one hidden goal; occupying the mind from “independent thinking” and “critical thinking”. Noise harassment and noise intergerence is brainwashing and brainwashing is “thought stopping” and  “thought stopping” prevent independent thinking. Noise harassment and constant noise interference and with constant stalking/shadowing/making thing at the same time is; thought stopping or thought distraction or to use a Orwellian term for same brainwashing psychology; “Thought Police”.

Brainwashing, thought stopping, thought police means they trying to hindering independent thinking and gangstalking starts when people are awakening up from this world of Matrix.

Brainwashing (also known as mind control, menticide, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently.

This meaning is important today; Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently. This world don´t want awaked people to think independently because all information and knowledge must and can only come from Big Brother and must be filtered by the perpetive of Big Brother. And this means knowledge can´t come from God and can´t be filtered by any Higher Self (this independent Higher Self) and there is just one perspective and that is the Big Brother perspective and not any Higher Self. Big Brother think they are the Higher Self in same time they rejecting knowledge from the Higher Self.

The practice of repression in Zersetzung comprised extensive and secret methods of control and psychological manipulation, including personal relationships

This is all Orwell means by thought crime. Winston’s most explicit example of thought crime is not to be found in his realization that history is being manipulated by the inner party; instead, his true and most important thought crime is that he thinks he can think independently of Big Brother. He has managed to develop a sense of himself as an independent, self-determining, self-reflecting being—the sort of autonomous agent so valorized in much liberal thinking.

Brainwashing is intended to confuse a mind, putting it into such a fog that it loses touch with reality (sound torture and noise harassment and sleep deprivation can create some psychological fog to make them confused and desoriented)

Doublespeak is created by governmental elites and is part of a well-orchestrated and planned conspiracy aimed at indoctrinating, brainwashing and mind control.

The goal with gangstalking is to create paranoia and desorientation (fear mongring, gaslighting, sound torture and sleep deprivation)

The goal with gangstalking is to victimzing, trauma-basing, overwhelming and overflooding the mind and brain with negativity, pain, horror and terror (psychological warfare and psychological terror) to create depression or suicide

The goal with gangstalking is to destroy the targetted individuals life on every level

The goal with gangstalking is to make the target individual look foolish or drive them to insanity or to institutionalize them on a mentral hospital or jail

The goal with gangstalking is to create a paranoia schiozphrenic mind and this they doing by using Voice 2 Skull technology or “synthetic telepathy and constant interference psychology and doing things at same time. Transmit voices, music chorus or words into the targetted individuals mind, so they start believe they hear things from nowhere. They creating a schizophrenic enviroment with constant interference psychology; constant noise harassment, sound tormenting, communication inteference, noise interference, crosstalk (non-stop babbling), anchoring-chaining-sensitizing every day, real time interference (radio or tv or around your life or outside your home – repeating, mimicking or imitating something from  a conversation you have). Gangstalking means they weaving in their gangstalking actitivities into the targeted individuals life and mind with interference. They can transmit a word or voice or a music chorus simultaneously when you doing something to create distraction or to activate the sensitizing mind and brain.

Weaves real people and events into the delusion” and this same as; The paranoid schizophrenic weaves real people and events into the delusion. The problem is, while you and I may be able to distinguish delusion from reality, a paranoid schizophrenic can’t (Satan trying make people believe on his fake created illusion and believe in his lies and acting accuser.

One hidden gangstalkers method is the creation of the a paranoia and schizopherenic mind and constant interference psychology and constant communication interference and constant noise interference and constant fear mongering and wickedness psychology is all part of creation to make reality to surreality and he manipulates reality and peoples minds, and this is today psychological warfare to induce so much pain, horror and terror in the human brain so it splits because the brain is under constant psychology attacks. These people create sickness, depression, delusional minds, paranoia and schizophrenia. They create mental disorders

This is reality in today´s democracy. They using technology to make people think they hear voices. They targetting the mind with interference psychology and then sensitizing the mind every day and then transmitting sounds, vocies or music chorus or other subliminal messages into the mind.

The goal of a these sensitivity programs appears to be to condition people with damaging emotions which are linked to triggers such as objects, colors, movements, and sounds. Once this is done, a target can be covertly injured openly in public. This may happen with or without the target’s conscious awareness.

As I’ll demonstrate, this is brutally violent.

“There is a basic protocol that the perpetrators begin with, but the TI contributes to the modification,” explained McKinney.

She described that a “pavalonian conditioning” program, is used to get targeted people to “respond emotionally to a particular trigger.”

These negative emotions are then “built into the protocol.”

“It’s an ongoing process,” declared McKinney. Moret agrees saying, “They will stalk the target for a while… to condition them,” and make them “confused and frightened.”

This is when healthcare becomes healt(s)care and psychiatry becomes a institution for political abuse of psychiatry. I have seen and met these people in Swedish healthcare and met them in psychiatry and met these collaborated people in swedish pharmacies. They started this mind targetting and persecution soon after my spiritual awakening process started.

Here is The DSM is a diagnostic manual for identifying mental disorders.

The first edition of the DSM was released in 1952 at a time when the APA was under the control of Dr. Ewen Cameron, who would commit brutal government-sponsored torture under the MKULTRA program. Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, wrote an article entitled, Microwave Mind Control: Modern Torture and Control Mechanisms Eliminating Human Rights and Privacy.

In it she described,

“The Psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) for mental disorders,” as a “brilliant cover up operation in 18 languages to hide the atrocities of military and intelligence agencies’ actions towards their targets.”

Dr. Kilde says the manual,

“lists all mind control actions as signs of paranoid schizophrenia,” and that “all medical schools teach their students that the person is paranoid, ESPECIALLY if he believes intelligence agencies are behind it all.”

Finally she proclaims,

“Never is the medical profession told that these are routine actions all over the world by intelligence agencies against their targets.”

Dr. Munzert said that doctors,

“first think of paranoia and schizophrenia” if someone complains of this program.

He cautions that because of this, “victims” could end up in a “lunatic asylum.”

Annie Earle, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Board Certified Diplomat in her area of expertise, has over 25 years of psychotherapy experience as an independent practitioner. When referring to the DSM during an interview on the Republic Broadcasting Network, she stated,

“It’s called the Diagnostic Statistical Manual… [and all] psychotherapists, regardless of specialty are required to give their patients a diagnosis from this manual, and in order to get the diagnosis you have to fulfill certain criteria that is clearly spelled out in the DSM.”

Earle noticed a pattern unfolding when some of the people who came to her who did not fit the standard criteria.

“The patients that started coming to me really did not fit any of the standard classifications,” she explained.

“For example, they might be having what some people consider a psychotic or schizophrenic breakdown in that they might report what seem to be hallucinations, but they did not have any of the other criteria that goes along with schizophrenia. There are many criteria that one is required to… [detect] in making the diagnosis of schizophrenia, and these people did not meet all that criteria.”

6. Transmit sound of Cuckoo Clock into apartment

7. Using sounds of owls

8. Psychic driving “looping” music chorus

9. Gas-lighting by changing volume

10. Mirroring psychology

11. Distortion sound in every tv-broadcasting

12. Bath room water cran for Sound mind control



14.  Horus One Eye Stalking Surveillance

15. . Start engine on cars

16. Shadowing

Shadowing is real and means they stalking you from room to room in same time you doing something.

McKinney affirmed,

“A number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room, tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear intended to advertise an ongoing surveillance.” They’ll “pace in their apartment,” added Moret, and seemingly to the target underneath them, “it sounds like they’re being tracked… from the apartment above.”

Shadowing is real in Sweden. They shadowing you from room to room or follow your movements in your apartment.

They shadowing you to your backyard and then starts talk loud (so it is both shadowing and communiction interference)

They shadowing you when you make breakfast (neighbor going out on the balcony in same time you make breakfast and then starts loud fake coughing or “double coughing” (both shadowing and “coughing” – noise interference at same time)

They shadowing you when you eat dinner and starts coughing

They stomping and stamping in the floor

State of Sweden police also shadowing; they start transmit sound of sirens or sound like grasstrimmer when you visiting bathroom after midnight (stalking, shadowing, noise tomenting)


“Double Coughing” in Sweden has same mind “sound” control meaning as; double-speaking, double-thinking, double-binding, imitating, mimicking, mirroring, duplicating, look alikes, gasligjting, interfering, gesturing, shadowing and all is mind control and brainwashing. All these methods has “imitating” and copy targetted individuals behavior “two of everything” components.

17. Swedish Air Force harassment

Firecrackers and Swedish air force are two methods they using.

Swedish Air Force flying over the roofs today

You can suddenly hear the Air plane flying over the roofs but you don´t hear when  it´scoming closer in same way when the sound of the air force is tuning out. Should you not hear a sound from a air force when it comes closer in same way when they flying away..? They also airstalking you in same way with helicopters when you exercise outdoors; you don´t hear the helicopter flying closer, it is suddenly flying over your head.

18. Sirens on a refrigerator

19.. Firehoses




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