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November 6, 2017

101 Swedish gangstalking methods and structures to control and occupy a human mind.

101 Swedish gangstalking methods and structures to control and occupy a human mind.

  1. Creating sleep deprivation. If they control your sleep they can control your life
  2. Swedish healthcare informs you there is something called dreamwatcher
  3. Swedish healthcare informs you humans have a suicide gene
  4. Swedish healthcare informs you stress kills when they are creating stress
  5. Swedish healthcare inform you about your abdominal brain in the stomach
  6. Swedish healthcare gives prescription for 230 pills against sleeping problems
  7. Swedish healthcare stops prescription of sleeping pills
  8. Swedish healthcare – there is no new times to doctors for prescription for 9 weeks
  9. Then they continue with noise harassment and playing sirens during the night
  10. Pharmacy gives you a transparent bag when bying products against sleep problems
  11. Pharmacy makes personal comments how much you buy against your sleep problems
  12. Pharmacy making so the alarm starts when you leave the shop for three times
  13. State of Sweden manipulate your music files you are listen during the night
  14. State of Sweden gaslighting you by changing the volume when you listen to music
  15. The flying helicopers late evenings and in tthe night to disturb your sleep
  16. They using fiecrackers to rush up your brain so you have problems to sleep
  17. They start intense sound of grasstrimmer and playing sirens evenings and nights
  18. State of Sweden manipulate websites functions you are using to contact healthcare
  19. Swedish healthcare call you up and hang on the phone everytime
  20. Therapist tell you to call and then the phone number suddenly has expired
  21. Therapist has a medical package on his desk, and in this he has his business cards
  22. Doctors are gaslighting by changing shirts
  23. Doctors and pharmacies starts anchoring and chaining the word ”Classified
  24. They give your health health journal a classified text over the computer screen
  25. People are playing street theater in Swedish healthcare waiting rooms
  26. They using look alikes when you visiting healthcare
  27. They are making so the fire alarm starts during therapy
  28. They are creating a fake powerbreaks when you have a conversation with a doctor
  29. They using disturbing buzzing phones during therapy
  30. They anchoring and chaining mind control mechanisms in healthcare to control you
  31. Therapist and doctors has toiletpaper on their desk when you visiting them
  32. Therapist has place out dirt bags in the therapy room
  33. They using props as oranges in therapy, then place these on gravestones to stalk you
  34. They place out shoe protections and latex gloves in woods and on walkways35. They airstalking you with helicopters, and hovering over roofs during therapy37. They locking up your apartment door during the night to make unsecure/paranoid39. They visiting your apartment when you not are home41. They noise harassment you even when you visiting your bathrrom 43. They are shadowing you and stalking you from room to room45. They stalking you by foot, mopeds, cars, helicopters, ambulances, firetrucks, taxi47. They occupy every part of your life with stalking mechanisms, sound, vehicles, people49. They place out things in nature and on walkways, and place out products in stores51. People are using fire, creating small fires and smoke of fire even rainy days 53. People playing street theater everywhere55. The children starts yelling/screamings crazy, crazy, there he lives outside window57. They using sound of roosters 59. People walking around with umbtrellas when it is sunshine61. People driving around with their cars with one broken light or lights turn off63. If you visit a movie someone fake they are capturing you65. People are standing or sitting in dark places when you take a walk67. They using children for make them screaming hysterical for hours veryday and years69. They creating a constant background disturbing noise 24/771. They transmit sound of sirens to your apartment and they using sirens outdoors73. They maniuplate working tasks so you have to move the Swedish flag everytime75. They manipulate communication in food stores to affect you mind, trigger words77. They pouring out color on the streets, painting stones in differents colors79. They gaslighting you and using enviroment manipulation psychology 81. Social services employee gaslighting you and make you believe you hear things83. State of Sweden gasligthing you when they changing the volume when listen to music85. Neighbors gaslighting by constant changing the water pressure87. They moving and trixing with products/things they are moving in public domain89. State of Sweden using constant obstructing psychology by using humans and trucks91. These methods are been used by everyone almost like a other force control them93.  Loud communication95.  They constant flushing toilet 97.  Another starts a car reverse beeping sound from their balcony several times per day99. And when I´m writing this State of Sweden starts a intense sound of a grasstrimmer101. The State of Sweden hijacking your sleep, and when they hijacking your sleep they can control your health and energy, and they hijacking your amygdala by inducing constant stress, fear mongering, enviroment manipulation, and they gaslighting your eveywhere and then mirroring your life, they hijacking your internet connection and all your tv-channels to harm you, and to create boredom, to isolate you from all life, they hijacking the information and hijacking all your communications, and they hijacking your emotions and thoughts by poisoning your life with negative thoughts, stress, fear, psychological torture and noise harassment, and they stalk and persecute your life and when I´m writing this they airstalking.
  35. 100. State of Sweden using all forms of enviroment manipulation techniques, gaslighting, mirroring, mimicking, brainwashing, psychological torture, ostracism, isolation methods by occupying all space in your life social and psychologial to mind control and take over your life
  36. 98.  Now State of Sweden has close my internet and all my tv channels to create isolation
  37. 96.  They start their washing machines in the middle of night
  38. 94.  Neitghbors start playing fast and high drum music
  39. 92.  Children yelling in the middle of the night
  40. 90. They playing drums beats, using barking dogs, door-slamming, hammering in walls
  41. 88. Sweden using evil mind control techniques, using interference psychology
  42. 86. Energy companies mixing with the street lights
  43. 84. State of Sweden gaslighting you when they turn off/on your internet/all channels
  44. 82. State of Sweden gaslighting by manipulate your music files and moving menues
  45. 80. Doctors are gaslighting you
  46. 78. They stalking you with cars with same blue colors
  47. 76. They crosstalking, non-stop babbling, non stop noise harassment, stalking 24/7
  48. 74. They manipulate computer functions, they manipulate software functions
  49. 72. They have sirens on a refrigerator on Christian organistions lunch room
  50. 70. They sensitizing you with cars,trucks,words,symbols,numbers,colors,dogs, noise
  51. 68. They using noise interference and communication interference everywhere
  52. 66. If you take a walk or exercise same people appearing in same places
  53. 64. If you are participating in group walkings provided by social services they gangstalk
  54. 62. The actors from the theater scene flashing or brighting you if you visit a theater
  55. 60. They gaslighting you with streets lights, lights on when it is sunshine/off in evenings
  56. 58. They using barking dogs
  57. 56. They using a sound of owls in the woods to stalking you
  58. 54. They transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock into my apartment
  59. 52. They using all kind of props to noise harassment you, whistle blowers, power tools
  60. 50. Fireworkers place out firehoses in the woods with no burnings anywhere
  61. 48. They stalk when you are using your computer, listen to radio, watch tv, read news
  62. 46. They stalking you from the morning, afternoon, evening, and night 24/7
  63. 44. They are stalking you and noise harassment/torture you with all forms of souunds
  64. 42. They noise harassment and gangstalking you when you sitting in your backyard
  65. 40. They make a hole in the shower handle to create a feeling they are everywhere
  66. 38. They transmit your credit card code into your apartment
  67. 36. They using a sneaking big brother see through psychology to mind control your life

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